April 1st, The Fool’s Day

a poem by Rahul K E

Today the day, when usually people make other fools
But this time government made the people fools
In the past, I with my friends made fun of others this day
Now Govt. with their friend WTO made “fun” of us on world fools day
For the starving fifty crores, now there are imported MNC’s luxury goods
For the illiterate forty crores, now there are internet and WAP
Whichever the party is, they forgot man needed and food and literacy before these
The Q.R’s are off, now the P.R’s (peoples rage) will be on
As estimated, 18% growth will be there with a bit change in fields
Our country will “grow” in poverty, inequality, socio-economic imbalance
Certainly population will be controlled, coz policies promote suicides
I don’t know how much my country will “gain” thru’ fools day
I believe, I will forget this day; coz “I” died today early morning.
But I love my country and still pray ‘Long Live India’.