Poems published in February 2017

Sky and Cloud

a poem by Senthilvelan M

Sky you have no boundary
Oh sky you have a beautiful Blue color
You are giving living place to Sun and Moon
White clouds are giving security to you
Blinking stars are your smile
Pouring rain is your tears
Your colour is reflecting in the sea
Beautiful birds are flying underneath
Greenish trees are growing by aiming to touch you
Bluish mountains are watching you continuously
Oh sky you have full freedom

The Paper Within

a poem by Sharmishtha .

I carry a Paper within.
Written over and over; it speaks,
It echoes words; I dread.
Erased over and over; it withers.
The mutilated Paper carries wounds,
And every Light pierces through the wounds.

How much this Paper shall carry?
My Shame, the failings, the valour and my turbulences.
I once rooted it out.
And buried in the Cold Snow; it simmered.
To find myself; I dug it out;
The withered words remained, yet.

Smug smile

a poem by Deepak Banjare

First day of collage, its raining at canteen side,
I am under tree when first time seen you free,
I love that thing you made your self even you know, what you need,
Looking silly, confused as all be;

Touching the side of your nose with a forefinger free,
then seeing on my eyes makes me hide,
but I am frozen like a shell at sea side;

And scenary changes orange juice too violent blue sky,
I don’t even ask your name because of shy,
different route, different side now its class time…

Its like they are drop of someone eyes,
Again the drop of rain on my eyes seeing you coming
next my desk with a rainbow at the sky;

I got a blank, at last a smile, you gone, kill me on your eyes,
I haven’t told you my name, only a Sumg smile…

Just an Hour

a poem by Jayant Kashyap

I rose, and heard the clock on the spire
Strew the minutes on the morning town;
One, two, three, for men to admire
And for the women, it sent them down.

Slothful and tired,
I watched the ticking-tower;
Pleaded and requested,
To make it wait for an hour.

Race of Life

a poem by Dushyanth .

Face bruised, half covered in sand, legs hurting, breathing heavy, on the verge of giving up…
“Don’t you give up you quitter or you’ll not succeed” A voice past the finish line yelled.

Picks up again, sees people starting much later and going past him with ease…
wondered what is wrong with him.

“This happens with everybody in the beginning.
You’re not a total idiot you’re just a little duller, a late bloomer”

He started running again despite all the suffering,
ran a few steps tripped over,
fell flat with face hitting the rugged road,
started running again, tripped after few steps,
pushed himself to get up and started again,
fell down,
It’s as if his feet are tied together and
can’t stretch much further and tripping him everytime he tries to run.

“Stop giving reasons to justify your incompetence”
Despised at the word, picked up all his courage started again,
fell down, feet feeling the pain of a sheet being ripped apart.

“Stop making up stuff.
I know you’re faking it…
Keep running that’s the only way to succeed” said the voice with a sense of certainty.

This time it was not just his body but also his morale started to bruise every time he fell,
after few more rises and falls he’s all in
but resisted to give up despised at the thought of being called called a quitter.
He tried again and again, and again only to torture himself even more.
As his iron clad will perished and last morsel of self esteem succumbed to the agony,
finally gave up and bowed down head for the first time
to discover that he has not limbs but fins.

Be Alive

a poem by Priyanka Singhania

Yes Gujarat, here we are,
To add to the bling of the Western Star!
And to breathe a bit of the Western flower!

To be mesmerized with its hues and color!
To feel the Whiff of Gandhian valor.

To dance and merry in your Ghagra Choli
To relish your world Famous Fafra Jalebi!

To touch and feel NAMO’s Apno state,
A destination that changes business fate.

To see the Camels marching in the white Sands,
To witness the gorgeous Desert lands.

To dwell in the moonlight, and lazy in the tent,
Where peace and Jazz can together be felt.

To Dream about nothing with open eyes…
To re-visit my Life and answer all the Why’s!

To Bond with myself and Friends alike
To Create memories, and once again BE ALIVE!

It was always you

a poem by Anuja Pandey

It’s you who has taken a decision
which I was never a part of

It’s you who thought I am not worth of
what I desire for

I remember the day when you said
you wanted out

I remember me juggling for answers
which I had no questions for

I wonder if it was time or if it was fair on me
or was it only you

I wonder how you left with
no looking back too

For a minute I wondered if it was a dream,
I kept pinching myself with no self esteem

How could I ever let you incharge of my life,
when I knew people always leave me behind

The Promise

a poem by Shiny Kar

As the moon shone on to its full delight,
She held on to him, hands clasped tight…
They walked on and on as time flew by,
Tears streaming, he wished she didn’t die,
Fighting her emotions, she wiped his eyes…
“I’ll be there, twinkling up in the skies…”
Braving a smile, she assured her love,
Heart aching yet she pretended tough!

“Baby, promise me you’ll find a new love…”
“You are leaving me alone, isn’t the pain enough?!”
Life was small yet she felt truly blessed…
For a guy, who loved her to pieces and shreds,
If given a choice, besides him, she would forever lie.
But more then often life hardly does comply!
One day, when she finally lay on her deathbed,
She brought up the request, his hand on her head…
“Baby, swear upon me, you’ll find a new love…”
“Its OK sweets, your memories are enough…”
“Wouldn’t you fulfill my last dying wish?”

Her words did make his tears unleash…
Days later, when her body, besides him, lay…
His heart broke a million pieces, that day!
Years later, as he caressed ‘her’ hair…
Remembering the promise, he was made to swear,
He kept his promise as she had said,
Sitting besides his ‘girl’, he kissed her head…
“Which is mom?” she asked munching a pie…
“The brightest star, twinkling up in the sky!!”

Life is often a hard choice…
Love appears fake…
But among a dozen cheaters there’s that one guy
Who’ll make you believe that true love exists…
Just like this guy who adopted a child and
Decided to share his love with her… his daughter!


a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

Holding rusted memories
In my palm, I look into
The mirror of my poems
The mirror smiles away my lament

A second look
Into the mirror and
I smile away the mirror’s lament,
Of time racing past
Leaving only a barren trail behind

I, my poem and a new emerging I
Now grief, solace and strength
Resume our search
For a slice of happiness
Only to dissolve
In the flow of life
Alongside barren lands

A thousand moons hence
We continue to remain
The progeny of time

Do they know that we love them?

a poem by Arunava Borah

Why is it that the people we love the most,
never really know that we love them the most?
There’s not even a bit of flattery or exaggeration that I’m saying this. Period.
You’re not the sum of all the moments that we have lived or
the number of stretch marks on my skin.

You’re much more than it.
You’re a lot of things.
You’re kinda like the map to my home
which I so desperate want to get to after a tiresome day full of work
just because I know I’ll be all secure and safe.
I’ll have a good rest and I’ll be all cheerful and happy being inside it.
You’re probably, undoubtedly much more precious than my faded denims.
Because, that’s the only piece of clothe I’m most comfortable with.

You’re my confidante, my disparity,
Someone more than just a friend but not an enemy.
My poem, my song,
My favorite cup of cold coffee, all bitter and warm.
Not the number of unread messages, not the silly write-ups that has been ignored.
That favorite human with the most seductive smell,
And that suffocating panda hug, which is the most loveliest of all.
The screenshots that I usually read twice a day,
and those numerous photos that makes my phone’s screen slobbed with truckloads of kisses.
You’re a favorite thought and a comforting place like home.

Boundlessly fascinating.
Unconventional yet, charming.
There’s some kind of joy in leaving or maybe, in the thought of leaving.
What urges people to leave so much?
Maybe because, we get tired of loving the same person for too long, and too much.
Or is it because, the heart is unable to take the ignorance we seek to keep at bay?
Ignorance was never an option yet, love wins everything over.
You’re smart and basically, all good things.
You’re someone, I don’t have to paraphrase my thoughts to.
You’re my type of familiarity and comfort, in a world of strange faces and fragile egos.
Sometimes it’s too late to mend things up
but thank you for making me believe that it’s never too late to start over again
and making sure that I’m okay.

You define and undefine and redefine every human relation that is ever possible to exchange love.
You’re about all those little pamper and stuff with abundance of love.
People change but remains the same, simultaneously.
I love you, without any punctuation.
Some less arguments and more love, please?
But then, where do you find the love in leaving?!
They say the mind is something that wanders.
Yet the same way, the heart is easily deceived and knows nothing at all.
The home is where the heart is.
Here and now, I hope you’re one keeps beating.

Splendid and joyous what it was til the very time.
A streak of hope is what keeps a trail of the lost camaraderie.
Don’t look much for the beauty in the misery,
Death is peaceful, serene. But dying, isn’t!
With all that is said and done,
I hope you find peace within.
Much of what is left and unexpressed,
I hope you get to know that,
you’re someone’s most favorite thing,
you’re loved the most, remember it.