Monthly Archives: May 2016

Mother’s Love

a poem by

Full of surprises for me, always, whenever I needed it
My mother forgot her struggles and her pain at that time
When I started murmuring for my things, she gave them with a cheerful smile on her face
The purity of which, you can never measure with a scale at all
I share with you my love and you share your love with me
My Mother though it is your day today, you have no rest
You are going on working with all my ears deaf, for what you are doing for me even today
And I do away with what I want
I forgot the invaluable possession
The mother’s immortal love
That’s the precious thing than anything else in this world
My mother, you are waiting for me
You want to let me know, how much you love me
And Mom, you want to tell me in my ears the mantra of love
Nothing else but the mother’s love
Long live mother’s Love

Beautiful Eyes

a poem by

Hey, what is that your cold piercing gaze is searching for?
After breaking my heart into pieces, what you sailed away for

I hope I will find you someday, somewhere at some someplace
But love is what you are, you don’t stay at any place

You are like the shadow of the candle, sometimes here and sometimes there
And in the dark, your sorcery increases more than ever

Hiding and shying from my glances, what kind of behavior is that of yours?
There is altogether different radiance of yours

One stare of yours has changed my life for ever
Your modesty is breadth taking and your charm I will remember forever

Please stop and tell me your name
But I believe just walking away, leaving the heart fluttering is one of your game

Killing people, without telling your name, this unfaithfulness makes you pleasing
Oh innocent lady, this grace of yours is heartbreaking

You are an angel with whom I shared a moment, that will last till the end of my life
It must have been the will of God, that we will be together forever

But like James blunt said it’s time to face the truth
And I will never be with you