Poems by Amy Ritter

Sweet Liaisons

a poem by Amy Ritter

Life is a whisper of a delicious lie.
Dreamlessly bare are the shadows
   that darken the enflamed sky.
Pictures of gorgeous dreams are painted
   endlessly for all to spy.
Lonely music urges summers to die.
We are drunk with the sweet rain of early dawn,
The memories of liaisons long gone.
Our raw transcendence of existence
   presents a void from the light that all avoid.


a poem by Amy Ritter

Objects of love, lust, and victory,
Symbols of perfection and beauty.
Generations have gazed incessantly at their pure splendour;
Nothing can mar their glistening abilities.
Diamonds last infinitely, creating legacies throughout history.
Diamonds know no bounds;
Only those whom love has won will behold their charm.