Poems by Aarti Raheja

At the Beach

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Where am I? Where I am?
Here I am… Oh! Yes I am here…
This place, Oh My, is My Soul
This Sound is Oh! Oh My Peace
This Moment is Mine… Oh! So Mine

I gaze at your endless sight
My heart dives deep inside you
Tranquilized I am when your sound touches my ears
I just stay, stay lost in you, while I find myself in you
I talk to you all that I feel
While you take me inside the Memories…

This is how I feel at a Beach!

The End

a poem by Aarti Raheja

But I always knew this will happen
Yet I went along with you
My paths were always forlorn
You a stranger with your affection made me yours…

I didn’t realise time will be flying this way
It simply wrapped me in its open arms
The only one whom I could yearn to be with
Is you my love… I feel very calm

I was joyous, was contented
Unaware of the day when I would be crying
Unaware that I would miss you so
Miss you die heartedly and want you more

I feel a cureless pain
Every moment makes me cry
Though I try to hide it
Still can’t freeze those zillion drops in my eyes

Would it be fine if I stop you now
Embrace me my Love in your arms
I know that you will be gone
Still I sense your charm

I wish to get up each morning in your arms
I wish if we could see the sunset on a beach along
I wish someday my words don’t fail me
Hope that day you understand how deep is my Love for you…

Don’t go please… Come back to me
Just be there for me
Don’t let any distance come in between you and me
And let there be just YOU and ME…

Sweet Memories

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Unaltered bits of memories are fading away
As time is leaving its traces away
Past cannot be forgotten though
Rather future is being awaited though…

Long for your remembrance now
Eager to see a glimpse of yours
Lucky I would feel if I hear from you
This now feels a history though…

Feelings frozen are countless still
Have only shared moments now
And whenever wish to speak about
Unfortunately don’t feel the guts “how”…

An unwanted thought in my mind
If you are feeling the same as I am
Still somewhere we feel somethin’s missing
Yet this remains an unsolved mystery
As sharing the same has really being a history…

Lonely Nights

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Tiny little stars shimmer in this adorable night
I remember you more as time passes by
A silent whisper, a silent tear
With all my heart I wish you were here…

Wish you were here to embrace me
Wish if you were here to listen to me
Wish if I could touch your face
And feel your presence in this lonely place…

Joyous you make me
Love which I feel has no limits now
Together we laugh, Together we cry
Together we feel the pain of so little time…

Sitting by my window
I think of you
This long lonely night
Showers the power of fear…

The fear is natural
But somewhere deep in my heart, hope is enlightened again
Waiting for a new day ahead
I feel encouraged to wait…

A tear rolled down my eye…

a poem by Aarti Raheja

Last night thinking of you
A tear rolled out my eye
Though I was not able to figure out
What possibly the reason could be

My mind was wandering
Unnecessary thoughts surrounding it
But I felt helpless
For no one to share this feeling with me

All of a sudden my heart sank
Negative feelings making me emotional
A thought ran my mind
To be left alone in this so called beautiful world

Made a promise to myself
Thought to give it a name of compromise
And again with a deep ache in my heart
I began to cry

Thought where is life leading me
Or rather where am I leading my life
A chilly feel again
A simple question to ask
Will I be happy ever like I was before
Or am I capable enough now to make others happy

Missing a Friend

a poem by Aarti Raheja

This day has come into my life
When I need to depart from him
My dearest and nearest friend
I am going to miss you a lot…

A person in my life
A smile in my routine alone world
With an ache in my heart
Now I need to depart from him…

Neither had wished so
Nor had expected to do so
But now with tears frozen in my eyes
I need to depart from him…

My best friend on earth
An angel in my world
Now I wish you were mine
But have a fear to loose you my friend…

You too feel the same
But time’s running out of our hands
Tears rolling down my cheeks
Praying to get you as a companion for life…

A cheerful acceptance on my face
My days now filled with dark loneliness
But its needless to show
As now I need to depart from him…

Searching a reason to stop you forever
And to not let you go elsewhere
Know its not possible anymore
So now I need to depart from him…

All the wishes for you my dear
And may all the love and luck favour you
Just wanted to say you would always remain in my heart
Thanks a million times for everything you have done…