Poems by Aditya Kulkarni

Hiroshima : 1945

a poem by Aditya Kulkarni

More than fifty years have passed,
After that fateful day came.
It was quarter past eight in the morning,
And Hiroshima was never going to be the same.

As the ‘little boy’ came dropping down.
It seemed the world had stopped.
The brilliance of a thousand suns,
It seemed, had just flashed.

So hot was it at zero level and the radiations deadly,
The terror wave swept across the city.
Charring everything to ash and,
Literally, everything to pity.

No count of how many people died.
No count of how much area destroyed.
There was no one to wipe the tears.
Of those who somehow survived.

The lesson to learn is obvious,
For not more chances we will get.
An easy choice indeed to destroy or,
Preserve for our future generations this beautiful planet.

Recipe for success

a poem by Aditya Kulkarni

What is success, I sometimes feel?
Well, It’s just a matter of your will?

You can succeed if you believe,
And pursue the goal you want to achieve.

Sheer grit and determination will take you through
And do what you never imagined to do.

A thousand hurdles may come in your way,
But you have to fight and pave your way.

So work hard, struggle and forget any pain,
That’s the perfect recipe for success to gain.