Poems published in October 2015


a poem by Vijaynath

In the depth of the night
the time stands still for a moment
Nothing moves, even the
breeze holds its breath

Absolute silence and calm prevails
as if the time is taking a break.
The bragging birds have gone
and the band of crickets have vanished.

This animated suspension lasts
only for a few seconds where there
is no past, present or future
and this infinity moment has no name.

For your love…

a poem by Rahul Kumar

I used to dream,
About our love…
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
Day and night, we used to talk
Even on a rainy day with black cloud upon our head
Our conversation never ends, even with hurdles
Oh, I wish I could turn the time back…
And see what’s burning in your heart
Wish I could figure it out, before you ran away…
Now, you left my hand in this city full of snow
My heart is frozen and you didn’t know…
Standing alone, waiting, holding on…
To start a new day, where we left…

Oh woman

a poem by Lakshmi

Oh woman you are an enigma
The eternal queen if life’s drama

Oh woman you are a powerhouse
There is lot more to browse

Oh woman like a Phoenix you rise
A smile is enough to mesmerize

Oh woman for you, there were wars
A caring soul that creates super stars

Oh woman you are a history, a mystery
To own you is a victory
Your love is as sweet as a jaggery
You blend well to create that perfect chemistry


a poem by Bolloju Baba

Birds share the morning
in bits and pieces equally

Trees share the Sun rays
in packets of leaves without trouble

Flowers share the rainbow
by pealing off layer by layer

Flowers too are shared by
bumblebees with hand-fulls of pollen

When will man learn to share?

(Bolloju Baba – Translated from Telugu)

Only in true love…

a poem by Williamsji Maveli

Awaken like the swelling sun,
My exotic lust takes a slow run
Awaken like the genesis of day,
My sweet love sings this midday
A new sound is heard like the call of a bird,
My will sobs at the beauty of your word.
Earth is fertile like an elegant woman,
Sun is burning to share, like a man
We were meant to be, long before birth.
Finally to decorate the body in wreath
Your name is written on the vast shore
In a landscape you stand alone bare
Eternally bound, painfully shine
Your breasts are nurtured in mine.
Day Hand in hand
Night slept in sand
Forever together, never to part,
Bodies divided, but one at heart.
Your soft touch, like the flush of the moon,
Bring forth my heart, from its cocoon.
And in your eyes, your live shines forth,
More than the stars, your glance is worth.
And every word brings forth the fire
Within my veins, the edge of desire.
To grow old in your arms, this life time
It’s my dream; that’s all I want to be fame
When wheels of age finally run short
Then you are my own angel to escort.
And I will save a seat, for you at my side
Eternity waits, only for both of us to abide.
Now let us rejoice, all comes without a clue
Time is our best friend, as oceans are blue.
All vigor and strength in our bodies reside
Only in true love, does my spirit confide.
Let us be merry, and laugh, and rejoice,
Only in that love, all do find their voice.

Oh Mother…

a poem by Vijaynath

Oh Mother,
The avalanche of your memories
flood my mind again carrying me
away into the fog laden valley
of the past

Oh Mother,
Hanging on your finger like a
doll, struggling to make the first
step into life and the trillions of
steps thereafter have never been so sweet

Oh Mother,
When the leaves of time fell from the
tree altering and advancing my mind and body
yet, you were there without
any shade of change

Oh Mother,
When you went away like snapping of
a flame my treasure of happiness
too went with you to the unknown
other side of life

Oh Mother,
How I wish never to leave
the hold of your finger and how I hope
never to grow up ever and how I long
to become that toddler again.

Love to hate

a poem by Vijaynath

The sharp needles of hatred
concealed in your smile
pierce through my conscience
and bled my heart profusely

The contempt concealed in your
soft words shatter my mind
into a million pieces

Your innocence of ignorance is
loud and clear which serve the
purpose of enhancing my
apathy into many folds

Your silence towards my desperation
is inflaming the agony and strain and
how long I can bear this pain, but
I know there is no other way around.