Poems by Anil Kumar V

Electronic Ages to Communicate

a poem by Anil Kumar V

Infant, pushed into this world and,
He roams around like a free electron.
School corrects his direction of flow.
Teenage is full of voltage, very tough to stabilize,
Still his parents stabilize him.
Pocket money is surplus and measured by meters.
Going to excited state for a smile of a girl.
‘Principle of poles’ proved false in his life.
Several forces acts on him in middle age and,
He flows in the direction of resultant force.
Old age is Open circuit, no power to pull the life,
Thinking back he loses his back and memory,
At last! He passes out this earth speeder than light.

The Sweetest Poison

a poem by Anil Kumar V

The poison, the sweetest little word shows life end.
But not every poison kills you,
Some one taste it and says that,
It is the sweetest thing in this world.
Surprised to hear what he said,
‘You’re lips taste too sweet and
It is killing me to taste it daily’
At last! The only sweet poison on this earth.


a poem by Anil Kumar V

Life is a game
Life is a game to play, and not to sit and watch
Life is not a circle to encircle it
Think about the days you enjoyed
and leave the rest to someone you believe
Life is full of fun, so be a funner don’t be a sinner
Life is an ice cream, taste it before it melts
At last live lively in life until you are alive.

The Passionate Fashion World

a poem by Anil Kumar V

Material girl displayed her catwalk so cool,
on a black gown made of the finest wool.
She wore blue-lined slippers for cold,
with buckles of the purest gold.

Fashion, not just made of fabrics,
there comes the green salad fashion,
its said to be our oldest passion.
For her, a red chilli necklace and
a breast plate of drumsticks.

Four seasons of fashion is our passion.
Sweet spring, full of printed flower blankets,
Bright summer, world full of cotton garments.
Autumn and Winter, fashion of noon-tide ocean.

After all this is a passionate fashion world,
for fashioners, the stage is all the world.