Poems published in May 2015


a poem by Rita Malhotra Dr

We were brought up
By the rule book
That spelt love for us daughters
As immoral, infidel,
Masked, contagious
Dreams were cached
Within constrained confines
The self remained dwarfed-
Bonsai like
Unable to reach beyond its grasp
But a moment of wild defiance
Unleashed a tempestuous will
To self-expression
I followed love’s trail
Scanning the horizon of darkness
To arrive at the moonlit patch
Of a perplexed night-
A night that witnessed
Love’s intimate dance
In the sensual celebration of
Intimacy between
Soul, mind and body
With the first footfall of dawn
I tore all pages
Of the book of norms
Made paper-flowers out of them
This morning they have metamorphosed
Into golden-orange chrysanthemums.

The Fallen Trees

a poem by Krishnan V

Pounded by pangs of poverty,
Haunted by humes of hunger,
They left their humble huts by the hill,
Lured by the avaricious agents of the Devil,
Forced to cut down the legs of Nature,
They laboured for long heavy bours,
Cutting down and carrying Redwood
In the fateful forests of Lord Govinda.
Hounded and hunted down by
Pernicious, power drunk Policemen,
They fell to the brutal bullets
From the rifles of uniformed ruffians.
Their souls will not rest in heaven
Till the earth becomes
A safe and secured haven
Till the earth, for the miserable poor
Becomes a safe haven.

Last Song of Vishnu

a poem by Aroon Che

Tomorrow, the doors will be banged,
And the window panes will be broken,
The roofs will begin to crack out of heat,
And the walls will slowly shrink to your skins,
Your skyscrapers will crumble like sand castles,
The roads will get narrower and blind.
Your hospitals will run out of medic and beds,
Your courts will go deaf to law and order,
Your children will go wild in schools and jump off roofs,
Your parents will find this noise as their last lullabies,
There will be a death in every birth,
There will be a fight in fairness,
There will be a madness in every silence,
There will be a devil in every god.
That’s when I’ll come out of myself,
And you will hide behind your grief.
This is peace, this is the end,
This is peace , this is my command.

Ice and Fire

a poem by Ayushi Singh

His words.
Sardonic, Sharp and Stabbing
Replaced the austere, fragrant garlands of letters
That adorned his speech, felicitating me with the love he claimed he had.
For two months he waltzed me around the dark ballroom of lies
Until the day came and he stood there, hands clutching my hair shameless and merciless
And pushed my naive face into a bucket of ice and water
Letting the truth of life and the depth of his betrayal
Scar and Bruise me until the end of time.

We were like two pebbles from the same stone,
Both rough, jagged and deformed by the merciless beatings of our past
We rubbed onto each other, at a time, when each where knocked out cold
Alone in the frigid, glacial interiors of a dungeon called life.
We collided hard and fast, trying to share the pain and keep warm
From the cold, calculating breezes of pain and isolation.
A spark ignited between us, marking the end of the whippings of torture.
We let go of our chains, wrapping our arms tight together,
As the spark swiftly consummated with the oxygen, giving birth
To a child so fierce, so driven, as fueled as fire,
Melting the glaciers and warming up the frigid winds,
And burning out the wounds and lacerations of a time less pleasant,
Wrapping us into it’s talons, vowing to be our knight in shining armour:
A Knight we named Love.

Eyes Cream

a poem by ArtySan

Alas, thy wants an icecream
Hearing this, I want to scream
Icecream is loaded with many a calorie
And takes away my entire salary

Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and cherry
The last one I like much very, very
Eating it makes you too much merry
Like Indians eating a lot of curry

Don’t come to me tomorrow if you get diabetes
I will nudge you out of my house and say, Please!
Because I know exactly what is in your soul
A whole lot of bad cholesterol.

Oh, How dreadful night is

a poem by Naveen Joseph Paul

In the gloomy darkness,
Frightful sound of a nocturnal beast,
Sudden screeching of a owl.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Night, which is identified with
Death and horror; ghouls and goblin
Under whose feathered calm,
Without any spectra sleeps man.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Early in the morning by river’s bank
Splendour, sunbeam spreading the colours
Of the spectrum.
Starts, the unending struggle of man
To maintain and keep alive his
Very existence.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

In the noon, when Man is on the path of struggle
The glittering sunshine gives assurance of
Pleasure to man.
And Man’s quest identification
With his fellow
On the basis of the oppressed and the
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Whether it be gloomy darkness or it be glittering
Whether it be the terrific nocturnal beast or it
Be barbaric man.
Everybody is identified with night.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Sweet Sorrow

a poem by Sathya N K

Not all farewells are eternal, intense and sorrow in emotion.
A permanent goodbye to an illness has the utmost anticipation
There are casual adios, knowing to meet again, the following day.
And a mutual break up, for good riddance keeping the sulks at bay.

At times it is good to dispose objects from the cobweb of sentiments,
Which reflects the memory of a person or who you were once.
There are desirable good byes to enunciate,
Yes, truth is, harder to achieve while easy to state.

Anxiety and hope battle for space, when it is time to part,
The mind declines to accept spawning thousand questions to start.
It is time to fathom, the next rendezvous is just round the corner,
And this is nothing but, just a sweet sorrow of parting one another!

The Journey of Life

a poem by Godavari

Every step that I take is a struggle,
Nothing can stop me from clearing the rubble.
A long journey on a rocky terrain
Every part of my body is in pain.
With a song on my lips and a prayer in my heart,
I continue the journey of life with a fresh start.
I will not give up I have to strife,
I have to survive, I have to thrive.
Every hurdle every mountain enlightened me–
It is the journey and not the destination that defines thee.

Cradle of Compassion

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

I was fumbling in the darkness.
Tsunami of night was consuming me.
Wading I walked slowly in faulty steps,
Faltering my feet fell on unknown terrain.

Frustrated I looked around for a familiar sound.
No there is only louder drumming of fear.
Heart beats in faster and faster tones.
I closed my eyes creating more darkness.

Resigning to my fate I spoke in delirium.
A cold shower of emotions dampened me.
My spirits drenched in my emotions.
Stranded in my thoughts I cuddled to sleep.

I woke up as a little child so confused.
Suddenly I saw the light of a laughter.
Sharpened my ears I tried to listen.
Yes, I Had heard it before, far from depth of time.

Slowly I heard a footfall nearing me.
I got shuffled and waited anxiously.
A soft subtle aroma spread around.
I heard a clang of bangles in my ears.

Glitter of a diamond nose stud.
Then brilliance of a sweet smile.
I saw the entire world for a split second.
My eyes filled, tear was flowing instantly.
I was carried in the cradle of compassion
I was toddling holding the tip of Her Saree.

Lovers turning strangers

a poem by Bhavii

It was all normal
Going in the flow
I was holding tight
All the pieces of mine
Hole of my heart
I bandaid it tight…
And then I saw you
Yes! I saw you
And the sadness of your face
I know you want me
To stop, to run, to meet you
You badly need to hear, love you too.
I too wanna run and hug you tight
My heart was racing you weren’t meeting eyes..
But I have to go away
Away from you.
Its not same anymore
At least in the real world we are apart but not in my heart…
Yes its the same, you and me together, our love is enriched and nurtured in my mind.
But the one in my heart isn’t same as in real…
No you aren’t the same, not the one I loved…
Its like your twin substitute is fooling the world…
Sitting in the class
Like a zombie
My mind still debating
Whether I would have stopped
Or moving away was right?
But how does it matter..
When its all over. Egos have drained the love out…
Hatred has built a wall between us
And tears are far gone
The care has far gone.
So its live like strangers with love engraved deep in heart.
I miss you
I love you
But we have to live apart…