Poems by Abhimanyu Rawat

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 7

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

Hernan almost broke down,
He sat and wept.
Had it been so long.
He saw in his dream the war,
The pain the suffering.
It choked his mortal heart.
He wrote back to Felicia.
Dear Felicia,
I am overcome with guilt.
I feel ashamed to destroy what,
God created.
I do not deserve this life.
I will give this up,
A deserter.
Will you still love me?
Will you still support me?
I fail to write anymore.
Wait for me,
For at this very moment I,
Leave for you.

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 6

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

Overcome with fear and pain,
Felicia wrote to Hernan.
Dearest Hernan,
Its been long since I have heard from you.
A fear creeps in my heart.
That may be
Its been ages,
I have lost track of the moons and suns that have gone by.
And all I have to comfort me are these letters.
And those too speak of such horrors.
But I know you will return soon,
For I had a vision.
Of a man returning from the mist,
And I know that man is you.
Please do be careful there.
I thought every month, I would get word from you.
It has been four letters.
I console myself by saying he has been gone for four months.
It’s agony to think of you gone for so long.
Please do come soon.

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 5

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

Dearest Felicia,
We have seen lots of peace over the past few months
I cherish these moments of tranquility
For this is when I think the most
I lie down on the green grass
I look onto the plains from the hillock
I let the wind blow on to my face
Every drop of rain rejuvenates my soul
But one image perturbs me
These beautiful fields
Full of pools of blood
Rivers of red criss-cross these plains
Is this what life has become worth?
War is against everything that man has ever stood for
There are people like us here
But do we just kill for he is in blue and I in red
No, Felicia
The horror that is war shall stop here
We heard that they are retreating
I shall be home soon

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 4

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

The war waged on
Felicia’a poor soul
It lived in morbid fear
Another letter came
Dearest love
We have fought for months now
I have killed and maimed
There is blood on my hands
I have taken life
Brothers, fathers, sons and others
My sword does not see the difference
It thirsts for more
I see all those faces in my dreams
Warped and cloaked and twisted
But they laugh at me
The air around carries the stench of death
To breathe here is to inhale poison
But the thought of you makes me calm
I shall come soon my love

The Seven Months of Hernan Ray – Part 3

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

For months no-one heard of him,
Hope was abandoned.
But Felicia stood by her door everyday.
Looking longingly for a letter.
And one fateful day it came-
It read:
Dear Felicia,
Each day drags on.
More dull and lifeless than the last.
We have not heard of the enemy.
“He will come!” is what they say.
But in our hearts we know its a lie.
It pains me to not be able to look at your face.
I move forward-
Only to fall back upon you very soon.
I see the sunset and sunrise,
But all seem to lack beauty.
You complete them,
As you complete me.
I shall return soon.
She clenched this to her heart,
A precious tear escaped her eye.
And she looked into the sunset,
Somewhere far away-
Hernan looked too.

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 2

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

A knock was heard upon the door
Hernan Ray was expecting this
The bird with its sad song had warned him
There stood the bearer of the dreaded news
They talked-
From behind the doors looked two pairs of eyes
Eyes that had seen the world
Eyes that had seen pain
Eyes that had seen War
And war it was
Hernan Ray was a brave man
He agreed immediately – And strode back to his chamber
His elders chided him
“Oh you foolish lad!!”
But pride and honour got the better of him
He left his family
And met Felicia
She did not utter a nuance
She was shattered. Only a steady stream of tears ran down her cheek
Harnan Ray just said – “Keep your gown ready. For in seven months I shall return.”
He mounted his steed and rode away into the sunset
A sunset that seemed to have lost its beauty
Felicia stood teary eyed at her door – as the dust and the dying light obscured him from her sight…

The 7 Months of Hernan Ray – Part 1

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

On a balmy summer evening,
Sitting atop a hill was Hernan Ray.
All around him he saw pure beauty-
The golden glow of the setting sun.
The wind playing with the grass.
The trees dancing to the merry tunes of the birds.
Alongside him lay his lady love-
He called her Felicia.
With locks of golden brown hair,
Eyes so deep and blue – it seemed as if the sky took refuge in them.
Lips that spoke to him even when they were sealed.
Skin as soft as precious silk.
They were to experience wedding bliss in 7 months.
Everything seemed perfect.
But amongst this beauty – amongst all these perfect sights that nature offered,
There was heard the sad song of a bird.
It pained the heart of Hernan Ray,
For the song warned of impending doom.
What could it mean?
Wondered the young Hernan Ray.

Ode to a Martyr

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

Anxious eyes await the news,
though trying to hide their fear.
Because they know what it feels to lose,
someone they loved and lost so dear.

A knock is heard upon the door,
the family jumps up with a start.
Could this be what they were waiting for?
Oh, God how it tears the heart!

A burly man enters the room,
and whispers softly in the old man’s ear.
All eyes gaze as he nearly swoons,
to hear the news of his son so dear.

The bearer of bad tidings leaves,
his job performed, his work well done.
All rush to the man as he falls on his knees,
crying ,”God have mercy on our son!”

The tears stream down his wrinkled face,
while he makes a valiant effort to stand.
“We’ll make it through with God’s good grace,
our son’s a martyr for his land.”

“Oh woe this day,” the mother cries,
her tears stream down like pouring rain.
“It is not right the young should die,
nobody knows a mother’s pain.”

Soon comes a letter which reads so nice,
in print so clear and starkly cold.
“For this young boys great sacrifice,
a shining medal of solid gold.

He was indeed a brave young man,
his courage was at his highest peak.
His life he gave for his motherland,
there’s more like him we’d like to seek.

We’re sorry to lose such a valiant youth,
in this bloody but noble war.
He died for righteousness and truth,
could anyone ask for more?”

“Oh woe is me!” The mother cried.
“Is this what human life is worth?
That we should see our young ones die,
Is this why we give birth?”

Oh how many more must fight and die,
before all wars come to an end?
How many hearts must break and cry,
Over father, husband, son and friend.

The Beginning

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

The bullet had ripped the poor soldier,
He lay motionless in the blazing desert.
Vultures were circling over him in anticipation.
He could do nothing but wait.
The sun was about to set now,
He saw no beauty in it.
All he could see was a bloody red ball.
He tried to scream,
It was muffled in the sands of time.
Time had seemed to stop,
To him it felt like eternity.
He wanted to die fast,
Than to face all this pain.
Death came – swiftly as ever.
He saw a long and dark tunnel,
He walked through it, groping along the walls.
At the end he saw a pure ,white light.
It was soothing – the pain was no more,
Only sanctity and purity.
The war, the pain, the blood- was all gone.
It was a new beginning- of the afterlife.

The Promise

a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

“I have to leave now”, the young man said.
He put on his uniform and put his sword in his scabbard.
The war was on and he was to serve,
Serve his motherland and leave his mother.
The mother was full of tears.
“Please can you stay?”, she asked.
“No”, was the stern reply.
The mother held her boy to her heart,
It was pounding.
Apprehension- not knowing what to do she cried.
“I’ll come soon mother,
and take you to a place far away.
Where there are no wars, no pain, no anger and no greed.
Only love and hope go hand in hand.”
He turned and mounted his horse, the gallant steed
And the brave rode away,
And disappeared in the dark.
Many a days later the gallant steed returned but the lad wasn’t there.
A man came and explained in hushed tones.
The mother stood the- unflinching, unblinking- stone dead.
The weak soul of her body flew away.
The young lad and his mother are together now-
In a land where there are no wars, no pain, no anger and no greed.
Where only love and hope go hand in hand.


a poem by Abhimanyu Rawat

God – the biggest cliche’ this world has ever known
Yes, I searched… the wanderer in search of the elusive dream
Temples, Mosques, Churches, Synagogues… oh! he was homeless before this
His houses were empty… drained of soul, drained of faith- full of the blind herds
I searched in the dusty paths, the fiery sands
The lone peaks and the mystic ocean… the vanity of my travel
I saw in the mother, the father, the brother, the friend
All I saw was faces with love!!
God was never love…
For in his presence we have war, hate, pain, shame, envy, scheming, plotting, power!
Then I came across a wizened old man-
Withered lines of time on his face
He said- within us, young lad, lies the kingdom of heaven
Hh my futile travels…
Then I looked within myself
Pain, shame, anger, betrayal, envy, greed, love, passion, power, want…
I still haven’t found him
Let others live their own lives shrouded in sour truth
They believe they found him- I laugh
My life- the farce, the act, the drama, the curse- is just how I want my existence to be
Leave the enlightenment to someone else
For now- coincidence, fate, destiny- hope