Poems published in March 2017

Valentine Experience

a poem by Vijai Pant

It’s again that time of the year
When words bandied are
‘Love’, ‘Romance’ and ‘My Dear’
And question popped is,
‘Will you be my Valentine’?

No, no nothing wrong in it
That’s fine
But to find ‘genuine’ love
And not to be scoffed
Take advice from me
I assure you, no consultation fee
Both of you may think
‘We are made for each other’
But just look around brother
Are you the only one?

See the fun
Everyone’s under the same impression
So, in case of incompatibility
Rid yourself quickly
Give her up for good
And don’t say, ‘If only I could’
If you follow this
You’ll be in ‘permanent’ bliss
Keeping yourself out of harm’s way

For example, let’s say
The snorting father
And the charging mother
If you be both judicious and bold
You are sure to hold
Your own
Her skin
As well as your bone
See your partner oozes love
Addresses you as
‘My Dove’
Remains with you
Through thick and thin
Beyond the Valentine din

And before I close
Do you have any further questions to pose?
I know what’s passing in your mind
You want to find
Whether it’s my ‘Valentine Experience’ which speaks
If it is this
Which you seek
Well, only the wearer knows
Where the shoe pinches
So the matter, that clinches
If for someone’s love
You too pine
You may also come up
With such expressive lines


a poem by Deepak Banjare

Dreaming of light like, illustrating yours crystal eyes;
Like never I have done, under the bed-sheets of curtain side;
Hiding my self, when I hear your sound at my doom side;
Coming too my home I’m sleeping on that time;
Wake me up from dreams, where we travel all the sides;

Morning at the road walking along besides;
End at the mall party with you late night;
A chain bangle on right, bluish watch at left side;
Holding your hand sometimes like “always said, be my side”;
I remember only this, seen only at your eyes;
At the mid of day I have only yours crazy smiles;

Sparkling my night, car ones-headlight doesn’t work that time;
Some selfies, coming at the driving side;
So so so so… closer;
I can’t focus at your lips white strips;
I wanna kisss, like I have a pervert side;

Wake me up;
Same day, Same time;
Lets do it all again;
Like it always start with yours crazy smile…


a poem by Shalini Singh

Love has a meaning that needs to be found
Search in your heart its deep and profound

Love seems to have answers to all our doubts
Whenever we are in despair and tend to shout

Love rekindles the hope when dark clouds hover
Frees our heart of all sorrows and lets it rover

Love is the soft warm breeze that kisses our face
Heart so pure and full of love always eager to embrace

Love is the cracker that splitters and sparkles in the dark
Leaves no corner abandoned at a distance we see the sparks

Love flows like the trail of the river at times placid, at times torrent
Obstacles and hindrances cease to stop its current

Love is a tree that nurtures all hopes and dreams
In the shade of this tree compassionate souls day dream

Love forms a rainbow over sea that enthrals us with its bright hues
Love is the boat that helps us sail through all the blues

Love is like an oasis in the dry, lonely, barren deserts
Solace in the state of melancholy is what love asserts

Love becomes a hope amidst all gloom and dissonance
Hopes tend to bloom and deep in our heart we hear the resonance

Just for You!

a poem by Akshaya .

With full of trouble and pain I got freaked
It was all a girl, should have never seemed
Everytime overcoming life’s reality
It always pulled me back to taste its cruelty
Everytime I fell for You, so sweet…
You always gave me the broken heart
But still I said to myself “You be my Sweetheart”
Down, back to reality… Hurt… Hurt… Hurt…
Seeking and wading through the darkest nights being insomniac
You always made me feel like a Love-Maniac…
Again and again my Heart beats
It just craved for your Love, warmth and Heat
I know I’m heartless…
But will never LOVE you less
I love you… Jus for you!

Summer Season

a poem by Khushi

Summer is a hot season,
Sun shines bright for no reason.
People try to rest at beach,
and before time they will reach.

The days are long and nights are short,
it is hot that people visit abroad.
In this season people are lazy,
which kind of makes me crazy.

I love to make grills,
but there are many bills.
I don’t like to study,
because I have fun with my buddy.

People buy water guns,
and play while chewing bubblegums.
It’s cool having water fights,
because it makes you feel light.

Love swimming in the pool,
of water which is cool.
People try to act cool,
but I think they are fool.

Thank you KCR Sir…

a poem by Jayant T J

After the Bill for Telangana State was passed
In the Lok Sabha, on 18th of February 2014
When the Bill was passed
In the Rajya Sabha, on 20th of February 2014
We have heard a voice in the background
With a sigh of great relief
“Oh, thank you Sir”

Yes, that thank you is for KCR
Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao
Heaven sent man to get Telangana state
You are more than a conquerer
You made the impossible become possible
Our desire for Telangana has come true
One man became the reason
For the change of destiny
Of people of the region
That gave us back our identity
That got us dignity
And released us
From the thorns of discrimination
From the sadness of degradation
And from the pain of exploitation

In 2001, you sowed the seed for Telangana
You lead from the front
And the people of Telangana followed you
Like loyal soldiers
In the war against oppression
You gave us the courage to fight
And we got the strength, to become stronger
You made us unite as one region
So much is your love for Telangana
That you were ready to sacrifice your life
As showed by hundreds of youngsters
Who gave their lives, happily
That Telangana State means more than life

As the people of Telangana
We feel we are fortunate
To be living in these times of history
When you are living
And feel overwhelmed
Seeing your achievements for Telangana

For the people of Telangana
You are an icon
Or shall we say
You are a living legend
Your legacy will live on, forever.

The most dangerous people!

a poem by Pranayee Gupta

They look normal, they may seem silent,
But their hands are never at rest.
They all the time look pleasant, but thoughts from them are abundant!
Never take a writer for granted,
They are snipers, armed with thoughts and words,
Writers are the most dangerous vipers in this world,
The most intelligent actors, free birds,
Who can use sentences as swords!
They know how to aim with lines,
Plan with prose and target with rhyme
They teach the world, how to fire with paragraph
And use poetry like a gaff!
They know how to wipe tears,
And also take revenge through their verses.
Writers know how to immortalise their kills by poems
And even convey their love by poetry as medium.
They know how to suppress, they know how to express,
They know how to impress, they know how to protest.
With words they confess, they caress,
Hide their fears and tears, with letters and feelings in excess!
If you fall in love with a writer,
You’ll never die at all,
Create enmity with a writer,
Then you create your own prestige to fall!

The Tale of a Twisted Mind

a poem by Neha Verma

As weird as the human mind is
Weirder are the ways it dismantles and recreate,
Longs for love, acceptance, care
And feels trapped when it is there.

For worldly affairs tire it
And realistic problems solved in an imaginative land,
Hurt, betrayal, isolation and despair are now its familiar terrain.

A house inside house exists
Which meets his ideal needs,
Rushes to find solace in there
And disapproves of any actual heeds.

Attached to conscience and detached with world
Holding to a materialistic cord,
The marble exterior, masking the interior battle with its own discord.

The kid was forced to become a man too soon
Or, was there a deficiency of someone to swoon.
Assumptions and presumptions,
All that is left is a gaping wound.
The cut is deep and nobody else but only you could heal,
Let no negativity seep,
In the end you are on life’s driving wheel.
Open up your raw hurt feelings
Not everyone you meet, would lead them to erosion
Reach out to hold a helping hand
Don’t get caged in mind’s dangerous liaisons.

Throbbing Heart, Eager Ears

a poem by Suhas Chavan

I will love to sit
In that dim lit corner
Bending forth, the rain as symphony,
To feel the strain of the fading
To heed that sax – a Shadow among Shadows
An empty hall;
That will remind me of You,
Of our times spent; Of Moments lived,
Each an encapsulated world; a wonderful story,
Moments, yes, Moments,
Just those that you wouldn’t scatter,
And yet, those that you did,
But I could never gather!
Now I ask myself
When, when must this end?
The sound, this crowd,
This stupid preening
The convincing of self,
Grey hair, dry lips,
The pout of a potbelly
Now when will this all end
When I remember you,
Our days of yore?

The Resurrection

a poem by Binu Vikraman

Far away, forlorn in the busy grey,
Twined myself to the singing soul,
Bestowed I am, a gift with from far above,
Never seen, never said; it happened so…
A companion adored, but never spoken,
Treasures the imagery of my sunny days.
Such a wonderment I had never been through,
Whose magic touch strikes the fiddle…
And my heart sings, resurrected I am,
Casting away the shades of gloom,
Unearthed me from witches of dark,
Exalted I am, at the very summit,
Hope not to stoop down ever…
Let myself be always there!!!

You and I

a poem by Anindya Ganguly

Balloons, toys and butterflies
Floated around our ferry of life

We were kids when we met
You were seven I was ten

Silly like always, I would cruise
Daily to your home, up in blues

We sapped a tree with love and care
The tree grew old as time got older

From kid-ling’s bliss to teens we grew
Held our hands as adolescence brew

The confused me sought your vow
And we married under the altar’s glow

The tree of life slowly aged
As we ripened our fondling dates

Trading with death, you left too soon
Musical of life was swoon to croon.

With the demise, I had nothing to thrive
Our memories faded and soon they dried.

I became senile and my condition bred
In age’s golden box called Alzheimer’s pledge

The tree soon withered all its golden leaves
As I slept in Peace smelling strawberries.


a poem by Sanal Kumar

At times, my memory foot
Just slip down into deep pool of nostalgia.
I become drenched and chilled in it
By sweet and sad moments of my life past
And present
Remebering of the people I love, still loving
Remembering of the place I visited, still visiting
Of every object I liked, still liking
But then appears before me suddenly
The hard rock of reality.


a poem by Sanal Kumar

Oh! My gracious lady,
You are the sweetest flower
In the grove of my heart.

Tell me with what magical power you attract me?
Is it with your comeliness, or
Some other power.
You fill all my life with full of fragrance,
Without you can I think of another life.

To praise your features
Those starry eyes of you I would always looking at,
Those rosy lips of yours
I would always be kissing.
Beside your sweet voice
Like a sweet music
Fill my heart with full of ecstasy
My life is futile
Without you.

I wait for you
Like that parched earth
Waiting for the touch of first rain drops,
I wait for you like that black night wait the arrival of full moon
I wait for you
Come soon
Because, my life is Sunless with you.


a poem by Sanal Kumar

You had been just an ordinary flower
In an ordinary garden like ours
You growing there
Yet graceful more
Until you being plucked by that soft myterious wind
To be replanted in that glitzy garden of ours above
You glowing there
Yet shining more


a poem by Sanal Kumar

A union I never realised
Meeting I never forsaw
The place I never went
A dream I never dreamt