Poems by Abhimanyu Das Gupta

A still thought

a poem by Abhimanyu Das Gupta

A painfully shy girl,
A tortured childhood behind this boy.
Love at first sight!

Truth they search together,
As thorns riddle their path.
Lilies in a swamp,
Entwined with each other.

Death comes naturally,
And the essences evaporate!

Two drops of rain on a sultry evening.
Who knew they had a past!!

Heat and Thirst

a poem by Abhimanyu Das Gupta

A hot afternoon,
melting away my consciousness.
The dry heat,
burning in my throat.

A hot afternoon,
salty sweat and tears.
A dry day,
No wind, no breath.

I am dying,
This heat dries my spirit
Pickling my body.
Like withered daisies
On an abandoned garden.