Poems by
Aarti Raheja

The End

a poem by Aarti Raheja

But I always knew this will happen
Yet I went along with you
My paths were always forlorn
You a stranger with your affection made me yours…

I didn’t realise time will be flying this way
It simply wrapped me in its open arms
The only one whom I could yearn to be with
Is you my love… I feel very calm

I was joyous, was contented
Unaware of the day when I would be crying
Unaware that I would miss you so
Miss you die heartedly and want you more

I feel a cureless pain
Every moment makes me cry
Though I try to hide it
Still can’t freeze those zillion drops in my eyes

Would it be fine if I stop you now
Embrace me my Love in your arms
I know that you will be gone
Still I sense your charm

I wish to get up each morning in your arms
I wish if we could see the sunset on a beach along
I wish someday my words don’t fail me
Hope that day you understand how deep is my Love for you…

Don’t go please… Come back to me
Just be there for me
Don’t let any distance come in between you and me
And let there be just YOU and ME…