Poems by Anand Srinivasan

Lady of Colour

a poem by Anand Srinivasan

Eyes, Eyes in a daze, Eyes in a trance.
Eyes in a dull world, Eyes searching for
the nectar of colour.
Eyes without any hope, Eyes without any life…
Eyes closed, closed to the narrowest slit…

Thunder, lightning in the sky.
Here comes the rain, the rain drenching
everything around… trying to drown the
lifeless eyes in a watery grave.

The cycle ends the pouring to reveal the
Gods arrive in the chariots of hope accompanied
by the angels of good hope.

The angels descend from the sky unwrapping the
lady, the lady of colour.
The lady of colour shining ruby red in a creamy moon.
Lady of colour, colourful lady stimulates spring in the eye, cheering the eye, exciting the eye.
Hope she finds a prince says the eye. A prince who
cheers the lady to the mercurous moon.

Lady of colour, colour lady in a new incarnate.
Incarnate of turquoise in a cobalt sheath.
A sheath to calm the excited eye, soothe the pain.
Soothe the pain of all this world.
Hope she finds a prince says the eye. A prince
who soothes the lady to the bluest of peaks.
Peaks never seen, never climbed ever before…

Lady of colour smiles again. Resplendent in a
emerald robe of pristine white.
Teaching the eye to live in peace.
To live in a world, a world without worry, without hurry, without envy.
Hope she finds a prince says the eye. A prince
who takes the lady to the land of peace, peaceful succour.

…Hey, Hey , the lady of colour has turned a golden brown of the Javaland.
Feeding the eyes the ultimate truth.
The truth about the golden barley sprouting from the humble earth.
Hope she finds a prince says the cloudy eye. A prince who keeps the lady close to our mother, earth mother of us all.

The enlightened eyes have only this to say.
‘Hope is eternal’
‘Hope is the dream, the dreams we chase till we die’
‘Hope is within you, you who saved the drowning eye’
‘Hope after all is the true colour, the true colour of life’

Hope she finds a prince prays the eye. A prince who will save the lady from being a candle…


a poem by Anand Srinivasan

This is a poem
depicting the struggles of the real I
trying to break free from the masked I.


Colour is changing
from midnight blue to crimson red.
Day is dawning.
Birds are chirping
in tune with the
waving trees.
Life is so lovely,
I am I,
I am only I,
I am Free,
I am Free…

Crimson red has turned a murky grey.
I am in a desert,
a desert without love.
Give me the water of love,
water of being wanted,
ah ah…
I have lost belief,
I am entering a cage.
Don’t break free,
get into the cage my son,
the cage is so enticing…

I am in the cage,
a cage full of devils.
Who is the devil,
who is the frankenstein,
is it me or is it someone else.
Break free,
Break Free,
Want to break free,
Want to come out of this cage.

In a whirlpool I have entered.
Don’t know where I am,
who I am,
I am being sucked in…
Want to break free,
oh God!
Help me break free…

Murky grey has turned jet black…
I am struck by the yellow god.
Is it all over,
all over,
all over…
Get up said the preachers,
the preachers of the abstract
and the subconscious.
Stand up, stand up
and see the clear blue sky.
You can break free my son,
break free you will.

Water is seeping through the pores,
I am laughing,
I am cheered at.
I am beginning to wear my mirror outside.
A new day is dawning,
will it be a day of freedom?

Have I broken free, free, free…