Poems published in April 2017

Karma… what goes around…

a poem by Ketan Sonalkar

What goes around comes around
Be it relations or any other interaction
Sometimes it is very profound
And many a times a different reaction

Karma may be a given name as such
But what matters is your dedication
You may give someone so much
Still leading only to commotion

A good deed may be done this week
But the rewards may take years to reap
The positive vibrations always leak
Returning the rewards in a huge heap

What goes around will come around
But you never know from where
Either the sky or the ground
In your destiny it will always be there

What you do today will be repaid later
Whether it was a positive or negative
You may not be in a position to ponder
All depending on what you take or give

So what goes around comes around
The basis of human behaviour
Be ready to face the sight and sound.!!
In any of life’s endeavour..!!

Maxim of Her Life

a poem by Pratishtha Khatkar

She wanted to relieve the despondency
To Disrobe her Soul 
So, she can Dance
In Leeway…

Cool Breeze and her Passion 
Complements each other 
As Dawn frolics 
With Dusk…

Just like a flower of chivalry 
She Dances,
She Bloom 
And She Blossoms…

Her Glinting Gallant Eyes 
Her Tenacious Throbbing Heart 
Dance Fearlessly
To respond the diatribe 
Which bereaved her 
To shindig…
Yes, to shindig 

For now as the maxim of her life…
She dances
For an abandoned glory
O! What a lovely story

The Change

a poem by Avanish Ingle

When someone questions why did you change
What made the attitude and nature to rain
For I get confused in the concept of query
How did I reveal what made me so fiery

Incidents and accidents whatever you call
Disturbing the mind which is now default
The trust being broken, the affect on neurons
Am not a fool who will carry on

Hesitatingly the instinct took a different turn
Was very difficult, the ecstasy getting burnt
The undefined time, the weird syndromes
Reversing the time like a palindrome.


a poem by Zainab

Tik tok it moves and 12:00 AM it shows,
Midnight it was, and I was awake of course.
The curtains on the window, filters the moonlight,
Which falls on my bed, hugging me tight.
I was lying on my bed, dreaming a dream,
Okay! My life is alright as it seems.
Days pass on, so does the years,
And the vision of my life was clear.
I had a dream, a dream that came true,
To achieve something that I desperately wanted to.
I was lying on my bed, looking out at stars,
They twinkle all night as if they heal my scars.
Yes, the days passed on, so does the years,
Now, it’s a smile that I wear.
Life was never what I wanted it to be,
But today, I am glad to say that,
Yes! Finally I AM FREE.

Rain drops

a poem by Sivaprasad .

Up from the gloomy sky
Down to the waiting earth

Some times it is like tear drops
Of loving mother
Falling on the head of infant

Sometimes it is tear drops
Of the lover
To the cheek of beloved
Filled with rhythm of heartbeats

Sometimes it is cool
sometimes it is too hot

Many times it was like
crying little boy
Who lost his kite in wind

Many times it was a tune
From the lip of clouds
meditating green earth

Rain drops
Come to awake the seeds
Come to awake the spring back
Come to pat the Sparrow
Come to the lines of a poem
To make the garden of thoughts

Hope till success

a poem by Atharv Rawat

I say I will try
Everytime when I lie

I loose hope and I cry
Whenever I just really try

I get up and begin to fly
But never went so high

That the hope which was mine
Tried a lot, and I started to fly

The Internet Saga

a poem by Prachi Bohra

It’s sad how life is limited to screens
Struggling to create an identity at an elusive platform
We chat with walls, post on screens, use our fingers more than our heads
Becoming obsessed with ourselves,
We forget the world we are living in,
Trying to find an escape in the deep web of virtual world
Imagine how would it be if suddenly one day the internet vanishes
We’ll again write letters, meet people, CONNECT in the real sense,
Have that human touch!
Bring back that long lost sense of belonging
Of love and accepting our imperfections
Imagine how would it be if one day the internet vanishes,
We’ll begin to FEEL again!


a poem by Bipul Banerjee

In pursuit of eternal happiness
The heart wanders across
Silvery glares of seamless deserts
Every mile traveled
Add miles of miraged disillusions
Scorching sun displays its wrath
Blistering drops of sweat
Created and dried again
Leaving cracked odors of
Clinging destitution
A whirlwind,
A sandstorm
Threatens to offload
The uncanny efforts
Solitude sought in desperate resorts
Where the sand, the storm, the whirlwind
All seek rest
Allowing the journey to destination

But somehow I can’t

a poem by Rishbah Mishra

Holding your hands, sitting on riverside,
Seeing your eyes, like an alone shining star,
Looking at you like never seen before,
Just wanna say that I am all yours!!
But somehow I can’t…

Your wet lips and your lovelighting eyes,
I wanna hug you and say you that you are all mine,
But somehow I can’t…

Wanna kiss you with my warm wet mouth,
And say you with a fervor born of the South
That your body and soul are all mine
But somehow I can’t…

Wanna lock my eyes with you
And press your​ lips
Wanna dance with you in the rain.
Wanna marry you, so that you’re all mine.
But somehow I can’t…

Not my cup of tea

a poem by Nayana Saji

Are not my cup of tea
Everyone thinks for riches it is the key
Heavy heart, heavy mind
Everyone sees, yet blind
No escape, no way,
For what society thinks makes my everyday
Suffocation, reputation, pressure
My heart hurts out of measure,
Hate myself, hate them
Internally I am turning numb
Help, understand, care
Save me from this nightmare

Make believe

a poem by Pooja Sharma

We knew not who we were
Our parents told us who we are
Never did we ask where we are headed
But ran with friends so far
If blindness was a virtue, marriage would take the cake
As every bride bids a tearful adieu when she crosses her fathers gate
A child can smile, wash away your blues
The clock doesn’t turn back time but memories stay
We live in a world of make believe
So till you live make hay


a poem by Shrayona Guha

And slowly, everything felt numb.
Tears turned to needles,
scraping through the skin
but the pain felt like just a mere touch of mist.
Soft, gentle.
Blood gushing out of her body,
taking her soul along.
But it was the most peaceful she ever felt.
She could hear foot steps of the end nearing
but she surrendered without a fight this time
as the pain started fading,
giving feeling of that bliss and calmness
that she longed for,
that she thirsted
and every inch of her soul craved.
Call her a warrior changing into a masochist,
bowing down for the first and last time before her most brutal enemy.
She didn’t give up without a fight.
She fought against all forces that joined hands to compel her into giving up.
But the pain within exceeded
so that it scarred every corner of her internal body
that she finally realized that her foe was indeed a friend,
offering her an escape from her intolerable misery.
It was just an illusion
but it succeeded in killing a fighter
and she gave up herself to him.

We are forever

a poem by Sayantan Dasgupta

The fluorescent Sun burns, the sky remains silent.
The last shepherd left, meadows sing of atonement.
The tender wind blows, miles between us cry.
The omnipresence of love brings us into life.
Beyond the stars, we will meet.
Beneath the Sun, we will meet.
If the night comes,
At every dawn, we will meet.

In Memory of a Father

a poem by Anu Pillai

It is again that time of the year,
When a question popped in my mind,
When I knew what was passing in my mind,
When my desires and wishes were to be fulfilled,
The cruel notch of the time by GOD happened,
My bleeding tears came down my face,
Not knowing What to do next???,
I stood out there with a little courage in my heart,
And got the strength to become stronger in life,
As my father taught me to live this Man’s World,
And to take up his legacy forward,
And to live on forever in this world happily ever after
The way he wanted me to live.