Poems published in September 2017

Lost love

a poem by Devika

I saw a man yesterday
he was standing not very far

he turned around his face
and ignored

i was sure
he was somebody i knew

i walked on the other side
to meet the gaze of his eyes

and he bent down suddenly
and started tying laces already tied

and for then
i was sure

It was he
seven years has passed

and this is how silly he is till date
running from the past

i started walking towards him
and i could see the sweat on his face

before i could say a word
a voice invade
honey, i am sorry, i am late

he quickly stood up
and hugged his so very hunny pie
saying he missed her very sight

they were hurrying suddenly
he must be getting late

for a second
now i could see his pale face

i stood there for a little long
thinking of his sight

standing as brave as i was
the day he left me
when i told him i am carrying his child.

Paradise Express

a poem by Krishnasish Jana

I have heard of a place that’s not on maps
A place where there’s no room for lies
Where mornings and nights never make the kiss
Where every form of life is able, is wise

Where you’ll find only faces and never a mask
Where curiosity is never afraid to think and ask
Where the one true religion has always been love
Where the endless sky is always blue above
Where the birds never know the fatigue of flight
Where the nights stand dauntless in the stars’ light
Where no child is killed before even she’s born
Where no heart is broken and no skin torn
Where nobody knows the art of building a wall
Where there is always a hand when you fall
Where lilies dance with a newfound zest
Where crows and doves share the same nest
Where the river quenches the thirst of all
Where a horse runs free and is never in a stall
Where the moon’s always shy and the sun bright
Where you’ll never have to fight for what’s right
Where benevolence is, by all, considered divine
Where dreams and fears are separated by a line
Where every empty soul always gets fed
Where there’s always a smile after every tear’s shed

I have heard of this place, and of a train that runs
Through its heart; and I can hear the summons
And since it’s dark, my end drawing nigh
I would love to be there, and I would love to fly


a poem by Sukhbir Singh

A Human can’t fulfill all his Dreams
In his life, he always have some Dreams
He works hard to fulfill these wishes
And he has succeeded to fulfill his dreams
But in every success
His wishes have also increased
If a human will become
Rich person of the world
Yet, his wishes will not be fulfilled
This is the truth of human life

An unsaid apology

a poem by Jane VD

What am I to you?
An unwanted blessing or a curse?
I know if given a chance
You would like this to reverse.

I know you love me
You love me from your core
But if it had been him
You would have loved him more.

Uniqueness of an Individual

a poem by Maheshwari Vyas

Yo may find
Someone who has
Face alike me
Sings the same
Speaks familiar
Dance almost like me
Height same as mine
Even writes to the mark
More Intelligent than me
But I guess Souls
Don’t have copies, duplicates
They are pure, original
The day Will come
When You will regret
‘Cause I’m the mixture of all!

The Whistling Waves

a poem by Siddhi Malpani

What do you think when you see the beach?
‘Endless happiness that we all are bound to reach’
‘Never give up attitude’, said the other.
‘Peace and compose’ murmured someone standing farther.

‘Forgetting the past and starting fresh,
Begin once again to race,
Live every moment like the waves’, whispered the girl.
‘The battle of heart and your mind
Choosing of sides ending at the same point’

Each one of us have our own interpretation,
Guess we all are lost in haze of personal confusions.
May be that’s we all prefer the beach.
Isn’t it strange how some us hate a constant sound,
Yet we love the gushing of waves all around.
That sight when you see orange merging with blue,
Try remembering your doubt; honestly it vanishes without a clue.

The taste of salty water makes us go nuts,
Still we find joy without giving a reason ‘but’.
Little stones and pebbles gives feet small scratch,
But the happiness in collecting sea shells is much above then those small rash.
Weird how we hate mud making dirty all around,
Yet the sands in our pockets reminds us the soft sea ground.

Our slate is filled with words,
Yet when we write on sand it disappears
Irony, isn’t it? We all here to leave imprints,
But those tides wash it away in few sprints.
It’s a message maybe things won’t last,
But hey its true, what’s the point of still living in the past?

Little kids build their huge dream house,
While young adults secretly wish for romantic dates with spouse.
The grandparents sit beside and share their experience.
Just one place and each age has different expectation.
But there is one thing common which we all want to find,
Away from reality, A place just be called ‘mine’.
Even though its filled with tourist and constant buzzing sound,
You will still manage to find calmness in the whistling waves surround.

Butterfly flies away

a poem by Oriada Dajko

Butterfly as a whisper comes around
for a little child happiness is found,
he sees a colorful art of life.
She stays near the child
not afraid of being burnt
by the desire.
Is it a candle or a child?
Secondly, she will be burned.
Firstly, she will be admired.
She makes him feel the magic
and then she wants to fly away.
A child can’t wait
that hours become days
and butterfly returns again.
He will love only for today!
Once she will fly away,
the beauty in his eyes will be lost.
Soon he will learn that
beautiful creatures can’t be admired
when they stay under chains.


a poem by Skeleton Prince

You were here next to me.
Flat on the floor we lay and listened to some “Indie songs”.
The floor grew flowers and you pluck some for me.
You brought your ear close to my heart and it skipped a beat.
I, blinded your eyes with my hands and whispered in your ears
Which made you smile.
My finger burnt at the tip of the burning cigarette
And I, woke up, it was all a “Dream”.

A timeless sight

a poem by Oriada Dajko

An old house sounds proud of
disturbing neighborhood’s sight.
Punished to follow lonely fate…
to feel a strong desire for transformation,
but a house can’t move, can not speak,
a building lives in feeling isolation.

No guilty, they persuade life from childhood,
waiting for others to remember them.
Doing nothing to change,
waiting for others to decide
if their life will be
or won’t be timeless inside.

They listen to other people voice,
no way to defend them from the noise.
Not expecting to hear sadness or offense.
Probably they don’t have a luxe
to have a chance.

No bird is lame

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

Advice for those who consider themselves weak
No bird is lame for his life
No child is crippled throughout his life
Just wait for an opportune moment
And hope for the sun to rise
And throw a ray of hope in your life
When you will rise
And stand on your legs again
And you yourself will shine
And be a lighthouse
To guide those whose boats
Are going astray for a while