Poems by Ajayaraj

The Self and Nature

a poem by Ajayaraj

Cutting animals like vegetables and eating
Animistic passion fire in the high
When human beings are killing animals then
Killing humans also mental desire.

Meat is dissolving with meat of human body
Acting to act of the dead body in.
Cruel to animals for fun of the tasty food
Cruel to fellows for selfish wishes.

Keeping the self as the center of selfishness
Losing the self in the infinity.
Nature is infinite, incapable to man
Possible for anything to happen.

Not any beginning and not any ending and
Events are happening conditionally.
Relative to condition happening events and
Happened the event, the birth of human.

Life is mere but to exist in form given
Right of living is for every being.
Culture the gift of the nature to man is to
Know the real nature in relative.

Instead running for the selfish motivation
Discover sense of the natural self.
Infinite nature can respond beyond human
Teaching in all the way fitting to live.

Finding the self in the infinite nature who
Finding the nature in natural ways.
State of the existence is the energy in
Conditional and to the state relative.

Personified Image

a poem by Ajayaraj

I am searching for the photo
Even One is out side there.
Searching for the Godly power
Watch in Photo; Come from where?

Heart is weeping, brain stops thinking
When I pray in front of that,
I need always entity,
Identity of my own?

Looking into deep in heart
Where the thinking stopping last
There I see a light of love
Lighting Idol in my front.

Power is vested in the self,
Power is required wake it up
Power that waking, linking with
Power of Nature, true in sense.

Oh my Guruji, You Nature!
Changing power of my nature,
Showering Love on me always
Caring, guiding in my life.

Mind is always fallacy,
Taking always for a ride,
When the brain stops fallacies,
Heart is kindled by your grace.

Let me realize power of me
Like a river to flow to you,
You are Ocean linking me,
Fusion, killing confusion.

Let me have a heart to pray,
Let me see you in all Gods,
Let me love you all the time,
Let me one with you all time.

The Desire

a poem by Ajayaraj

Inside, deep in the heart,
Spurring a warmth desire,
Personifying stimulus feelings
And a new delight lighting in me.

The care and shower of love
Intensify the blood flow
Dancing in the mind’s eye
The lovely smile, infatuated image.

One my part is she in me,
Deepening into my personality
Fill with feelings,
The exact stimuli urged to get.

Mind cultivates or is being cultivated?
Never belongs to any cult.
The culture beyond horizon,
Resonating desire in the Heart’s rhythm.

She is a mirage in ever so many forms
Can light any heart with desire
The care and love
Winding mind with heart.

She, the mate I really look for,
Mind is troubled with instinct spurs
Mind itself acts and consoles
The power of mothers heart.

Let me immerse in my dream
I touch her with my thoughts
She hugs me closer and merge
My rhythm into her heart.

I enjoy a lovely feeling
Away from my troubled truths
High in the warm breath and
The lovely caress of she in me.

I, Brain and the Nature

a poem by Ajayaraj

Kindly you see the formation of ‘I’,
Eye of the mind of the personnel ‘I’
Where is the ‘I’ at the time of my birth
Where is the ‘I’ at the time of my sleep.

There is no ‘I’ at the time of the birth
There is no ‘I’ when I sleep in the night
Body is required conditions to form
Using the data that stored in the brain.

Data is being illuminated
Personifying the personal form
Using energy brain building ‘I’
Losing energy, then losing the ‘I’.

‘I’ is the gift of the nature in life
Not at all controlled by the person.
As your body is unknown to you,
‘I’ also appear and expire.

‘I’ is the floating one in the spirit
‘I’ is flying in the thought, of the puff
Blood is ejecting high in the brain
Lotus is opening in the brain.

Power is the potential keeping you high
Shower of the love of the nature in high
You think and fill all the data you get
Similarly you get a personal ‘I’

You are not reading the data in you
You are not feeling the kind of the ‘I’
The food is affecting the character ‘I’
Thoughts and talks are affecting the ‘I’

The Nature is fueling ‘I’ in body,
I cannot exist without the body
What is the type of the data in you,
That is the culture of ‘I’, the person.

If there is no lively body and brain,
There is no ‘I’ at all, as we dream so.
Human brain can store more data, than
Any other creature in Nature we live.

Data is shaping the character ‘I’,
Generated in body by the nature
Body is persisted by the nature
Getting the ‘I’, the love of the nature.

If body is weak, then person also,
Because the ‘I’ is similar to lamp,
No fuel, no light; ‘I’ cannot glint
Body is O.K. then ‘I’ is coming.

Similarly happening all in the night.
Body is using the components and
Cooking the ‘I’ for the day to eat full.
Making the entity, waking the ‘I’