Poems by Abhishek Kaushik

That’s what I think about you

a poem by Abhishek Kaushik

With innocence in her eyes,
and a lovely smile on her face,
The pretty girl carries herself,
With dignity and grace.

She’s blessed with 2 lovely hair-curls,
Which tenderly kiss her cheeks,
I hope she needs someone to take care of them,
And if so, then believe me,
This is the job, which millions of guys would seek.

From this place to that place,
She moves on her little scooty,
And people in her way, fall here and there,
All spellbound by the charisma of this heavenly beauty.

As far as her love for jewelry is concerned,
Is ladki ka kya kehena!
Though she is 24 carat Gold in herself,
God knows why she spends all her Sundays at ‘Kalicharan ka Gahena.’

Add to this her love for sentimental poetry,
Just to prove that she’s got a warm heart with feelings.
But I fail to understand, why does she not believe in ‘True Love’,
Nor cares about the guys, the hearts of whom she is so apt in stealing.

Whenever I wanna spend some time with her,
And ask her out for a date,
She says she’ll need something called ‘Permission’,
For she’s not allowed to remain out till so late.

Anyways, it’s pretty tough for me to do so,
But still I would confess it to all,
That maybe I am somewhat besotted by the beauty of this gorgeous girl,
The girl who weighs 52 kgs and stands 164 cm tall.

I hope she realizes, what I can never explicitly say.
I hope she realizes this before I go.
I hope she realizes something, which, she taught me.
That you do, what you want to do, NOW.
Because you never know ke “KAL HO NA HO”.

All time Aashique

a poem by Abhishek Kaushik

With love from ATA (All time Aashique)

The look in her eyes,
drives me crazy.
She is my cutie pie,
she is my baby.

She is short and slim,
cute and sweet.
Well, she is my heartbeat.

Her beautiful smile,
and the glow on her face,
makes me go wild,
to an extent,
which no one can appraise.

When I say I love her,
she says I am flirting,
and believe me,
this is really hurting.

I know I am not Bryan Adams,
Nor am I Bradd Pitt.
But I have a heart,
and feelings in it.

Believe me I adore her,
and I love her from the bottom of my heart,
I can smell her, feel her in my breath,
Yes, she is the one,
my one and only sweetheart.

I don’t know
whether she loves me,
or do I make her sick,
But one thing I am sure of is,
that she calls me an All Time Ashique

Ashique’s Affair d’amour

a poem by Abhishek Kaushik

The day I saw you,
I felt something deep inside,
it might have been love,
but I didn’t realize,
We continued to talk,
share moments.
You enchanted with your smile,
your looks and your style.
I don’t know when I fell for you.
I do not remember when I crossed the fence,
you took away my sleep, my heart and my sense.

When I couldn’t take it anymore,
when you became someone for me to adore,
I went to you
and I proposed you.
You said I was wasting my time
it was very difficult that you could be mine.
Well I was prepared to face it.
So I did not cry,
but maybe my heart did.

We still continue to talk
and laugh together
You even Christened me with a beautiful name.
I accepted it with love,
thought it was a part of the game.

Though I usually do not write
I wrote a poem for you.
Those were my feelings
which had emanated straight from my soul
In them, was deeply involved
my heart, my mind, my senses.
Or should I say my entire existence as a whole.

But before I could let you know
the extent of my passion for you
you annihilated my dreams.
Happiness left my heart
laughter turned into melancholic screams.
You ridiculed my feelings
made fun of me behind my back
called me just another guy who flirts
without realising how much it hurts.
More than I loved you
I respected you.
Honey, you have shaken it all
you have done something so very small.
Why did you do it dear ?
Why did you bring me so much tears?

You have caused me a lot of pain
You have played with my emotions
But still I love you.
I love you with the same passion as I used to
But there is one difference
I am no more dependent on your physical presence
I can see you whenever I want to
I can talk to you, whenever I desire
You are always with there in my eyes, my mind and my soul
You are always with me to keep burning the love fire

So from now honey,
I will never trouble you
I will never show you my feelings
I will never talk love with you
no matter it prevents my heart from healing.
I pray to almighty
that you be happy wherever you go
you find someone who loves you as much as I do
you love too.