Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Red Light Crossing

a poem by

Yes, it’s a traffic signal
A red light crossing they say
Where everyone goes
In their own way!!!

No difference… same road,
Yet we’re so much apart
“They” bear heat and severe cold
Yet we sit and wait in our AC car.

A small beggar girl, pulls my shirt…
Asking for some pennies
But alas! I could feel her pain,
Yet, I don’t give any!

A woman with a child
Says she needs food
I deny… I would not
As this will not do her
Any good!

A man showing books
A handicap selling Rose
A child selling toys
Though he himself would never
Play with those!

A boy selling balloons…
Noble thought… let’s help now
I buy six of them
Feeling so happy now.

He runs feeling thrilled
Myself also little content
For this lasts for
Only few more moments!

Alas! there’s no way
That we could help them
Bring… a permanent smile
Into their little lives
A big question comes everyday
In many of our minds!

A gesture of Virtue
A feeling of Serenity
We’ll award ourselves with
While they’ll keep on meeting us
In their clothes, torn and dusty!

Moon Flower

a poem by

Mystic is the breeze scanting lightly turning denser now
Making me fall asleep!
No! Wait I’m the little soul falling from the sky
But where am I falling onto
Unwittingly what is my denote to be there, I’m planted on earth!

Seeing myself as petty twig now, timid bud I became afraid to open
Rain from the same sky I fell from, dabbing me gentle that day
Wooing me softly with its dribs of rain
It made me embellished blossom wearing colours!

On the morrow windstorm ragged, I stood rooted though!
Blooming wholly, I was looking inspiringly covetous
One day! Hands with loving tenderness plucked me
I was being tamed, placed next to the window!

Light unveiled the canopy of staring sky
Parching are my lips, summons thirst
A kind gale swiping my hair, to glide over my face
Am I crazy! How could that be?
Speaking to myself I said

I’m the flower from the sky verily!
Feeling that I can wade no further… my petals worn out
And that is when my heart with unsoughted smile, I opened my eyes dreamt of being A FLOWER!!


a poem by

Fixed in a moment of agony
Of pain and shame and fear
Revisiting the moment
Regurgitating the vomit
Belonging to a sick soul
My body resists and recalls
To redeem myself is impossible
With breasts that’s grown fuller
With disturbed pangs of pleasure
The shame of his sin returns
Tormenting me, forcibly
Ageing skin and failing vision
Refuse to let go of the moment
Laughter clubs, yoga clinics
Myriad ways of escape
May be a hand that feels the pain
Will fight the demons away… May be?