Poems published in November 2016

Homes out of human beings

a poem by Karen .

They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket
It’s the same with humans too, don’t ever forget
The more you trust only one person
The worse the pain when it all comes undone
Don’t fall for the charm, words and promises
You’ll end up alone trying to put together the pieces
Love yourself first; only then others embrace
You never know what lurks behind that innocent face
You can’t make homes out of human beings
They too are human – different outside, different within

Happy again

a poem by Karen .

My throat constricts
As I remember all those times
You said you loved me
In elaborate poems and rhymes
What happened then?
What transpired in between?
Did you get bored and move on
Or did those promises nothing mean?
I’m sitting alone here now
Staring into the dark
Trying to put together pieces of me
Where you’d once left your mark
I wonder what I did wrong
Where did I falter
But what’s the point now
It all doesn’t matter
All that matters now
Is that you broke my heart
Knowing very well
It had already once been torn apart
So here’s my goodbye
Although you’re already long gone
I don’t wish you happiness
Nor that you get all that you want
How a disease is eradicated
I want to be rid of you too
I want to be happy again
And happy again without you


a poem by Sakshi

Waves are too long
Perhaps sometimes short.
They slide onto seashore,
With an aspiring hope, to
Bring about a smile on million faces.
They try harder to come up,
Thus giving Nature its beauty.
They are never bored of gliding into sea,
Never aggravating, Never dismayed.
Their Nature seems to be calm and peaceful.
Humans feel joyous to glance them.
But fail to be like them.