Poems published in July 2017


a poem by Smitha .

Life is a long journey
Life is a true story
Life is an unending mystery
Life is a handful of mud…
Journey that shortens when you walk
Story experienced when you live it
Mystery till you solve it
Mud after the last journey…
After you are no more…

The guy from The Life of Pi

a poem by Vishvas Rakheja

I feel like the guy from The Life of Pi,
Enchanted by all these kites in the sky.

Wondering which one should I try?
Which one would take me up so high?
Higher than these clouds which fill my mind.

These kites are all so colourful, so bright,
Can’t choose which one I should adopt as mine.

I’d rather hold on to all of them, managing them as I like.
Because I don’t care, I just want to fly.


a poem by Vishvas Rakheja

It’s just God riding in his shiny superfast car.

Where is he riding to? I wonder,
Does his dipper cause lightning, and his honk thunder?

With roads so huge, and paths so slick,
There is perhaps no chance of an accident, or traffic.

Whether on his way to work, or just for an evening ride,
The landscape is ever so surreal, the colours so bright.

Their races leave behind a great nitrous trail,
As we in awe, make a wish, screaming, “Look! A comet and its tail”

Their parking places, marked by careful coordination,
Create a wonderful illusion,
To the delight of us hominids, joining the dots to make an astronomical constellation.

Once I’m finished seeing all there is to see
In our world,
I plan to visit the cosmic, on an exploring spree.

I’ll probably rent a star,
Which is God’s own shiny superfast car.

And zoom all around the universe, traversing the highways of the sky.
Fuelled by wanderlust, seeking worlds far and wide.

Best Friend

a poem by Pankaj Mishra

At every stage of life,
Hundreds of unwelcome faces arrive.
Some build their space in mind
And others just become a part of the blur life!!

I know its very difficult to find
A kind hearted person whom we can trust as a blind
I never thought when we met “first time”
That we will stay as “best friend” forever and a partner in all the crimes!

We shared all our happiness
And solved all problems with ease
We seem weak but only as an individual
Our bond make us brave, strong and smart in actual

If ever there is Tomorrow
When we are not together
Then there is something we must remember…
That will be just an illusion coz we are BEST FRIEND FOREVER

RAINFALL, a pleasant view

a poem by Deepshikha Keot

The shower that strikes the earth
With full of enthusiasm,
Enlightens the fellow countrymen
To nurture their dreams.

Wow! mesmerizing rainfall,
a loud voice from far;
Oh God! so horrible,
would shout, one at near.

The tiny drops boost up all
The little brains set for work,
Poets compose short poems
Singers perform on those for all.

“Raining cats and dogs”,(oops),
the phrase is apt. for spring;
the small little shower of winter
so wonderful to peep.

Enjoying rain might be a hobby
But some are very irked by it,
Countrymen are much more cheered up
Than those of the metropolis.

Dark secrets

a poem by Aliza Fatima Naqvi

There is so much to tell
I can’t describe it all
Bit at least I can make clear
The worst of all
I have been through a lot
My heart says end it all
But my soul says there’s always another dawn
Again, I am standing here alone
Thinking about then and now
Maybe I should let it go
Or maybe I should run
I am tired of it all
I am tired of every feeling
I don’t want to feel anymore
Want to lay down silent forever
See through the two worlds
My voice is unheard
My heart bleeds on this scene
I am hushed by the hypocrites
I don’t have to say more
Or maybe I can’t describe

When a Soldier falls in love

a poem by Spandan Dash

In an evening, in the middle of Arabian Sea,
A soldier saw a girl in white Kurti with blue jeans,
He fell in love at first sight,
Both had one destination, to Mumbai,
Everybody were excited to see the dark blue sea,
But soldier was excited to see the bee,
The ship was so big,
With lots of compartment inside it,
And that girl was always confused with her cabin,
So she asked the soldier to guide her to find,
Soldier was an ex-navy captain with lots of experience,
He helped her and she said thank you ‘O’ Mister,
Her few words touches the soldiers heart,
Soldier became excited and proposed to her immediately,
Girl was confused but finally agreed,
Happily both enjoyed their voyage,
But there was a twist in their love story,
Unfortunately the ship hit a sea mountain,
And the ship wrecked in a few seconds,
There were few life boats with hardly any life jackets,
But that well prepared ex-captain who saved a lot of lives,
By sacrificing own life,
The girl was frustrated,
But didn’t kill herself,
Rather she became a navy soldier,
In Indian cost-guard,
And this story gave a message to the nation,
That a soldier always falls in love with his duty rather than love with a beauty.