Poems by Abhimanyu Tiwary

Do you Love me?

a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

You love me…
You love me not…
Shuttling thoughts wanna settle
But who would assert???
Only you!!!

Shall I believe you
You love me the most
You multiply my happiness
You divide my agonies
But your maths is poor
Who may judge?
Only me!!

Shall I believe me
If you don’t hate me
You never loved me
I am always surprised
You care for me
You share me
But why??
Who would answer??
Only you!!!

But if I do not believe me
Who else shall I believe??
I love you
Because only I know
You need love
And that be not given
You would shatter
So who would decide
None other than you…
My God!!!!

The Loss

a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

Striving hard to find some happiness
He could never surmise
He left His Self far behind
Alone, dejected and in disguise.

He could have shattered
Lest for the assess
His shadow was not accompanying
In his run for happiness!

He stopped he turned
Stared far till he’d gaze
Could find nothing but
Little sands of Time, maze.

So tired he was in the run
He dare not go back for the umpteen
And so retired himself
In laps of the unforeseen!!

Since then he had not moved
Happiness still kept him at bay
Unrelenting contend alive for the Self
I fear he’d be cornered someday?


a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

I often listen to everyone saying
They have seen me somewhere
And so I pierce everyone’s face
If somehow he and me alike.

I stay longer before the mirror
To find if I resemble my yester’
And there, I could find
Alter egos of so many mind.

Everybody resembles me
And I to everybody
With none or little differences-
Too impossible to embody.

Later I realized I were them
I enjoy the tiniest joy like them
I fear the sorrow and the pain
My face portrays grief and elation, Thy game.

I always heed my dear saying-
I look better while smiling
No wonder I smile now even in pain
Who cares, what I have to slain.

Smiling face and with parched eyes
I gape far in the wandering skies
Invite you all my near and dear
Fondle-the solitary me, bring some tear.

I am you and you know you
Then why mesmerized are the two
Share your happiness, the least you can
And you would see the miracle happen.

Wandering Time

a poem by Abhimanyu Tiwary

Time running so fast
Like nothing would, perhaps last
Each pages of one’s life
Has some tough and binding strife.

Page one starts with the day
Two may like more to stay
Page three as usual with lots of hu haa
Fourth estate has, but little, punctuated saga.

I stare at the big canvas on the hem
No wonder, next day, it has a fem
Yesterday is gone and tomorrow never comes
Live the day with all your whims.

From the today’s dawn to dusk
Time is enough to smell the musk
Sit, plan, dream and do the more
You cherished ever and could never galore.