Poems by Anil Kumar P K

Pink Floyd

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

Pink in one fold
I “Wish you were here”
“It would be so nice”
while I’m “Waiting for the worm”
lying “Comfortably numb”
Surrounded by “Empty spaces”
And when I wished ” Let there be more light”
Someone put “Another brick in the wall”
Of course from” Outside the wall”
There’s”Nobody home”
And was ” A great day for freedom”
thinking of “Coming back to life”
with “High hopes”
“What shall we do now”
as “The show must go on”
Now that “I’m lost for words”
So “You keep talking”
And “Don’t leave me now”
Just “Run like hell”
away from “Your possible pasts”
“Burning bridges”
After all “The happiest days of our lives”
was “One of these days”
“Just set the control of your heart”
While you’re “Learning to fly”


a poem by Anil Kumar P K

Punishment is very painful
when you get it for doing nothing.
And if it is a result of misunderstanding,
the pain can be excruciating.
The only way to clear things is communication.
But if the reception is completely blocked,
you are helpless.
No matter what you try,
you can’t get through.
And you can’t force yourself in,
it’ll be rape.
You can’t stand still and bear it,
you’ll be an eye witness to a crime.
Time can never heal some wounds
which you yourself want to keep fresh.
Sometimes you feel that when you stretch,
you are pinching your heart.
Why is life so difficult
when you want to be a good, understanding, caring person?
Well, I just feel that I’m being sucked
into a whirlpool of questions
which time has specially designed for me.
But then life goes on…

Salty Water

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

If tears can tell a story, can I write with it?
Can I recycle them?
Why can’t I collect them and put them in a bottle and then offer it to someone?
Will it get into someone’s body and help that person understand my tale?
Can I mix sugar with it and consume.
Will it make any difference to the tears which will flow down my cheeks, henceforth?
Can I mix it with some colours and create a touching masterpiece?
And if it can melt things, why not collect it and
gift it to people who have to try too hard to prove themselves.
After all they may never be able to pluck that moon
and stars from the sky, as they promise!
But what is the difference between the tears of a person
who can see and a person who’s blind.
Will the tears of a blind show anything?
Or will it just speak?
And what about when you cry and instead of tears, blood flow?
Can you donate them?
How does a drop of salty water move nations, effect opinions, change attitudes?
It must be full of energy.
Why can’t we convert the tear power and use it.
There is no dearth of it.
Next time a tear streams down someone’s cheek,
let hope it will bring a smile on someones face.

Me in You

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

A drop of tear in your eyes, for me
A stanza in your poem, of me
A walk in your dream, with me
A beat of your heart, that calls for me
A reflection on your pillow, of me
An image in your mirror, of me
A passing mention in your thought,of me
A smile on your face,
The warmth on your lips
My love for you finds its meaning
In the small things that go unnoticed.

Love… in search of a womb

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

A bit of you
A bit of me
And full of love
She will be.

A dream for me
A dream from you
In flesh and blood
We’ll see.

Tiny fingers
The chuckle, the dimple
The glow in her eyes
It’ll be you, my sweet baby
Your past in a present form.
I’ll feed her
I’ll bathe her
I’ll sing lullaby
My arms will be her cradle.
Humming lyrics,
Borrowing words from the songs you love
The toys she’ll play with, will show me you
Stuffed toys will be dogs… or black stallion.
And the toy cars will have three pointed stars.

Yes… she’s there right in me
But I can’t have it,
If you don’t give it to me
A dream that needs a tiny soft place to cuddle up.
Lie there and grow and come out in my arms
Take it, nurture it and give a life…
She yourself grow again
With a mother in the guise of a father.

A bit of you
A bit of me
And full of love
she will be.

A dream for me
A dream from you
In flesh and blood
We’ll see.

Late by five years

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

I could have become a heart beat
That reminded you of our existence
I could have been those words
Which flow from the heart and takes shape of a poem
But alas, I’m late by five years

I could have entered your dreams
And you would have given me a role
To play your lover within your closed eyes
Travelled with your from moonlight to the crack of dawn
But then, I’m late by five years

I could have been the one
Who handed over to you a bunch of red roses
Without letting you know about the thorn
Piercing my lucky hands
But you know, I’m late by five years

I could have ruled your thoughts
And played around in you mind
You would have shared with me
What you share only with yourself
But unfortunately, I’m late by five years

I could have been the mirror
Which never gets smashed for telling the truth
My reflection could have been yours
And you could have been my shadow
But see, I’m late by five years

But then ain’t I lucky that I found you
And got few moments that will be cherished
By me for years to come
Those nights and days that knew no difference
So what… If I’m late by five years

Alone I Stand

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

The wind comes, touches me and passes by
I gaze around, laugh and cry
With spirits soaring and ambitions high
I stand and watch the time fly
Alone I stand Alone

The future is bright, the stars foretell
As I silently bear the torture of hell
Hard to break the mould, I restore into a shell
And unaware of my enemy, I get ready for a battle
Alone I stand alone

The handful of confidence slips like sand
And meanwhile opportunities change hands
The aim in my life begin to shift stands
Me, its only my conscience who understands
And alone I stand alone

No one to stay on my side
Everyone touches me and moves back like a roaring tide
With a load of theoretical advice, they guide
And I try to take the life’s commandments into my stride
Alone I stand alone!

Surviving amidst a mirage of hope
Holding on to life on the slippery slope
I move up, struggling hard to reach the top
A tug of war with destiny, me at the other end of the rope
Alone I stand Alone

The world pity at my miserable state
But still I think it’s not too late
Someday my deeds will change my fate
While that golden moment, I eagerly await
Alone I stand alone

Black Rainbow

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

In search of that pot of gold
at the end of a rainbow
Never travel to your future
In seconds…
Sail on hope
but don’t make a ladder out of it.
Stay where you are… and move with the time.
I went too far
and left my present behind.
Future said I’m not ready
I was sent back…
and for present I was a loser…
The moon we saw together had more patches…
Than the moon they saw together.
Time keeps changing.
Better for some, worse for many.
The flowers I gave withered
unlike the flowers he gave.
It took a breeze to take away it’s fragrance
And his flowers still smell sweet.
The tears that rolled from my eyes were salty water
and the his tears were pearls
Nights I stood awake never ended…
the dark and lonely sky still haunts.
The his nights always ended in a dawn
where the horizon was bright and clear.
My dreams now come back as nightmares
Now I fear to close my eyes
And they still dream the same dream and kiss their pillow.

Wishful thinking

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

I don’t want you
I need you.
For that smile that sparkles my day
For the fight that gets us closer.
For that shoulder for my head.
For those short moments that hold an eternity.

I don’t want you
I need you.
For those nights that make my day.
For that bond that sets me free.
For those eyes that help my heart beat.
For that reflection I see of myself.

I don’t want you
I need you.
For that body that’s transparent.
For all the contradictions that merge at one place.
For that one life which can end anytime.
For me who realised recently, life is worth living
I don’t want you
I need you.

A Diamond is a Diamond is a Diamond

a poem by Anil Kumar P K

Diamonds…that’s what they call me
Once there I was, buried deep inside a mine
Sandwiched between rocks and coal
And with a dream within my heart…
to be discovered, to be polished, to be pampered.
To be looked upon with envy.
And talked about with pride
I was stuck there for ages
Until one day, I found my way out
Finally sunlight touched my body
And reflected colours…colours of freedom
Oh…how happy I was
Now I’ll mend hearts and spread love, I thought
I was groomed, Polished and shaped
y happiness knew no bounds
I looked forward to a life
that’ll place me in limelight
But to my surprise
I was caught between hatred and jealousy
A measurement of love, I turned out to be
Fear loomed around the neck I adorned
Greed followed me
Sweat washed me. Blood flowed for me
And there I was back, trapped in a locker
Dark and dreadful
To a state from where I started.