Poems by Anahita Faridani


a poem by Anahita Faridani

Life – it has it’s ups and downs, highs and lows, smiles and frowns,
joys and sorrows, groans and pains, summers, winters, autumn and rains,
flowers that bloom come rain or shine, birds that chirp all day all time,
trees that are green with leaves, fruits and flowers, swinging with the breeze in the gentle rain showers.

Nature’s at it’s best any time any place, it has serenity, warmth and grace.
Nature is beautiful like a sleeping babies’ face, nature is strong like a mother’s embrace,
but nature is breakable like a distraught lover’s heart, nature is destructible and is often ripped apart.

Beautiful trees that give us shade from the scorching sun or the heavy rains,
are often cut down for man’s own needs, for fire, for house or for whatever indeed,
the birds that fly freely up in the sky, are caught by the heartless and caged till they die,
the animals so graceful, so free and foot-loose, are killed and skinned for coats, boots and shoes.

Nature is being looted, ripped and uncared, we do not understand its value, we do not really care,
in this world of rat-race, where is the time to spare, to smell the sweet roses or smell the fresh air,
we are busy in ourselves, doing things just for us, we have no time for others, we are always in a rush.

Let us learn to admire nature, let us learn to protect it,
let us learn to love nature, let us learn to respect it.
see how the sparrow makes it’s nest by getting straws one by one,
see how the birds feed their babies, see how the cats protect their young,
see how the herd all stick together, hear the song the cuckoo has sung,
play with a puppy and see his happiness as he licks you with his tongue.

Have a place in your heart for all of god’s creation,
keep aside for a while all your worries and tension,
thank him for the gift of nature, thank him from your heart,
thank him for a brand new day, for a brand new start,
thank him for the morning, afternoon and night,
thank him for the sun, the moon and the stars so bright.

Thank him for your sight with which nature you can see,
the rising sun, the setting sun, the fog, the mist and the sea,
thank him for being there in every step of the way,
happy and contended then you will end your day.

Love nature and respect it, do not abuse it, for it will die,
let us learn to live life without destruction or cry,
let us learn to be content, like all of god’s creation,
love nature, save nature and be a happy nation.

The Fat Man

a poem by Anahita Faridani

There was an old farmer in amsterdam,
who tried to eat, as much as he can,
he grew so fat, that he could,
almost swallow a horse for his food.

His wife got tired, cooking for him,
she tried real hard to make him thin,
but eat he could all metal and wood,
and at last, he ate his pet canary.

His little son cried ‘cause his canary died,
he couldn’t believe his dad could eat,
he ate his wings, he ate his head,
and he even chewed his feet.

“Oh”, said his wife, “I’m leaving you right now,
I cannot stand a man who eats like a cow,
I make you fish, I make you rice,
inspite of this you still eat the mice.

I’ve tried so hard to feed you much,
you tell me I’ve lost the touch,
you say I cannot make white sauce,
so you went and ate our horse.

Now all our pets are dead and gone,
yet you eat on and on,
don’t you know that they all cost money,
listen to me and stop eating that donkey.”

But yet this fat man does not listen,
he eats that donkey with the skin,
within minutes he feels so sick,
his wife takes him to the doctor quick.

The doctor checks him up and down,
in and out and round and round,
he thinks and thinks and then says that…
“please reduce, ‘cause you are fat.”!!

His wife then complains to the doctor so,
to make her husband understand and know,
that animals are meant to be on the ranch,
and not had for dinner, lunch and brunch.

The doctor tries his best to explain,
eating excess means weight to gain,
that he must eat in his limit or two,
“stick to the greens ‘cause that’s good for you”.

So the farmer went home and his best he tried,
eating only greens, though he cried,
“eating greens is a waste of life,
it is better that I died”.

His wife then saw how impossible it is,
to ask his man to give up his wish,
so she let him then have his way,
and off he went to make his day.

He went in search for some animal to eat,
he couldn’t run too quick with his feet,
he was so hungry ‘cause he was on the run,
he came back home and ate his son!!

His wife wasn’t home for a day or two,
he was so hungry he didn’t know what to do,
he thought he’d die, he’d be out of life,
so when she arrived he ate his wife!!

Now there’s no one to cook for him,
but no, don’t you think he’s become slim,
‘cause he’s out there on the look out too,
better beware ‘cause he might get you!!!

Show me the Way

a poem by Anahita Faridani

We are happy when things go well, when things are right and all is swell,
When times do change like each season, when things go wrong without a reason,
Angry we get at what life’s giving us, we are then complaining and making a fuss,
Sad at being the targeted ones, broken we get at such turns.
Then we seek and pray to God, the ultimate refuge of them all,
‘Help’, we say, ‘please thy look at me, bless me with happiness till eternity,
Bless me with showers of your divine light, bless me to last my whole life,
Bless me with riches, goodies and all, bless me with health so I can stand tall,
Give me the power to live forever, give me a life which can only get better.’
All this we ask and assume to be done, but life is a web which needs to be spun,
We need hard work, ambition, honesty and drive, with perseverance, patience,
And purity of mind. Subtleness, calmness and quality endure,
Helping you from within to achieve much more.
Let us ask the almighty to give us peace, to give us space to fill other’s needs,
Space in our hearts, our minds and our souls,
To listen to others to help achieve their goals. For love comes from within,
It is within our hearts, it has one goal though it takes different paths,
he paths that we take reflect on our being, it says what we are, it shows what we mean.
So pray not for fame, fortune and money, pray not for all days to be sunny,
For if you are always in the light, you will know not what darkness is,
If you are always in good fortune, you will know not what humbleness is,
If you are always happy, you will know not what sadness is,
If you are always within yourself, you will know not what brotherhood is,
So if you pray, pray for peace, pray for love and ask God this,
‘Oh God, my saviour, I’ve come to seek thee, that whatever the case maybe,
Give me the powers to know the wrong from right,
If I am in the dark, show me the light,
If I am wrong give me the humbleness to accept my fault,
If I get hurt give me the strength to overcome it all,
Give me the courage to learn from my errors,
Give me the grace to come out of my terrors,
Give me love in my heart which will always be true,
Give me peace in my mind so I could pray to you.’
Ask all this and you will see, with happiness will come prosperity,
For God only helps those who help themselves, he gives peace to the heart in which he dwells, he gives strength to the weak in the refuge they seek, And he answers all our prayers.
Let us bow down our lowly heads and make a promise to thee,
We shall practice brotherhood and love in ultimate purity,
We shall spread the message of love as the years go by,
We shall make a better world for the others, just before we die.