Poems published in January 2016

Not a Rebel

a poem by Abnish Singh Chauhan

A time comes
when his heart and mind rebel
and chastise—
‘This is enough.’

But, the force of feelings in him
subsides after a while
as if it is a periodic process
and nothing else.

Garrulously talking at mealtime,
daydreaming while meditating,
falling asleep with the television on
or sitting on internet for hours.

Gossiping in the canteen,
taking interest in rumors,
making rumors
or criticizing others.

Doing nothing properly,
getting annoyed too easily,
lying at sixes and sevens
and on being caught, saying— no, no.

On being fed up with all this,
his heart and mind rebel
and want some big change.

But, it seems to him
nothing is going to change in his life.
He is a slave to his habits,
not a rebel— yes.

The Luxury of Love

a poem by Manish .

Maybe love is a luxury reserved for the rich
Maybe respect is a commodity only money can buy
I just wish all the songs we heard growing up
Would have mentioned the words were such a lie
The truth, a good heart, is worth nothing
Your status determines if you’re a great guy
Morality and fidelity have no value
When compared to the gifts you buy
In a world where every one is called darling
Its hard to know you’re that special someone
Flirting with friends is a harmless pass time
Something modern couples do just for fun
Total commitment is passe,
Devotion is no longer cool
Or maybe these are just ramblings
Of a silly, old fashioned fool.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

So long
It takes to create a home

First of all
So much of materials
And labour to make
A house

And then when
You live
Your emotions
Have to stick

Then a home it will be.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

It is alike that
I was late for school
And was scolded
So rude.

But where was my mistake
If I was late
It is difficult to wake up
Early, when it is winter.

So the climate
Made me late
Now can someone scold it
Then would it fit.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

You write a poem
Not by your hand
Or the pen
But with your feelings

Then you post it
Not for money
Or agony
But to be read

And people read it
And admire
Then the feeling
You get
Is Awesome.

Autumn… It’s not a six letter word

a poem by Avanish Ingle

The august arrival of autumn amplifies the aroma
Of sense and sentiments mimicking leaves diploma

The withering of leaves marks the beginning
Shedding yellow obsoletes, upcoming green leaves
It’s the so called autumn and co-related happening
Which let the mind glow and heart to heave

It the glow that entice the man
Not only the beauty that excites the man
It’s the part that everyone must pass by
Which no doubt shall soothe mishap and cry

As leaves gets replaced approving the Eco-cycle
Similar must be the thoughts and views changeable
Change and modifying ideas must be there
To cope up with troubles wandering everywhere

Lot more can be exposed underlining the occasion
It’s the victory that the season has won
Molding away its nature every next year
For an obstinate man its hard to bear

Good Morning

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

6 am
In the morning
when you wake-up,
why am I forced to wake early
is what you think first

But as the day goes on
all the routine works
similar as were always
but not like other days

Fresher and better it was
as the day close
we realise
that parents were right.


a poem by Pankaj Kumar

No matter how long
it takes for a bird
to built his nest,
it would make its best.

Their patience is inspiration.

God to Man

a poem by Pankaj Kumar

Oh my dear,
how heartbreaking it is
father and son have to separate
what a destiny this is

But do remember
a day will come
when we meet again
then it will be done

I would ask you
for all your memories
from universe
that you will bring
and these would be present
from you to me
I hope very beautiful
they would be.

A dementia patient’s story

a poem by Godavari

Everything around me seems to be an illusion,
The present is Incomprehensible- beyond my perception.
I am an old woman – a dementia patient
Hallucinations and delusions are imminent.
I want to hold on to my fond memories,
But the milestones in my life are all forgotten places.
I try to reach out to take control
While I try mend my tormented soul.
My entangled brain eludes reasoning and reality
A stranger takes over but that is just not me.
All my loved ones are all gone to be with the stars
Here I am still left behind numb with my fears.
Hold me tight, my dear children, remember you are my heartbeat
My love for you will remain with me for eternity.


a poem by Jayashree

Some alcoholic demons from hell
Have come to the earth
In the disguise of men.
These demons roam about
Freely in the streets
Like beasts out of the den.

Their targets are majorly women
The innocent women
Who complete our lives.
The mothers, daughters, sisters,
And the homely wives.

But alas! The demons see them
As only flesh and blood
Always hungry to tear them apart
To spoil their sweet dreams or aims
Their legal wish to lead a normal life.

The demon is always out there
Watching secretly, hiding somewhere
Beware! One mistake and they’ll get you.
The demons show no mercy
They devour you up in tiny bits
One by one leaving no clue.

The demons then pushes you
Throw you like a garbage
Somewhere bloody and red.
The innocent happy girl
You now face slow and painful death
A sight even the animals are afraid.

The demons go back
Their appetites full
To plan for the next prey.
The passerby looks at the girl
Speaks nothing, does nothing
Just walks away.


a poem by Jayashree

We come to the world
Again and again
Scattering the seeds of our deeds
In vain.
And water them with careless hands
Aspiring to become more than plain.

Our lives are like a flower
Which smile when it blooms,
And spread its fragrance
Here and there
Till the time when it swoons.

Almighty Time laugh out loud
When we are still young and gay,
Expecting much to gain from the world
We work hard night and day.

Always hurrying, towards the unknown
We neglect dear ones and friends,
Till the day we reach the end
When Time stab us from behind,
All our dreams,
Those happy dreams melt away
The remains of which no one’ll find.


a poem by Jayashree

What good does pride do?
Alone in the world it leaves you.
If the trees had pride,
Where shall the birds have gone?
Oxygen and air we might have none.
If the clouds had pride,
There’d have been no rain
Prayers and chanting just in vain.
If the earth had pride,
We might have fall
None to bear the burden of us all.
If the moon had pride,
There’d have been no silvery night
Darkness must have given us fright.
‘You’ and ‘me’ lets forget the difference
Accept this truth and become good friends.


a poem by Bolloju Baba

Do you agree for it?
The sentence being written
on uterine walls
was broken in middle.

Do you agree for it?
she lowered her head
The rain waters washed
the colours of incomplete
wall painting to the ground.

Why didn’t you bring her?
The abortion pill that entered
the blood vessels like a thief
crushed the Chrysanthemum bud.

“You are lucky to have a male child
who keep on your lineage
and a place in heaven” every one told
the murdered three incomplete foetuses
swung their heads in dissent.

Break Oh!

a poem by Samiksha

Intoxicated with madness
I’m in love with my sadness.
I can’t tell anyone
they are so lost in their happiness.

But my existence is so worthless
and my life so priceless
that my tears won’t bother anyone
yet again I’m ending up hopeless.

Now I’m lost, don’t find me,
let me drown in your memory.
My smiles were not forever
so how can I be?

Turning down with my last breath
are all those pieces of my heartbreak
going into a deep sleep
to dream about a better death.