Poems published in May 2017

Thinking of you

a poem by Anushka .

Standing there I was thinking of ease.
Thinking of the moment when you came like a breeze.
It wasn’t easy to make you apart,
Its just all about the time that starts.
Even if the world go blue,
To forget you, that can’t be true.
Its just about the time that passes away,
And for us it behaves like a wave.

Baby Steps

a poem by Abhinav Singh Rawat

My legs still resist the flow of the time
Along with the continuous expansion of the universe
The distance between us keeps increasing as I write,
Even if all we manage is to hold on to our places.

You are too far to simply reach out and grab
And the silence though is merciless in handing out the verdict
Good for nothing optimism is willing to surrender the driving wheel
The debate now who’ll drive is between realities;
actual and perceived

My hands, they now blabber
thousand things in thousand places.
Many a time just random fancy show-off pieces.
Mostly, the aftermath of sleepless nights till 3 A.M.,
it’s manifestations.

Your self-proclaimed consciously awkward smile;
played, paused, put on repeat.
The anchored bonds placed on your wrist,
If only my footings could have been so deep.

I wish to see the starry sky, with the naked eye, on a brazen land
Or maybe a jumpy cute black dog, resting along the beach shoreline
If nothing else, then pay a visit to the other world in the books you read
Our galaxies may now be light-years away,
as long as I could feel you around me.

I take the baby steps against the flow of time, the rapid expansion
It makes no sense in the real world, I know.
I’ll be a dying star, bright white light, fading with the distance.

I am invisible now, I get that, I had it coming, I won’t complain.
But if you ever cast a look towards this end
of the universe, I’ll try to make sure
You catch the glimpse of the baby steps, towards you.
In the sands of the time, across space.

Never had good as old

a poem by Thangameenakshi R

What a time, what a way of life,
Still bouncing back are my memories in the wake of stride,
Knowing not what to do, I hover over my thoughts
To find the days when there was no seek and hide!

Why should I grow, is what I have not understood,
For I always thought I got what I could,

No, nobody has ever been so merciful and blessed,
The days I spent in my old house with which I am always obsessed.

Could you ‘guys’ take back this life in exchange for the cold breeze I felt in my past,
I would give much more than I thought for this if you said me the cost.

Oh!common, not again a poem on the nostalgic dreams, said everyone,
Even though they all were wanting to live again and again but did not agree to one.

The fresh greenery I imagine and feel all the time or may be when I am immersed,
Could anyone take out this thought from my mind with some new technology I asked!

Nobody came forward, for they understood what I felt,
Cause, it was the same feeling and thoughts that made them quite interested!

It’s easy to judge

a poem by Nagraj D

How easily we judge people
By their clothes, face and colour
Who cares if someone said
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Their facebook profile is
The profile of their character
Status and chatting on WhatsApp
Decide friend or stalker

Their photos on Instagram
Decide the ‘how cool’ factor
And the test for general knowledge
Is by their tweets on twitter

Thus the boy with the motorcycle
Becomes the rich spoiled brat
And the girl with a taste for fashion
Becomes the cheap little slut

Even a brother sister duo
Becomes a shameless couple
And a boy and a girl meeting
Is an invitation to trouble

How easily we judge people
Based on anything for that matter
That we forget that this could
Lead to the next rape or murder

Even judging can get tiring at times
Stereotypes make it easier
A Punjabi is an alcoholic
And a Bengali’s a smoker

One who doesn’t party
Is a geek and introvert
One who visits temples
Is essentially backward

An unfortunate disabled person
Is a sitting duck for mockery
And people with northeastern features
Don’t even belong to this country

So stop judging for a change
Try knowing them for who they are
Believe me you won’t regret it
But share your story with all


a poem by Kirankumar Mishra

Promised to carry you
In her womb
Promised to protect you
In her arms
Promised to love you
In her heart
She buried her happiness
Under your smile
Her ambitions were a sacrifice
Under your success
Patting your head to sleep
And cooking your favourite meal
She is the unsung hero of your life
Through heartbreaks and contentments
She cried and smiled with you
Through collapse and triumph
She stood by your side
Irreplaceable and priceless
Who stood guard to your fortress
She is your Mother

The Only Hero

a poem by Nirmol Midha

Is it necessary for a hero to fight in a war?
or the one who sails in off shores?

Let me give you a hint,
which will make you think.

I don’t call him my soldier or sir,
Captivated to know, it is my Dad.

He is the healer of my heart,
Let anyone break my little one.

I fall, he picks me up,
I feel lonely, he fills my vacuum,
I am lost, he guides me.

You have been more than a Dad to me,
there are no words left for me to say,
since, there are no words in comparison to what you have bequeathed me.

You have been a wonder to me,
I love you Dad is what really means to me,
cause, Dad you have been the only hero to me.


a poem by Abhinaya Raju

On your fabric,
The lines bleed asymmetric.
For every word left unsaid,
Flows from within a portion of your red.
The scars may heal,
But the pain forever you’ll feel.
With a needle that thin,
Go ahead Darling…
Ruin your skin.


a poem by Ayesha Tanveer

even promises
aren’t Forever,
forget people!
But is love
a mere facility
or a necessity?


a poem by Jayant Kashyap

Oh! Dreams, they kill me,
I feel like dried, and pressed thereafter,
To be stacked in some corner, or
To be thrown in some shattered pile;
I feel like being an object-
And these inanimate creations,
Of my mind, holding my reins.

Feeling the feelings!

a poem by Abhay Kumar

You can weep on your pain,
but you can’t laugh on other’s pain.
You can cry on lost net connection,
but you can’t mock who lost vision.
You can complain huge pain in your father’s knees,
but to whom he will complain who has
neither father nor knees?
You can be frustrated by lost promotion,
But who will listen to whom who lost job?
You can feel sick that you have only daughters
not son,
what about whom who have no child?
You get angry that your child not eating meal
despite so much options,
how will they bear who have no meal and no option.
We may get penniless in the last days of month,
but will you stop scorning them
who are penniless whole month.
This is enough,
Long will be boating,
As I am not also Innocent.

Walking with eyes closed!

a poem by Prakriti Shankar Shetty

A rustle of leaves here,
A swish of twigs there,
An ominous rumble of thunder,
Making me wonder if it was a blunder,
Walking with eyes closed,
For before my eyes the blackness posed…

The slither of a snake,
Which had me shake,
The roar of a lion, the grunt of a bear,
As if to scare…
Making me wonder if it was a blunder,
Walking with eyes closed,
For before my eyes the blackness posed…

Suddenly, blinding light flashed,
As a falling bough crashed,
As I opened my Inner eye,
To what I had thought was a lie,
For the darkest of minds had a golden ray of hope;
For walking with eyes closed,
Was no bar to the light enclosed!

Just a little boy…

a poem by Krishnakumar Pradhan

When I was only a little boy,
I asked my father, who was to me like God,
To bring me a toy,
And this is what he said to me, “O boy,
Man himself, in th hands of God,
Is just a toy”

And although it was not proper to retort,
This is what I said,”O Dad,
What I need is just a toy,
Keep your philosophy away,
Because I am just a little boy.