Poems by Aditya V Ojha

A Wanderer’s Song

a poem by Aditya V Ojha

Behold the colourful picture of the world,
Listen to the wavering tunes of the people.
Each, totally lost, in only himself,
Without a care about other worldly matters,
Singing Paeans of I, Me, Myself
Forging ahead, all by themselves, what a world,
Sings the Wanderer!

Traversing the times of sorrows and joys, all alone,
Searching, in futile, lost qualities of oneness and fellowship
Running the never ending race of life, desperately,
To overcome Life, to win it, running along, all the while,
Trying to conquer time, be victorious over it; Relentlessly
Forging ahead, yet lagging behind, this world,
Sings the Wanderer!

A big, happy and joyous Joint Family, disintegrated,
Broken into Nucleus Ones, swearing by ‘We Two, Ours Two’
This too becoming ancient, passe, out of date; ushering in
The concept of ‘Double Income, No Kids’ effortlessly.
Not a moment to spare, no time to sit back and relax,
Starting the race, with the Rising Sun, this world,
Sings the Wanderer!

The sweetness of joyous living, heard only in Songs,
Manners and Tradition, just fading away, lost.
Love and Respect, recited in long – forgotten poems,
Culture and Heritage, sacrificed at the altar of Today’s Life.
On when, till when, will all this carry on; when,
Oh when, will this innocent world understand,
Sings the Wanderer!

Changing Times, Changing Faces, Changed People,
Reminiscing the life of the days of yore, ‘Aditya’
Sings the Wanderer!


a poem by Aditya V Ojha

I am, once again, being forced to fight with myself,
My Conscience revolting; Unable to reconcile
with the inherent contradictions; A true Paradox,
staring at me – taunting me, my beliefs, my principles.

It is, indeed, a pity, I am being led:
On a path, not of my choosing; being led to believe,
it is the right one, one which is, supposedly,
A harbinger of happiness in my Life.

I am, unable to express my anguish; silently
Acquiescing for what Fate has in store for me,
Knowing fully well, this will cause untold miseries,
yet, giving in to this emotional black-mail.

For, where on Earth will I go, if, God Forbid,
things go wrong; Leaving me in the lurch,
left to fend for myself, to try and pick up the pieces
of a shattered dream, a lost cause, a deathly life?

I am the same optimist, who always believed that
Whatever happens, happens for the best;
Yet, this time, I am not too sure, if my beliefs
will see me through – safely – from this turmoil.

If a relationship were to start off on a wrong footing,
The resultant music could never be melodious:
A discordant note is struck, immediately; throwing
the whole symphony into chaos; cacophony prevails.

At the cross-roads of life, I am keeping
My fingers crossed, my toes twirling; simply
hoping for the best; expecting the worst,
finding solace in the only way I know:
Releasing the pent up fury in words, in the bargain
‘Aditya’ setting it aflame, reducing it to cinders.

Humane Touch

a poem by Aditya V Ojha

In the silence of the Night,
I could hear
a faint echo of
the day gone by;
leaving in its stride,
shattered hopes, lost dreams!

Saw a man, on the sidewalk:
arms stretched, for alms
of love, for love, being denied.
Face withered, with lost hope,
reflecting helplessness,
with remorse, resignedly !

A stray dog,
lying next to him, cuddling up,
trying to comfort him with love,
Love, denied by humans,
left to the poor canine,
to provide; compensate !

In search of eternal bliss,
longing for friendship,
desirous of love,
have we lost, forgotten
the essence of humane touch,
have our dreams gone sour ?

Ask the man on the sidewalk.

The Shadow

a poem by Aditya V Ojha

Caught in the horns of a dilemma, with
The Past, casting a long shadow,
The Future, uncertain: staring bleakly;
The Present, so powerful – almost omnipotent –
proving to be, the bane of my miserable existence.
Reflecting the past, wanting to cast it away,
yet, unable to break the shackles and
set me free, let me live, peacefully!

All that I hold dear, cherish, desire;
Cruelly imprisoned, in the days gone by;
suffocating my feelings, strangling my emotions,
leaving me, at the mercy of time.
Time, represented by the future, conniving with it,
forcing me to compromise,
go down on my knees, bend in abject surrender,
to the dictates of this unholy alliance/nexus.

I am caught, between the proverbial
Devil and the Deep Sea,
being asked to make a choice,
between the one I want/need/crave, and
the one which is – in their lingua franca – right;
wrecking havoc in my life,
raising uncomfortable questions, for which,
seemingly, there are no convincing answers.

My heart aches for my lost love,
tears streaming down, unashamedly,
wailing, hard and long for it;
unable to reconcile to this monumental loss,
being a mute witness to this mayhem, silently
acquiescing for this torture and bloodless coup;
having to give up on a harmonious, perfect symphony
for the cacophony of others’ ideals.

Fighting a losing battle, with hands tied behind,
ranged against morality, duty and responsibility,
with no room – whatsoever – for
happiness, self-fulfillment and satisfaction.
Bottling up my feelings and aspirations,
being led – like a lamb – to the slaughter house,
my cries of anguish, stifled; my moaning, silent;
just a faint echo, in the vast darkness of existence.

As always, putting my thoughts to paper,
‘fraid to share it with anyone, lest it cause pain,
throwing myself at the mercy of time and tide,

knowing fully well, they wait for none,
quietly mourning the loss, all alone,
torching my aspirations, desires, love
veering around to face reality ‘Aditya’, for
The Past is no more; The Future, not yet!!!