America vs Laden

a poem by Rajdeep Gupta

11th September, a day that changed the world.
The world trade center was attacked with a mission.
Some fanatic in guise hijacked a plane…
”We’ll destroy America came the clarion of an man.
An old man, tall, gaunt figure, wearing a turban on his head
With Grey-streaked beard… peering as us enemy number one
8th october, with its allies us attacked on Taliban with all furore…
Incessant bombs were first dropped, followed by shelling
Within few days armies were deployed the Taliban was crushed
The war bore faces of innocence, cries of widow, the dried eyes of a mother
Peace returned.
This time the shackles of women were released.
But where was the man, for which the war was waged
he was no more to be seen
America wants him dead or alive, but where is he?
13th December, another attack, this on Parliament of India.
India eyes Pakistan, Bush’s calls for restrain
The world questions Bush’s double standard policy
If laden is found then should America considered its mission over?
Nobody wants war.
But if thrust upon us we’ll give them a fight.
No more can West boast of his superiority,
one man had changed the complexion.
“Jihad” was the new one in the list for America.