Poems published in March 2016

Deep in the Woods

a poem by Shradha Agarwal

The velvety sky,
The glimmering stars,
The trees casting shadows,
The moon lit to its full potential,
A lovely place for us,
Only for us…

Hand in Hand,
Treading the shadows of the tree,
The river gurgling down its way,
The moon lighting our path,
We are walking…

There is an eerie silence,
Yet the silence between us,
Is filled with love and understanding,
Penetrating our thoughts,
Revealing our depths of love,
An eternity of love…

Walking down the path,
Your touch soothes me,
Your words calm me,
Every sense is singing,
Tingling with your lingering and balming touch…

Our silence growing weak,
With the moon growing dim,
We are struggling to find words,
Words suppressed inside us,
Now urging to express,
Startled, I turned towards him,
Meeting his eyes,
And before I could say anything,
He tells which my ears were waiting for,
I Love You,
Tears welled up in my eyes, and
All I could say is,
I Love You too.

When I met my faults

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

I believed in my own feelings
And in all that I thought
And for all of them not matching
A neglected view I brought

But when I found the world
Is really big to be in one’s sight
The soul begin to clean
And the thoughts bright

So, when I met my faults
I begin to conquer my odds

O Maria!

a poem by Hiren Shah

All hell broke loose and led to pandemonium
When Maria Sharapova tested positive for Meldonium

She has always been pursued by many a sponsor;
Somebody as lovely as her; how could they censor?

She has been endorsing many a brand;
How can one abandon somebody so grand?

WADA(Anti doping agency) should not take such a rigid stance,
So what if a lovely lady takes a banned substance?

If she is punished for doping,
In her absence, men will take to drugs for coping.

She was not just the womens’s five times grand slam Champion,
She was many more times men’s constant virtual companion.

So what if she has fallen from grace,
Playing or not, she is somebody men will forever want to trace.

From their memories, Will the men ever be able to delete?
The prettiest and highest paid woman athlete.

Most men who love Tennis as a sport
Probably love her equally and should extend full support

Though she belongs to Russia,
Her popularity traverses continents; America, Europe, Australia, Asia.

Somebody with such a legion of male fans
Should be banned from such bans.

The consequences could be dire,
If she is prematurely made to retire

She feels that she deserves another chance,
If granted, some men will sing, some will dance.

High time my silly poetry ended,
Hope she returns to never ever end; she is only provisionally suspended.

We shall then certainly meet

a poem by Vijaya Mehts

Over the majestic mountains many
Early in the dawny hours wee;
When the Sun ascends slowly,
Hark, the music of Life stirring-
We shall, then certainly meet.

When the Sun is at its highest,
Fierce, intense and scorching;
Beneath the huge green canopy,
Blows a cool gust of breeze;
When all the World slumbers…
We shall, then certainly meet.

In the dusky hours of twilight
When the Sun sinks into the seas,
And paints the horizon passionate
With colours: Orange and Pink;
With the promise of the night ahead-
We shall, then certainly meet.

Dream Girl…

a poem by Abhishek Mayank

The chatoyant eyes,
Lightens up the night.
Every shutter of the eyelids,
Captures all the surroundings.

On your face, the dusky hair,
Runs like, the longest river.
Covering your eyes, the hair entwine,
Causing my heart to confine.

Your lips plump and tight,
Curved like the shinning sun sight.
Your lips jewels your smile,
Like the buzzing bees on Eglantine.

Just a Road

a poem by Sunil Rajagopal

Ask not where I turn and lead,
Near, far or whether you shall bleed;
Ask not where I begin and end,
Others may wait beyond my bend;
Ask not who shall follow with you,
Those that stay will be but a few;
To write my story, that is your load,
I am just here you see, just a road.