Poems by Aneri Merchant

My Lovely Poem

a poem by Aneri Merchant

I am very tall
But I never fall
I eat the food that my mother gives me
specially tea and coffee
I love to run and play in my holiday
I love to study but I never worry
I sleep at night when the owl’s are I the sight
I read a story book before anyone has a look.

The Ghost

a poem by Aneri Merchant

Ouch, said the ghost
I like you the most.
Whoosh magic appeared
but the ghost had already disappeared.
Ho! ho! the ghost was getting cough and cold
but he was brave and bold.
Thud! thud! the ghost knock on the door.
Screech! my dress just tore.
Slam! he fell down
when I wore my nightgown.
Tip! tip! he was hopping
when I sat on my chair rocking.
Tic tock! tic tock! went on the clock
when I got a shock.
Ho! ho! thud! bang! he fell down
when I was taking out my nightgown.