Poems by Amal Sugirdha

Thicker Than Water

a poem by Amal Sugirdha

My mind was torn to conflict
What does this stranger mean to me
My blood to a stranger
But a voice deep within cried out!
He is a brother in need
He is endangered

I reached out
His children anxious and anguished
I breathed heavily
But I knew at last
God saved his life through me
The life of a Stranger

Mrs. Devil

a poem by Amal Sugirdha

Have you ever seen the wife of the devil?
She is not around but still her spirits roam the place,
Threatening every soul in and around.

Hitler’s ghost she is now haunting and taunting us
Lying is her first cousin
Jealousy is her second cousin
Divide and rule are her parents.

She takes people around Hell and that’s her pastime,
She even makes money from that!
Would like to meet her?
Call Hell and running she comes.


a poem by Amal Sugirdha

You are magnificent peeping out of those white clouds, showering your beauty.
The stars accompany your grace.
The silvery water sparkles revealing its deep beauty.
How pure and glorious!

But there seems no light for one,
The mind torn to conflict
Life seemed to have ceased
The doors shut and the lights gone
The dust laden roads empty.

The cold wind deepening the sorrow
And then like the white light so pure and clear things changed forever
The spirits were unchained
Calmness and peace entered the soul,
Which I knew would be forever and ever.

Did you feel it

a poem by Amal Sugirdha

The most strangest of all
A pain for consent
Fear for future, for liking

Leaving all those whom you know
To a world new and strange
And yet the happiness and dream in your eyes fills you up

It means you hope for the highest
Yet fear for the worst

Will life be the same
Will that comfort last

It means all the trust
A trust in him