Poems by Abanah

The Wheel

a poem by Abanah

News spread like fire
The wheel has come to town;
Down went the chic arkee girls
In quest of fun ‘n’ frolic.

I was one among them
And you were another
Together we climbed the twister wheel
To taste the spice of adventure.

I was confident and excited
As the wheel set into motion in a rumble;
The unseen gain of sudden drastic momentum,
Set my panic, explode in an outrageous scream

The whole world collapsed as in a dark centrifuge
My body was toasted into the air
My tummy churned; my heart pumped
My identity broke; my true colour exposed.

I lost self in that violent race
I closed my eyes tight in deep shudder
I cursed aloud, as my mind went blank
I prayed for the tremor to end in peace

Then, came the soothing voice of my companion
I felt the pressure of her reassuring arms
I woke to her urge to bring me back to fun
I sensed her being, breathing strength to my soul.

My self responded with awe ‘n’ admiration
The flow of energy; a feeling of togetherness
The dawn of wisdom; a sense of security,
My thanks for offering your support, my friend.

My second love

a poem by Abanah

One unexpected day, love walked into my life again,
And asked for my cell number, to begin
I obliged casually and unprepared
I got the first SMS dart that very night

I was surprised, bewildered and curious
To know that love recognized me in this simple attire
Unprovocative, dark shades, low profile and plain language
If love found me, then it must be true

Once again, a stint of meaningful life
Inspiring and touching another passionate soul
But, my set logical mind could not marvel my heart
I couldn’t indulge in any romantic commitments

Love was young and fresh, and it wanted the best,
An old maid, as I am, didn’t offer like the first,
Love was confused, doubtful and later suspicious,
Then, love found his reason to misunderstand.

Love drifted away into solitude
Solitude yearned for rebirth – ambition
Ambition killed love and pursuing lifetime goals,
Galloped away to the other world, discarding the carcass of love.


a poem by Abanah

You are a sun,
     created to give your light.
You are trees,
     created to give a cool breeze.
You are moon,
     created to sparkle in the sky.
You are my god,
     created to satisfy me.