Poems published in September 2015

Just perfectly me

a poem by Khudeja Mazahir Merchant

I can’t showoff.
I don’t know how to fit in that jeans.
I don’t know how to cover my face with foundation.
I can’t make friends easily.
Sometimes I suffocate in a social gathering
I don’t know, how to style my hair.
I am not at all perfect,
I am just perfectly me.

It’s bad luck of those who can’t see my other side.
Because I know I am a nice girl and my beauty doesn’t need any certification.
I have accepted and loved myself with all my qualities and faults.
Because I know I am one of a kind and a blessed person.
Just perfectly me.


a poem by Vijaynath

feel and endure

visualise and experience

spread around and support

realize and stimulate

discover and understand

appreciate and approve

elaborate and ensure

resolve and restore

rejuvenate and reform

show the path and be with

how to learn and instill

rescue and be alert

behold and bestow

A small mischief

a poem by Gitanjali Mitra

In a lonely Villa
On one darksome night
There was darkness everywhere
There were thunder bolts
Rain was pouring everywhere
It wasn’t important
What I felt
What I did
But what I experienced was morbid
I tried to avert the gloominess
By lighting a candle
But to my astonishment
There was someone else in my Villa
It’s shadow began to dwindle
I tried to figure
Who it was
In that darkest hour
But to my surprise
I saw a purring kitten
In the night
I dread it when I was unaware
But I had a sigh of relief
The mischief that a small kitten played
That I couldn’t forget but still gave me respite

My best friend

a poem by Pragya Modi

When I sit under these shining stars,
I realise happiness is so far
When the soft breeze touches my hands,
Whispering love that I understand
When I hear these ringing church bells,
Biding our love a farewell
When I see those colourful flowers,
I miss our strength and powers
When I see that white dove,
My heart dies for our love
When I think of those school days,
Laughing on our mischievous ways
You were my light,
you were my night
You were my holy paradise.
Then comes a chapter in my life,
Where there is no hope to strife
Everyone’s in deep silence
My life has no balance,
I ask you in my holy prayers,
For I have no more strength to bear
I wish we could meet again,
someday in the heavenly rain
I want to kiss you my best friend,
Missing you every weekend.

The New Chapter

a poem by Rahul Devrani

I come from a land of learning,
With a fire that is always burning,
But here, every bit for them I leave,
A new chapter is all I need,
A sky of my own to fly,
Catching her scent I always try,
A scene of my own I set,
Moulding her, I completely forget,
This world I then abandon in return,
And I feel my creation of a blazing Sun,
I fly I fly, up, up, there!
Oh! I did create it all from here,
I see, I find her on the leaves of a tree,
Or sometimes on that chair that’s free,
On the rocks or sometimes the empty streets,
Or that child who cries or the one who bleeds,
On the glowing sheets of paper I sometimes paint,
A dancing melody I forever chant,
There, there she smiles for me,
And there, there sun shines on me,
I go up and there and down with her,
When sometimes, no care, I jump into the river.


a poem by Vijaynath

All around me are distorted faces
In flaming red color,
Every line, curve and contours are
in shocking red

All around me are pandemonium
and commotion,
shouting, pleading, crying and
wailing resembles a battlefield

All around me are torn clothes
with traces of blood,
shattered bangles sparking like
broken stars and crushed lifeless dolls

All around me is darkness in shade
of red, suppressed voices and ignored
pleas for justice and shocking scenes
of trespassed minds and violated bodies

I am speechless, shocked and pathetically helpless
I hang my head in shame when I realize my limitations
to stop this madness around me

Let the flames of shame be spread around
and start a wild fire!

To my Dear

a poem by Zarena

I want to talk to you dear
Please to hear
So, first come near

Time is little
We need to settle

Otherwise it will be late
I will have to hate
Because I can’t wait

And you will never
Have me for ever
This will be for sure


a poem by Vijaynath

Why the sun rises from the east
and the night comes after the day?

Why the sky so high and stars so
shy and beyond our reach?

Why the wind cannot be seen and
light cannot be touched?

Why the smell has no colour and
sound have no shape?

Why the mind is so vast and
thinking so narrow?

Why the love is so sweet and
hate too dry?

Why the trees are tall and
leaves fall down?

Why the flowers bloom only
for a while and gloom?

Why happiness is short and
sorrow linger on?


a poem by Vijaynath

If you hear a humming in your solitude,
through the silence

A feather touch in the nape of your mind
which tickles your heart

If, you could not forget something and
remember that too, which is sweet

If you are woken up by a melodious call
which you cannot recall

If you feel that flowers around you are more
colourful and bloom more radiantly than ever

And the breeze spread around the fragrance
with abundant enthusiasm

If you are looking forward to someone
you know will not come

And your days become longer and
night shorter

If the tick of the rain drops reminds you
of a mesmerising rhythm

If you want to dance in the rain when the
sweet fragrance of wet soil take you to a new world

If you smile often and cheer up without any reason
and a sweet melody dance around your lips…

Then you are in Love !

Far from the Madding Crowd

a poem by Mohan Sundar T M

Far from the madding crowd,
And away from the hustle and bustle,
I want to live in a place, serene and peaceful.
Beating country drums loud and non-stop,
To mark death of a person in the neighbourhood,
The banned cone speakers blaring songs,
On festive occasions in places of worship,
Hooting of horns above permitted decibels,
By vehicles nearby highway, piercing ear drums,
Deafening noise generated by network of speakers,
At public meetings in busy thoroughfares,
Street dogs roaming all over, bark in chorus,
At times moan, upsetting tranquil nights.
Alarming and ever rising pollution of sound,
Wrecks my nerve and irritates my mind.
I wish to live in your quiet abode Oh! Mother Nature,
Where the birds tweet in high pitch,
Rhythmically, pleasing and refreshing,
As the breeze blows fast, the branches sway
Generating sound relaxing and peaceful
Meandering brooks through wilderness,
Effect a soft and subdued whisper,
The sudden burst of wind over the lofty hills
Is like rising crescendo of a song,
The swarm of bees buzzing in the air,
Whisper in my ears a subtle and resonant note,
The sound of Falls is the theme music of Nature
Reverberating through the dense forest,
Leaves shed from the trees rustle to perfect rhythm,
As I tread on, through a path of crowded trees
Nature’s sound is a melody composed divinely,
To please and soothe the burdened souls.

Forms of Love

a poem by Poojitha .

Love towards God is Faith
Love towards Motherland is Patriotism
Love towards Parents is Affection
Love towards Family is Responsibility
Love towards Society is Humanity
Love towards Elders is Respect
Love towards Youngsters is a Blessing
Love towards One’s one duty is Devotion
Love towards Work is Excitement
Love towards Achievement is Ability
Love towards a Friend is Friendship
Love towards an Enemy is Enemity
Love towards Nature is its Conservation
Love towards Love is Sacrifice
Love towards Life is Satisfaction
But Life towards Love is Marvellous
All these makes man’s Prosperous life
In fact, there is no true love
As love itself is true…

A Dream

a poem by Vijaynath

The shore was bare like a torn piece of rug thrown in
deafening silence filled over it, covered by a blanket of fog
The sea, frightened, frustrated and surrendered
The waves continued to nudge the shore to help

A pale moon watched, bewildered, up above
The halo deepening the numbness below
Few unknown birds flew around aimlessly
spurting out some gibberish as if mocking the waves

The expanse of the sea defiantly lay there
looking up at the sky as if in surrender and expectation
The foamy waves trying to cover its nakedness in vain
and the moon looked down uninterested
Few stars came out of their hiding to watch the scene below
and looked down in amusement, blinking their eyes

The whole scenario like the last part of a play, enacted
in silence, except the occasional exclamation of the birds
hovering around like a predator waiting for the kill continued

The moon watched the ritual below, without amusement
The spread of the ocean lying, waiting and heaving a sigh
The waves impatiently struggling to wake up the shore
The birds circling above, chuckling in amusement
and the patch of the sand like a carpet laid out for some ritual to begin
like a Scene from a dream…

November Rain

a poem by Vijaynath

The rhapsody of the fall, all night long,
reminds of an unknown folk tune and
the hissing of the wind, swaying of the
trees, colored the commotion.

The moon who was smiling at the stars
went away with his friends and the sky
became a black blanket over earth like
a carpet of gloom and woes.

The rain roared like a monster and
the trees trembled and bushes shivered.

The bird, without a name, was humming
an old song for the moon, before the rain,
flew away leaving her nest in the branch alone,
to grieve the loss of its friend.

The mild breeze who was roaming around
caressing the leaves quietly vanished
into the stillness of the night.

A lonely tree stood in the dark,
meditating in silence, praying for
the cacophony to end, looking up
in the sky, water dripping over it like tears.

November rain, came without any caution
like a predator jumping upon its prey…

Here and Now

a poem by Nandita Pai

I was busy chasing life,
Trying to mend my every day.
My mind always a step ahead,
Sending me at times, into a dizzy sway.

Life revolved around the checklist,
The list never seemed to end.
As I scored out an errand from the ‘to-do’,
Another five magically raised their heads.

In a bid to make my life perfect,
I jostled through many days,
Planning from dawn to dusk,
Like a clockwork zombie working on keys.

Then one day, I halted.
Stepped on life’s brake pedal.
Flung the checklist away,
I felt free. I felt relief.
Like a horse, rid of its saddle.

I seized the moment,
Before it slipped away,
Like sand grains through my palms.
Merely enjoyed the beauty of life as is,
Letting go of all petty qualms.

Dishes can wait,
Dust can settle a minute more,
Life’s moments bygone,
Will come back no more.

Life is calling,
Here and now.
Live the moment,
Make it your own kind of WOW!

Light House

a poem by Vijaynath

Away in an unknown shore,
alone and aloof like a monument
of lost dreams, stands,
withering in time

The shout of the wind and
scream of the waves and
frightening flash of the waves
hardly making any effect

The flight of the sky, fire
of the sun and scream of the
rain failing to make
any move

Come the night when the
darkness spread its black
blanket and the scared stars
running for cover

When the black fog spread
its wings to engulf everything
and the waves humming a tune
to mourn the death of light

Throwing the rope of hope of
light and showing the path to
safety to those lost their
way in the agitated waves

Showing a ray of life for those
praying for a miracle and leading
them to the shore of safety

The ritual continues without any
change and time flies away without
any break which makes no difference
in the life or existence of a Light House!