Poems by Abhishek John Samuel

December, the 26th

a poem by Abhishek John Samuel

Now the sea is blue and calm,
The gentle breeze plays with the seaside palms.
Children play; their parents watch the fun,
Under the blaze of the rising sun.
Now the sea is blue and calm.

Now the sea is sinking low and far,
Wondering folks go into the sand bars.
Wriggling fish in the sand,
Shells and sea stones in their hands,
They stand looking at the waters afar;
Now the sea is low and far.

Now the sea comes rushing back,
Miles of sand get covered in a blaze;
Groups of watchers, too stunned to move,
It takes a while, for the screams to rule.
Now the sea comes rushing back.

Now the sea comes in with force,
Pouring on the glimmering crowded shores;
The winds come in a fury driven,
The heavens have parted, nature has risen,
Now the sea comes in with force.

Now the sea is calm again,
Dreadful hopes go gently drifting away;
Life and love, and shattered hearts,
They rule the hours past the laughs.
Now the sea is calm again…

Now the sea is calm again.


a poem by Abhishek John Samuel

Life will be a paradox, for people as you and me,
We are yet to discover, truths of life neverseen;
To stand firm as the eagle on the rock, and believe,
Or stand free, and change; choose your destiny.

I’ll be a lonely dove, in the eye of the storm,
I’ll venture into unknown heights and explore the gloomy deep;
I may tame myself in the way of my choosing,
But these paths, I pray, will once again let us meet.

Remember the talk, the smiles and the tears,
We slowly learned to change with the years;
Remember the promise that our hearts tried to make,
In saying “I’ll stand by you forever.”

As time goes by, we shall see,
The cleansing fire which forever will be-
The silent destroyer of what time built,
Except that which life, loved or freed.

So till this world fades away,
I hope our paths shall cross again;
And I believe, in the ever-changing sands of time,
Two footprints will remain together,
Yours and mine.

The Omega

a poem by Abhishek John Samuel

As I float over the line,
Cosmic radiance, a barrier undefined;
The sense of insensibility,
In reality, where am I?

As I twitch in dreamy moves,
I float in sub-space under the moon.
I look up far away at the stars,
Where I know I will reach at last.

Stars… stars. So many of them,
I reach out to touch these heavenly friends;
They need not wings to take off and fly,
As they’re the dwellers in the fields of the sky.

The galaxy ripples as I step across it;
The planets and suns circling the fiery pith;
Oh! I wish someone were there with me,
To share these trips into dreamy fantasy.

Slowly I float back again,
The stars, they streak across the sky;
But before I turn my back away,
I remember the grief, when I had to say-
Goodbye! Among the stars we’ll meet someday.


a poem by Abhishek John Samuel

Walking by the sunny sunshine,
In the air of the cold gloom;
Feeling the warmth of the rising sun,
Missing the pain of the dying moon.

New and fresh, the spirits arise,
Wanton in realms of burning life;
To search and destroy the unknown strife,
And all they have is the old rusted knife