Adventure in Woods

a poem by Neetika Inamdar

I remember my journey in a ship
Which moved in ocean very deep

Suddenly, it struck an island
Passengers went out to see the new land

I never saw such a peace
Just I could hear snake’s hiss

The beautiful waves of blue sea
Due to wind the moving coconut tree

Such a scene when I see
Makes me very happy

Jungle was seen on other side
I felt cold as I went inside

Suddenly I heard a water falling sound
That was a large water falls I ever found

The exciting and cold running water
Which filled my whole bottle

The feelings of fresh air
And down something I could stare

My feet felt something hard
Which had designs of star

It was a big box
Just hard as a rock

Opened and found treasure
I came up with adventure

To everyone I showed the treasure way
Looking at it, nothing could anyone say

My such happy face had no one seen
It was an exciting day in the woods of green