Aura Intrinsic Pristine

a poem by Jayati

Their new music came as a pleasant surprise!

Four serious men; Entertain. Melt music into capillaries, vein.
Have you seen integrity? Mesmerised audience, men, women, children!
An evening at the Indian embassy, Berlin – auditorium.
The mystic experience to live; Music of Akira; Mustafa; Paul; Ravi.
Fourier? Dimension so holy. Maestro, Give and take,
Double integral pretty cool. Developed natural
To conceive the sublime,
Hope and free us; from this yoke
of atrocities on soil.
The ideas of equality possible.
Everything is vibration, after all.
Readily enamoured, establishing the cause,
Truth, love among us, the greatest and most beautiful.
How did this happen? In my opinion;
Synthesis application in complex exponential notations,
“Human language: Produces pike by making the sum of cossinusoids.”
A pike shaped signal broken up into a precise discreet transformation.
Mathematical Science. Their goal, our goal, determination.
Frequency remain, calculation, aurora physical coefficients.
God sweet comforting – His words holding, the very everlasting.