Poems by Amudhavani G

My Granny

a poem by Amudhavani G

She is fair as a Snow-white;
She cares for my appetite;
She is puny in her height,
Yet, active like a flying kite!

Her face is filled with wrinkles;
Still, in my heart, she twinkles;
When alone, she keeps on singing,
Doesn’t even hear the phone ringing.

Whenever I feel like bored,
She tells stories already told;
Even then, they are so nice,
And bring sleep to my eyes!

She loves doing household chores;
She likes to live along the shores;
She lives with me in a busy city,
Her wishes unfulfilled, what a pity!

God’s given her numerous ailments,
Her only remedy is applying ointments;
Still, she works with perspiration;
For all of us, she is the inspiration!


a poem by Amudhavani G

It was midnight with luminescence
Women in a state of crapulence
Luxurious ecstasy in the precedence
In my India, a dreadful decadence.

Children and youth blaming adolescence
Don’t even know what is obedience.
Humility gone; Entered pride of omniscience
In my India, a dreadful decadence.

Everywhere, a feeling of negligence;
Future has no chance for reminiscence
In the land of Mahatma’s inheritance,
In my India, a dreadful decadence.

I woke up, my mind in turbulence
Oh! It was a dream, not an incidence
In the land of tolerance and cognizance,
In my India, forever is renaissance.