a poem by Jayati

Clean habits we appreciate. Washing cleaning stays fit.
Clean specs clear vision. Clean window reflections.
Clean corridors of missions. Clean clothes good impression.
Clean Clinic hygiene indicates. Clean mind concentrates.

Clean breath brushed teeth. Clears throat peppermint.
Skin clear is good health. Wash self before worship.
Wear polished shoes clean feet. Protect from dirty streets.
Sweep clean residential floors. Clean habitats, cities, roads.

Clean offices, methodical. Neat, clean services provide hotels.
Clean tips earn gratitude of guests. Dust clean museum pieces.
Follow convenient clear road signs. Vehicles clearly reach destinations.
Clean debris after storms. Clear uprooted trees, poles, fallen on lanes.

Clean kidney machine dialysis. Clean mountains, land, air, and seas.
Control pest clear diseases. Monsoon showers, clean, fresh, ease.
Wash hair clean, head shampoos. Chemicals, clean head of recorders too.
Laundry is the best place to clean clothes. Wash machine clean, spare times.

Vacuum clean of carpets also does. Wash stains spot clean surfaces.
“Beautiful Launderette” film clean box office. Hit makes S. Jeffrey a clean knockout.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. However, man and his are misuses.
Who would ever imagine wash clean could be vices.

Extreme unclean devices wash dirty linen in public.
Brainwashes produce fanatics. Ethnic cleansing
Pogrom, laundering money, profits earn. Our world forests,
Oceans, reptiles, and mammals sterile clean bacteria make infertile.