Poems by Akila S

Every Dawn

a poem by Akila S

Eulogy of the past is read;
Sorrows of yesterday are forgotten;
Now is the awakening of the enlightened soul
Confronted with inhuman humiliation.

With dawn, dawns the vigour to succeed
Triggering the momentum to achieve
With dawn, dawns the season of new labor
To reap the harvest of hardwork
With dawn, dawns the indomitable spirit
Of patience to persevere
With dawn, dawns the ebullience, of this wounded soul
To strive for the best

With every dawn, dawns a new chance
To bring out the old will anew.

Icon of Success

a poem by Akila S

What is this burning in me,
   the spirit of confidence or
   the humble flame of humiliation?

What is this emigration in my world,
   people moving away from me or
   me moving away from people?

What is this world under my feet,
   a bed of roses or
   a rock of spikes?

What is this I always see?
   Its my goal
   and my goal only!!

Then who can I be???
I’m the Icon of Success