Poems by Amikar Anand

Footsteps of Hope

a poem by Amikar Anand

Suffering inconsolably, crying tears of despair
Making little circles in the sand,
Blowing little circles in the air.
Bleeding dispassionately, dripping crimson from every vein
Listening intently for the rain,
Caressing every sliver of pain.
Following madly in the footsteps of hope,
reaching to find, never just in time…

Moonlit Walk

a poem by Amikar Anand

An autumn night when the wind equals a whisper,
Yellow moon shining on trees bereft of leaves,
An avenue of black on the road that snakes beneath.

Trees that shadow a thousand year sown… hark!
Who walks alone amidst this light unhallowed,
The most haunting of paths as ever was known?

His last prayer

a poem by Amikar Anand

The rain beats down upon empty streets, a misty spray lifts into the black night
Clouding vision and blurring reason,
The light shines through the rain coming from faraway, hazy and uncertain
Standing in the darkness the rain seeps into his very soul as he dreams of love
The shimmering reflections in her window, the silhouetted figure under his favorite tree
The setting sun stole his heart and the darkness held him, ever long.
Rain gives him peace cleans his mind and shows him purpose
So he stands alone hoping to be pure again

Spirits flit through the cold night air on crystal wings
Praying to a decadent god for deliverance
The dripping rain is not enough to justify their sins, accumulated over centuries
So he whispers a dying prayer to the darkness and hopes to be free of blame
For in his black heart he knows his penance has no end

Crimson Night

a poem by Amikar Anand

A sepulchral silence weighs heavily upon the souls of those that survived
His terrible onslaught and the ensuing massacre
For He came unseen and unheard on the wings of the night,
Taking away all that life hath given
In the blink of an eye he was inside, infecting all he touched amidst the streams, of blood.
Eating away like a fresh cancer while wasting away both child and man,
For the mother to see and decide
The exodus began a dwindling stream of the ones more fortunate,
Others falling by the wayside to rot and be buried by earth and time.
Ruined lay the villages, broken homes and tattered faces
That stare into a void that destiny hath left open like a bleeding wound.
After he hath gone the mother let a tear splash amidst the waste,
The wheels moved once more and life spurted forth gushing and rejoicing
He hath made a name for himself for man shivers to this day
The Red Death they called him and on the wings of night he held sway…

An Autumn Watercolor

a poem by Amikar Anand

Look around this darkened expanse, the mirror of consciousness
Every face leers and lingers as dirty hands wash themselves
Oblivious of the blood that still stains
And the smell that hangs like a veil, putrid and pathetic
Morbid thoughts swim in a sea of sarcasm while plumes of smoke billow upwards
From the fields of death where
A man stands alone and paints a pretty picture,
Sings softly to himself and laughs at the diseased winds,
A remnant of a time that burned like the sun and
Left in its wake broken bodies of sand and clay to waste away in the lap of eternity.
An autumn watercolor is what he creates with leafless trees and
Weathered roads with people on them,
Real people who toil on towards a blinding light, ethereal and evanescent.
His brush he clutches harder for he knows his time is near
And commands his quivering fingers to follow the last letters in their curving symmetry.
Then he lies down to look at a crimson sky and tastes a sweet tear,
He sees the blinding light and smiles at his salvation.

Lucifer’s Simulacrum

a poem by Amikar Anand

His seed embedded deep in womb
Bares the evil forever present
Growing to a cacophony of sin
Ruling all from cradle to tomb

Marred by thee shadow he stands
Steady and dark
Razor slit pours poison on thy holy ground
Snow canopy and hungry wolves
He kisses thy ancient mark

Apple of sin killed Sodom, survived
Half eaten and rolling away
Struck the soul of his proud image
Roaring in triumph spreading wings of decay

For once was my sin
I repent everyday

Pleased with the millions that tremble with fear
Dark destinies lay scattered at his feet
Haunting lullaby fades to black
As grave diggers sleep

Blood stained snow lay silent and forlorn
Moon kissed with silver light
Waves of innocence hastens faith
To hear the death wish of the night

Blinded at birth by black claws of faith
He sways to the music of the ancient ones
Forever entombed in thy sacred mist
He killed for love killed all for one

Pain incessant throbs with fright
As medusas penance
Brings madness to the night
Thy touch severs all body binds
Chain breakers they take flight

Songs of servitude all eternity sings
Mistaken passion for enchantment divine
Total of all lives every remainder of the sum
We writhe forever in Lucifer’s Simulacrum

The undead

a poem by Amikar Anand

The years of sorrow have taken their toll, he is not the same man anymore
His eyes lack luster and his back is bent
Rust has set in those once supple joints
Creaking and heaving he goes about life, or what is left of it
He had his shot and now the time is past

The man looks about feebly, his eyes are giving up much like the rest of him
He walks unnoticed into the dark alley for he sees a light at the other end
The sun goes down and the day ends, tomorrow he shall be brand new
A dark alley leading to a bright thoroughfare
The paradox continues

Real dream unreal

a poem by Amikar Anand

Drink to the spirit of the loving sadness
And barter your sanity for the ignorance of madness
May the sun never set and the shadows never fly
May her face shine in the silver of the moon so high
May you see a million stars shimmer across the sky
And conquer a hundred mountains and swim a thousand seas
For your world is but a dream in stone and the writing that is
Life is etched on the epitaph of death

Stained Glass

a poem by Amikar Anand

Fall to die and bleed into the dirt of centuries,
With a tired soul like the shattered casements of old,
Sacred hearts but broken thoughts
Until we reach the angels who wait on lush green slopes
And wake in the arms of eternity.

Sin Meter

a poem by Amikar Anand

Smell of death, sound of decay
This spirit of insanity, the sepulcher of humanity
Love thy blood, kill thy pain
Darkness falls like never before
Nothing will ever be the same again
Speaking to the ether/speaking to the souls
Looking for the light/giving in to the night
Make my day my sin meter

Mark my crimes and sell my rhymes
There’s joy for the unforgiven
When my souls at stake
Live a memory when am awake
Trying to listen to myself
Speaking to the ether/speaking to the souls
Looking for the light/giving in to the night
Make my day my sin meter

Ticking on like clockwork, you count my living hours
My secrets you shall lay bare, when my sightless eyes shall stare
Sting my skin, its all am asking
Open my eyes to the truth inside
Tell me what I can and can’t decide
Speaking to the ether/speaking to the souls
Looking for the light/giving in to the night

What would I do without you!
You make my day my sin meter