Poems by Ajay Jayakumar

I Feel Good

a poem by Ajay Jayakumar

I am going really wild.
Not over a child,
But a cute little girl
Who makes my heart twirl

I am always engrossed in her smile,
And it always takes me a while.
To realise it is not a dream
And now my life is like a stream

Both of us don’t know each other
So we might go through rough weather
I do hope everything goes fine
And be bright and happy as sunshine

When her star like eyes blink,
I feel like I am going to sink,
I am figuring out the missing link
Just to see her rosy cheeks go pink,

I appreciate what I have got
As I care about her a lot,
With her, I want to dance and dine,
And I hope she is always mine.

A Smile- I Adore

a poem by Ajay Jayakumar

Her smile is like the shooting star
Happening at the most unexpected hour!
Her smile is like the bright blue sky,
Bringing peace to your mind!
Her smile is like a sunny day,
Making you feel calm and secure.

A natural smile, trapping thousands of hearts,
Oh how I wish I had a smile like that!

Her smile lasts for a few moments
But stays in your heart forever.
Her smile is a glowing one,
Like the stars in the sky.
Never have I seen a smile,
that is so brilliant, that
makes you go blind.

A remarkable smile, charming
thousands of souls
Oh how I wish she smiles forever!

The End

a poem by Ajay Jayakumar

Here we are finally hidden,
From the pastures of danger, all of a sudden
The question is the life with nature
Amidst the suppressed truth of future.

Clouds of agony hang over our vision
Blinding the intimate reality of the mission
The question of survival is an illusion
And the mind inhabited with a delusion.

Ultimate reality pleads with us for pardon
And sins spring up like weeds in a garden
In our efforts to gain freedom to all
Our pride has taken the final fall.

Our minds are occupied with conflicting thought
In the remembrance of the goal we sought
Is it a plot of immature treachery?
And all of us bound with mutual rivalry.

The feeling of travelling through space
As we ridicule the continuous pace
Pleasures of life will gradually disappear
As our hearts are withheld by chains of fear.

We are sinking like a proud old ship
And desires yielding to the bow of a whip
Are all our feelings under strenuous captivation
To flow and be free from this heinous habitation.

As we indulge the glory of the past,
The meticulous habits never seemed to last
All we had was one day to be lost
And profound depression is out there to cost.

Our souls are flooded with rains of sorrow,
And there is no meaning in tomorrow
Were our instincts knowingly late
In taking up this malicious bait.

The fury of nature smiles at our disaster
As we made the villainous creation our master
All our knowledge are prepared to absolve
From the suspicious incidents yet to solve.

The problematic reviews on life is are over, but
The possibility to inflict upon our self the cut
Of the reactionary philosophy, we are to bend
As we all wait for the probable end.