Poems by Aishwarya Bhargav


a poem by Aishwarya Bhargav

I am a girl Guide,
and I say that with great pride,
I am glad to be one;
as it will help me in the long run.

We go for camps and hikes
and stay there for a day or two nights,
and we have so much fun
and after the camp we are all quiet and mum.

If you think Guides is a waste
don’t quit it in a haste,
as Guides is great
and to know that don’t be late.

Bowler of India

a poem by Aishwarya Bhargav

The fast bowlers of India take many a wicket,
And they are usually good in bowling at cricket,
Also there are two or three a spinner
They all make India sometimes a winner.

When the batsmen hit a duck or two
You will wonder if India will win and by who
You will see a few great bowlers
Who will be India’s win controllers

The fast bowlers have a name matching to their job
Balaji Balla podanum
Pathan balla Pathu podanum
Nehra balla pathu Nehra podanum

The True Friend

a poem by Aishwarya Bhargav

Life is no fun
When friends are none

They make you smile
And keep company when you cry

A friend who flatters is no fun
A friend who helps is like a sweet honey bun

They give you a shoulder to cry
And a smacking for a lie

Find friends who are not sly
But a friend who is caring and sharing
After all a friend in need
Is a friend in deed