Poems by Aastha

Altered Perceptions of Life

a poem by Aastha

The endlessness of hopelessness is not comforting to the mind
The infinity of possibilities, are just too hard to define

Thunderous skies and baffling lives, chaotic sensibilities
Lonely are we, when still in love, with a million friends and a loving family

But it gets easier by the day; we only sense what we are supposed to
These are today’s altered priorities

A pocket full of dreams

a poem by Aastha

A pocket full of dreams, you still treasure my friend
A moment of truth trespasses, it starts to rain
Laugh a loud but cry in silence,
A beast of burden that you are
The roads are broken and you are set out far

Look at the mirror a hundred times
Count the pieces shattered on the floor
Light a candle, burn it up,
Let it create an illusion of hope

Talk aloud… talk a lot
Weave a web, nice and strong
Day and night, time is bound
Fall hard as it crashes to the ground

Count the waves on your fingers
Lines still carved deep in your hand
Take a peek outside the window…
Spring is long gone

Sleep a merry sleep
For in the end we all do
Down goes your body
Rises the real you

Rises every man’s dream
It has come true
For very few
A pocket full of dreams
They were never for you

Sadness of a fallen star

a poem by Aastha

Shadow every vision with your everlasting face
Begin the same old story in a new way

Once a little boy and now they call you a star
What did it give you in the end? You are deserted and far

Far away from satisfaction of the soul
Still the loss lingers in for sure

People look at the sky and the stars
The brightest of all is the one they love

But all who loved you, lied to you
They longed for your grandeur that came true

Shadow every vision with your everlasting words
Softly sing those same astonishing tunes

Distant eyes that you bore on your face
Finally close, you get farther every minute

Somehow close to whom you are,
Alas! Shelter; fill up the vacuum that taunts you


a poem by Aastha

Listen as for once I can simplify
The thoughts orbiting my mind

Pay attention when I justify
The reason for killing my sanity

Even if I were satisfied living a lie
I would be far away from myself

And even if I were asked to die
I would not, to everyone’s surprise

Always considered stone-hearted but shy
People have really passed me by

Still you expect me to question and defy
Everything that I say or shall do

The chance to know me has gone away
Now you can only recall those words

Still in tomorrow, when all you care for is yesterday
Be your self, throw your pretenses away! Live for today


a poem by Aastha

A woman should be, a princess, a nymph, or a fairy
A woman ought to have within her heart, warmth and dignity

Should she ever walk the line, she is no more “The Woman”
One out of a man’s fantasy, a perfectionist’s true reflection, a loving liability

Mate and fate, giving and giving, love and more love, beauty and serenity
What were you thinking? Is this how a woman should be?

I am no one to judge or be judged,
But all I know is that a woman is real,
A woman is not perfect, she can’t be
Because she is human!


a poem by Aastha

Razzle and dazzle, as the music plays slow
Loose yourself in the moment but let me know.

Yes, I have been a part of this grand show
I was there before, then came the time for me to go.

Razzle and dazzle, every day seems brand new
But never be completely unaware, feel the ground down below.

Let your feet dance to the tunes, let the movements flow
Even when you make an exit, be sure of the right thing to do.


a poem by Aastha

Sadness turns to anger
And anger mothers’ pain

Lifelessness leads to loneliness
Attempts to feel alive are so vain

There is an explosion in my head
It collides with the boundaries of my mind

This strange feeling, this chaos
Gives birth to madness, no means to unwind

I shout so loud that I numb all my senses
And I lock myself with miseries, is that a way to live?

Life looses all its glory and all its charms
When you have to search for reasons to live, it becomes a joke

This tide of insanity will wash me down and
And the open wounds the knife of realization shall poke

So wait, and wait and wait and I still wait
The rods are drawn and I am the bait

I shall wait a lifetime, for things I am not sure will come my way
A lifetime I have to wait! A lifetime is a long way from here


a poem by Aastha

Miles across the distant end
I am high up on the clouds

I look down on the land
Surprised at what I found

I found life! Hard hitting reality
I found death! That once set us all free

And for those who look up at the clouds
Who want to rise and shine like the sun

Think again,
The heat of the sun will burn your skin, if you fall too close
The haze of clouds will cover you, blind
Then in those moments of vision

You will do a I do
Seek satisfaction looking down, upon where you once belonged
Eyes are the windows to your soul

So believe in what you see
And then,
Choose you journey to be free
A trip to life, beyond eternity


a poem by Aastha

Wounded and fallen to pieces, till today you give rise to a dynamic breed
After exploding a million times, you wish to set another soul free

Do you believe in magic? What do you know of his history?
Discover the atomicity and relativity of life. Go ahead! Find a reason not to be

Why are things the way they are? For answers you plead
Introduce yourself to reason and keep pushing your thoughts ahead of time, and you’ll see

You always needed reassurances to keep you warm,
To keep you alive and produce the same electricity!

But after all those endless attempts, you are left with nothing in your hand,
Nothing but eccentricity

Like a laser, visions pass through you easily. Come clean
In the end you feel wasted and sick, what could this story mean?

No it’s not a dream; no it’s not a dream
Trashed by one and all, in endless miseries you run deep

The Hours

a poem by Aastha

I dare not to look at life as it is!
I wish not to lay myself in the hands of destiny
Those hours, those times that passed me by,
I want to cherish those days of my life

There were moments when time stood still beside me
Times when I fought all odds, just for a moment to spare
How can I forget the time when the sun sat right under my feet?
How can I forget its cold reflection on water, yes that hot summer sun!

The war between what I have and what I want, has ended long before
Nothing comes to an end, it just disappears, goes back to the very start
I remember the time when I stood on the hill, I felt so tall
The feeling of clouds caressing me and passing me by, that love I can’t deny

You cover your miseries with a veil; you cover your aching past and walk away
The ice has melted, as tears run down your eyes, it is so hard to keep a disguise
Could it get any worse? Yes it can, it always can, and it always has
In the forgotten cave of your past, lies a secret!.It cries in your dreams pleads to be set free


a poem by Aastha

A time to celebrate! A time to celebrate
Oh the time to celebrate has come again
Fill up your glasses and let happiness overflow
Savour the taste of victory once more

Wars were won and people were lost
Battles began, but we know they never end
As the clouds make way for some light
Let the fire and passions of life burn bright

People! People everywhere
Look what we started and ended here
The black and the white squares have melted down
To give way to a new feeling new found

And this is the victory I am talking about
Not over people or lands and battlegrounds
A victory over everything man ever found
Celebration! Celebration- of the power to end it all

Layers of a Mind

a poem by Aastha

Underneath the layers of the human mind;
Are the memories of a few shattered dreams

Faces on the curtains of my windows appear;
In desperation of the freedom that we once feared

Crawling on the walls of imagination
Must be the images that escaped somehow

But life still goes on from the outside
But inside a world has finally drowned

The anticipation and a strange feel
While we drift between illusion and reality

Provides the satisfaction that the soul seeks
To see people act wise and living in peace

We are bound as a whole and there are limits
To every thing that we must say or do

But still we can escape this cage, by
Going beyond the four walls if we should

Life still goes on from the outside
But inside, a new world shines,
Limitless and beyond the realms of reality
A treasurer of all times

A Capsule of life

a poem by Aastha

Uncalled for was the anger, that led me to destruction
Unannounced was my reaction, when I could not find the reason

Sliced was my state of mind, black to white; left to right
Safe was my decision, from prejudice and everyone’s evil eye

Amazing was the high, of doing the things that I do
Alarming was the damage, endless trouble that I got myself into

Baseless were my reasons, justifications and decisions to reach the end
But what remained from the ashes were my unperturbed dreams

Wondering were my eyes and my thoughts when my fruits were still raw
Wonderful is my arrogance, and perfect is my decision to fall

Unreal Awakening

a poem by Aastha

Suddenly my moment of peace
Alarmed and surprised my senses
Forced me awake

The devil! Secretly laughing
Watching us all (the children of god), as fear looms over
Carves lines on every face

Some strange ritual I suppose
Of shedding innocent blood
A salvation! A sacrifice
Unaware children! Had to run

All our moves have already been traced
Surrender! They said! Or we shall burn you alive
Save your little children

Havoc! People shouting everywhere
This is what you call a twisted fate
The revenge of destiny!

Chants and tunes from the deep dark caves
Make people go insane, as it grows stronger
They said Shut up! Just stop it!
Or it will hypnotise, our minds!

Suddenly we got wings to fly, our escape at last
But with it came a surprise, to give up the rest, and to burn
All evils, all goodness, everything or we must fall
To never fly again

Some made a deal with this boogieman
Who promised an escape, to end it all?
For others who did not trust and had to fall
Were sacrificed! In this strange ritual
So what was right and who was wrong!

We will never know I suppose
Because it was we who died
It was death we had to defy
We had to make a sacrifice
To get away, we had to lie!

And there is a price to pay
For what we do or do not do
There is a price to pay, and we sure did
Wake up! Just look around you