Poems by Andre Joseph

Hell’s Paradise

a poem by Andre Joseph

To desire, to wish, to want, to dream.
At what cost, who’s lost, what means?
History tells a tale so true,
If I take too much someone suffers but who?
If it’s you it’s me, though you were blind to see,
there is no I in me, no the, in we.
So all of my sleeping pleasure become earthly needs,
and from earthly needs to devilish seeds.
Good deeds with wrong intentions even lose their valour,
in certain matters, they shatter.
“Hells paradise,” simple and plain,
your dread of lost is another mans dream of gain.

Shallow Water

a poem by Andre Joseph

Yes, you took me under.
I drowned in shallow water,
washed me so filthy, yes you did.
Hallow words, empty kisses, a cup half full.
Gave me all of you, that is in parts,
but it was enough to steal my heart.
Behind your eyes were endless oceans of love,
Your words were so tender, foolishly I surrendered to you.
You took me under when you said that you would marry me.
Your words seemed so real, the river seemed to fill,
But it was only shallow water.
The ocean I had seen, was just a dream, in it I was the center,
foolishly like a child I surrendered to you.
You promised me endless oceans of love,
but washed me filthy, where I drowned in shallow water.

Sister Girl

a poem by Andre Joseph

The streets are cold, but she’s even colder,
Grew a little bit bolder when you ruse up out of shoulder.
Came out the same figured you couldn’t be saved,
Stared ganking young hustlers, now you sorted your days.
Oh no, you graduated from the premoe to the hutter,
Straight shooter let it fool you like you not a user.
From just a little fling, to every day thing,
Now from sun up to sun down you smoke by any means.
Offering head for five dollars up at the corner store,
Some bodies momma but tonight your just some bodies hoer.
Got every body laughing at you trying to numb the pain,
But it’s a shame ‘cause it’s plain you ain’t gone never change.
I’ll say a pray Lord are you there? Can you tell me why?
She might be better off just go ahead an let her die.
We really lost her long time ago, after she first hit the moe,
Love you but got to let go sister girl.

Saddest tale I ever told, and it never gets old.
Pawned a piece of my soul with ever rock I sold.
Dearly departed on your feet, did your babies eat,
Don’t know and don’t care I swear it ain’t fair.
Contest with the base, and your kids took the second place.
Empty stomach’s broken hearts there doomed from the start,
And the little that they make, you take,
So better hide your possession lest the dope man gets them.
Went to church begging Jesus but he couldn’t compete,
With the rock, from the block, so you back on the street.
In a rut, you turn slut, freaking all night long.
You need to take your ass home cause your kids all alone.
Haven’t bath in three days are bother to eat,
Should I cry for you are cut your throat you stole my new coat.
Sister girl, sister girl, at the bottom of the world,
You were my girl.