Poems by Amanda Hubanks

I am Here

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

When you feel like given up
When all else has failed
Hold your head up
You’re not alone
I am here.

When you need a shoulder
To lean on
Or a caring ear.
Remember, I am here.

When you need someone,
Not to judge you
Just to hear your heart cry
I am hear.

Don’t fret my dear
Your not alone
I am here.

Who’s to Blame

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

I sit here each day
by myself watching time
slowly slip away.

You ask me, what is wrong.
You ask me, what is on your mind.
God help me, everything has changed.

I watch the sun rise.
I watch the sun set.
Why am I so full of regret.

Is this just a product of a broken heart.
Is this even real.
I don’t want to blame you.
I just want to love you.
I don’t want to cause you no pain.
But what is there to gain.

Help Me Understand

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

I need to ask you god,
why did you take our friend.
So young, so care free,
only fourteen.

How could you take
such a precious person from me.

I know you have your reason.
But, she still had her whole life ahead.
God, please help me understand.

I am told we are put here for a reason.
But, just to be here then leave.

God, help me
find peace to understand
the death of our friend.

Our Gift

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

I see mass confusion all around us.
I hear people talk of glory and fame.
I look at this world
and I see so much sorrow,
so much pain.

Have we all forgotten
that this world was a gift from god.
Do we have to show him so much shame.

God has given each of us the gift of love.
Can’t we find it in our heart’s
and try to get along
and use the gift that was given to us
from up above.

Fine Young Man

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

You had a sparkle in your eye.
A smile on your face.
Warmth within your heart,
that nothing could erase.

You gave me hope.
You gave me joy.
You have touched so many lives
in so many ways.
As I watch you grow each day.

Others have pushed you away
and called you names.
But you would never do the same.

I am so proud to call you,
My fine young man.
I love you son, time and time again.

My Sister, My Friend

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

You give me strength.
You always lend a helping hand.
You are always there when I need you.
You hold me when I am scared.

You know all my weakness.
You know all my deepest secrets.
You never judge me.
You are always there.

Have I told you, how much I love you.
Have I told you, how much I care.
Because, you’re not only my sister
but my friend.


a poem by Amanda Hubanks

You laugh
You cry
You carry no doubt within
You trust
You depend
You say you will be friends till the end
You are our hope
You are our dreams
To make a better place
Which we live in

Our Love

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

I love you as you are.
You take me as I am.
I look deep into your
big blue eyes and I see a wonderful man.
You showed me how to love.
You taught me how to care.
You are the one
I want to share the rest of my life
with, dear.
Together, we will walk hand in hand.

A Wish

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

I have seen sunny days and I have lived
cold and lonely nights.
I have wished for a lot of things
and received few.
This doesn’t make me weak
but hold true.
True to what I have believed in
my whole life through.

Some people try to hold me back
others try to see me through.
I try to make the best with what I have,
but still I wish for more.

Is it greediness or is it loneliness.
Who is to decide.
Is it me.
Or is it you.

I will lay here tonight in my bed
trying to figure out what lies ahead.
I look at myself and I see a child,
reaching out trying to hold tight,
just hoping I don’t fall from sight.

I will now close my eyes, and
ask god to give me a shimmer of light.

What Lies Within

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

You’re never too old
I can still wake your inner soul
You can’t run
You can’t hide
For I live deep inside

No matter your gender
No matter your age
I will make your palms sweat
Your heart skip a beat
I am always there
With sweet retreat

So when I decide to wake your soul
There will be no regret
You will know this is no game
Passion is my name

My Solitude

a poem by Amanda Hubanks

Summer breezes zipping through my hair
Flowers blooming everywhere
Happy faces, smiling places
Bird’s singing near

Green trees, blue sky
I hear a lovely lullaby
Takes me to places
Where there is no hate or fear

Warm sun on my face
I look in the mirror
I only see happiness full of grace

How I love going
to that wonderful place
So close your eyes, relax
And you can go to that magical place