Poems published in October 2017

My life completes…

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Isolated past don’t make me grief
I had not stolen your importance
I had not confined your boundary
Your horrible scenes
Knock me in the night
Your sexy reminders
Knock me all the day
Darkness just hate me
Because your smiles be the lamp
That’s you my dearest circle
You draw my curve up
Without expecting quality
Without expecting perfection
No occasion for togetherness
No reason for conditioned behaviour
But you are sensitive and caring
We kill our ego’s when splitting rises
We can fight when there is no reason
And club when we chill
And gather when we bid
This magical going is affordable
Sharable and enjoyable
Please my best pal’s
My life
Don’t take my unknown joy
Let’s be one
To make our soul’s one

The recovery

a poem by Amshudharsai K

Feels as if, she, the light House of my life
Completed my twelth, felt so depressed
Her words made me love my life
Felt my dear when is near
Your crazy wishes
To go out
To hang out
Made me feel special
You are my Sun
You are my Moon
My day begins with the feel of compassion with you
And ends with the same
The eyeliner you applied had just pulled me to have
Deepest look in to you
Please come back to make me special
My dear
I messaged you with suspicion
Please consider it as the slip test but not a life test
Oh God, just get me my feelings
That happens when you come to my life dear

Heaven, hear me out please!

a poem by Syethemba_Dizzmar Thwala

I don’t want to keep on crying
And ask myself what are doing
And why you keep on hurting me
Because I can’t fight back

And you won’t even bring them back
Because of you, they lashed out
And left me with thousands of questions
God why are doing this to me
Why do I have to go through these things

Do you feel happy when you see my sorrows?
Firstly, you took my dad from me
When he has planned my tomorrow
Now my life is in dark and now I can’t see
The future in front of me

And to you dad wherever you are
Please know that your words are still playing in my mind
That I have to build you a big house near your kraal
When I finish school and start working
But for now please know that I’m still blind

Because my life is still in the eyes of a world like a rally
But I can vow to you that I will still push
And I will do all in my power to find a way
Of fulfilling the promise I made one day

But Lord what wrong have I really done
You didn’t take dad only but even my mom
And my cousin, and now I can’t even call
Them because they are no longer with me physically
But spiritually they are still with me

Tell them that I miss them
Please deliver my kiss to them
And tell them that I miss them
Even though I’m heart broken
Because you took all my joy

And now I see that I’m talking to myself because you avoid me
I need someone to touch me
Make me not miss them this much
Heaven hear me out please
Before my heart catches flue and freeze

Like Politics

a poem by Vinay Vashisth

Amongst Campaigning of guys
Holding their promises
To serve you better
Manifesto was made

Shouting loud
In streets and bars
To gain your attention
Offers were made

Each guy, like a Politician
Promised the impossible
Wanting to take some of your years
Cartel was formed

As I walked down the lane
Not belonging to big Political houses
Like an independent Candidate
Unnoticed, unobserved

Like EVMs, touch us
They said
Once chosen
You would never be confused again
They confessed

Spending money
Making you eat at hotels
Don’t you know
You will be charged later

Candidates were many
Many were their pamphlets
Lying on the roads

Captured were smiles
Somewhat like booth capturing
Promising to change your life
Somewhat like electoral reforms

I know you will vote for your favourite
But on a holiday
When you have time for us
So we have time for you

Wearing fancy clothes
In saffron and white
All queue up
On Instagram and Facebook
Checking each day
If you chosen them
Like election results

Like politics
There will be ONE Candidate
I know
But will the elections end

After few years
When the seat gets corrupt
When you know the ulterior motives of those chosen
I, again, like an individual candidate
Will file my Nomination

True Friend

a poem by Minal Sharma

Someone whom you choose
Someone with whom you feel the connection without any string

Someone with whom you share without any compulsion
Someone who annoys you to the ultimate extent
But still you go back in the same pace as you had left

Someone who had someday been a dog or a bitch
But has also been an umbrella in heavy rains

Someone who has bare all your flings
But still stood beside like a cling

Someone with whom you go places
Which later becomes heaven

Someone with whom you chat till midnight
And next day blame each other for getting late

Someone who is your partner in crime for all the crazy stuff
Someone from whom you beg for parties and gifts but the day never comes

It’s really tough to find one true
Once found never let it fly

On the journey

a poem by Aniesh V

Life is a vehicle and time it’s wheel
Travellers we are, keep moving with zeal

Ocean of sorrow sometimes it hold
Garden of happiness also for the bold

Every dream seems to be true
Follow your heart, where it blew

With triumph you will be crowned
Spread the love, spread the light all around

As they say it’s a gift of god
With our actions, let’s make it laud

Life is a vehicle and time it’s wheel
Travellers we are, keep moving with zeal

Seeing them fly!

a poem by Minal Sharma

Sitting by the window
I got a Thought
Life of a bird
Is so much Sought.

Early in the morning
There’s sky to Enjoy,
No alarm rings
To make them Annoy.

Cherish their beauty
Throughout they Live
No fake touch-up’s
For just to Please.

Happy they are
From little they Get,
Not squabble with peers
For just a Tag.

Freely they move
Out from their Nests,
Without much worries
Of the filthy Pests.

It’s not easy to live
Life like Thy,
But given a chance
I would love to fly.

My Friend Circle

a poem by Anita Pitter

I have friends who claim to have knowledge infinite,
They are readily accessible and rarely out of sight,
Their distinguished society is so agreeable to me,
They are as eloquent as a companion could ever be!

Some reveal to me the basic secrets of nature,
Opening to me various avenues like a teacher,
Some patiently teach me to restrain my desire,
Others, with their vivacity rekindle a dying fire…

And drive away my worries for me to be self reliant,
Some teach me to be calm, while others, to be defiant,
They aren’t preachy, judgmental, egoistic or rude,
They are worldly wise, patient, humorous, never crude!

Each one offering valuable advice is my constant mate!
Shaping my thoughts imperceptibly, either early or late
I am sure to converse gladly with wise friends as these,
Insightful, intriguing, funny, captivating, if you please!

My friendship with them has been blossoming with time,
No matter how much they cost, they are worth every dime!
My ‘BOOKS’ are PERFECT friends! Friends, I truly adore!
With every ‘BOOK’ that’s fulfilling, I desire many more!


a poem by Baljit_Singh Dr

Her blessed words were special
“May you always be together?”
“It is beautiful; you sing together.”
Neighbour from India
I said, yes!
I found her, overprotective of us
Through her greater charm
She was blessing us

Night Sky

a poem by Natural Beauty

Look, look at her face,
How pretty She looks in this dress.

Sparkling, her cheeks, but obscure feet.
Smile at everyone with a bright greet.

Unlike Day, has no fragrance, no tweet.
Although She seems to all too sweet.

Light might be the source of one’s appear.
But we all may die if She disappear.

Inappropriate Me

a poem by Devika

I laugh, I am quiet
I am funny I get fright
I am moody, I am hot
I am nosy before I start

I get easy
I love ruins
I am wounded
I am bruised

I disagree, I do fight
I am jealous, I keep diet

I am bossy, I show off
I love urdu, I love to talk

I cry, I am confused
I do shout and abuse

I am so abnormal to be normal
I am you, I am me
I am the whole energy of emotions
Boiling at a hundred degree

I am mad half the time
The other half, I weave dreams
I pen down my heart
Through words I do scream
Through words I do scream.

Just Be

a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

Right here and now
I pine for me
For more of me to me
For an independent me
To be only me
Not aligning
Not maligning
Not surrounding
But a lone reaper singing in the fields
And coming back to myself
Right here and now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who am I?
Running from mirror to mirror
Held not by me
But souls known
Are they known?
There is no known sky
No known cloud,
No known air,
No known leaves,
Why should souls be known?
I wouldn’t know
Who am I?