Poems published in March 2015

My Thoughts

a poem by Anu Pillai

How do I explain the pain in my heart
Which is filled with your thoughts
That is never ending
Wish I had another life
To explain to you that
How much I miss you
As each day goes by

Leaving the country

a poem by Anu Pillai

Though I left you and departed for good to another land
I left behind a thousand memories to cherish
The utmost care which I got from all of you
I will never get in this side of the world
Since I will miss you my friends Udit and Arou
I will miss the laughter and giggles that we had together
The tongue will never utter a word of love any more
As the path to another world is fearsome
And since now I am departing from all of you
I will never get another glimpse of the happy me
I will be like a guest from another world
Who is unsettled from her kin and friends
Who still lives in the dream world.

Fault in my stars

a poem by Aman Arora

In the midst of the night when the dark is sky
I look at the stars and feel shy.

The cause of that is I love a butterfly
And when I see her my heart cry out oh my… oh my!

She is cute and way too sweet
After looking her I can’t stand on my feet.

Is this love I do sometimes wonder
And then God replied yes with a thunder

Just like the drops of the rain
She hijacked my heart and my brain.

I always think is she really made for me?
I dint want my love to become a banyan tree

She is an angel who came from Mars
But sadly there are always faults in my stars

Pure Effulgence

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Trekking on a path of life to immortality,
Time moves in an eternal cycle of mystery.
Neither is there a beginning nor an end.
Those gets dissolved who rolls in the time,
Again appears somewhere somehow.
Cycle of existence continues until then.
Wise ones stay on time are the ones,
Who lives and sees beyond time n’ space.

Metamorphosis completes into human form,
as we float in the tide of births and deaths.
All who does not swim; the ocean consumes.
Those who are wise stay afloat among waves.
They cross sea of turmoil in repeated attempts.
Then transcend world to reach home of tranquility.
They takeoff and fly on wings of wisdom to heights,
and see the whole universe as one entity.

Once reached on upper deck of truth,
Shall remain there observing fun of cosmic dream.
They are awake aware of reality; tries waking up all.
helping all to see and enjoy ecstasy.
Playing a role in the dreaming n’ deep sleep.
Yet, they remain in effulgence; unaware of day and night.
Holy mother witnesses and hears all states of life ticks.
She is the seer; seen; and scene altogether.
Oh! Mother wake me up from my deep slumber to light!

Maqbool Fida Husain

a poem by Yasmin Sawhney

M – Metaphor Man
Marvelous thinker
Master of the bristle tool
Movie-maker and
Above all a

F – Fertile mind,
Febrile too.
Willful child… of a Greater God
Flush with Funds.
Fountainhead of line and lore.
Forms dance
To his personal score.

H – High priest of
Harmony and
High-flying sage
Of the snow-white locks, Lolita lips
Spindly-hands, unshod feet
And figure of stacked sticks.
Unruffled, writing-
Writing a fresh
Of ‘new-age’ Indian Art.

Romantic Ambrosia

a poem by Anand Bose

Our encounter
Was a sumptuous banquet
As we shared our hearts
And minds with the choicest
We discovered our self
On the menu of our
Our aperitif was
A meditation
On who we are
And our ethos
Of existential meaning…
We had candlelight dinner by
Opening our hearts out
For wine we shared our
Photos, we drank in
The relish of splendor…
Let’s become one and
Enrich our life in
Tokens of love
That are countless


a poem by Devaki Purohit

When I come home to you,
I keep my worries behind
You help me keep my masks aside
The daily struggles of life melt away with you by my side
Your smile, your reassuring hug is all it takes to aid my way through the day
Your presence is my oxygen and your touch is elixir
What would I be without you in life oh what would I be without you by my side
I come home to you my dear I come home to paradise…

Losing a Friend

a poem by Devaki Purohit

Don’t be alarmed
I haven’t ‘lost’ a friend
At least not in the ‘literal’ sense
No, something much worse
Much more unexplainable
I have lost a friend, many friends
To the cacophony around
My piece here is rhetorical and cynical, some might say
I do not disagree
But my grievance is real
I have lost friendships as they used to be
Don’t be alarmed
I still have friends
But the warmth is perhaps a little colder
The smiles and hugs – intentional and artificial
For posterity perhaps – as if reminding oneself that one had a good life
The get-togethers a bit fabricated – with perfect settings
Bottleful of imported wines but empty, shrill conversations
Invisible barriers of affluence – of not just wealth but of thought everywhere
Make us inaccessible physically and emotionally
‘Not fitting in’ has been extolled so much
Someone ‘not fitting’ into this category is, paradoxically, labeled
Yes labels – there are too many of them today –
All clearly defining what’s wrong with our society
But categories that rob the complexity of us humans
Relegating all to neat cardboard boxes with satin ribbons
Friends are relations you chose – built on not just commonality of thought
But shared experiences and moments
Moments that are lived – not just a participant of
Experiences today are more for how others would perceive it
So the clinking of glasses has to be just perfect – the light juts right
And yes pearly smiles abound
I see my younger generation – ‘making friends’ but not lasting friendships
A lot more shared experiences – of travel and the works
But it’s too gleamy and postcardesque
Too virtual than personal
And much too loud and out there
Bellying perhaps the depth and strength of it all
Or may be I am just a cynic not unlike the tattered old paperback
Whose time is to retire from a world which makes little less sense
A world which is far too connected but less together
Much more enlightened but even more lost
Don’t be alarmed
Because I know I am not the only one!

Like a Butterfly

a poem by Ayaz Warith

Flying like a butterfly in all emotions
Upon the waves of fragrance
Of untouched flowers
In the worlds of worries and wisdom
In the dreams of night and day
Flapping my colourful wings
Availing His mercifulness, care and love-
Believing His promises and blessings
Under His huge blue canopy;
O I land lightly only on the pillows of velvet petals
But they can’t see the impressions of my feet
Let this earth be hard beneath my sole,
Let me tell you that I am there to wait
The life there is behind the death’s veil
We perish here and the tears don’t fall!

Weather Blues

a poem by Devaki Purohit

The weather is just right
Overcast clouds, windy weather
Approaching rains
And the smell! Ah the smell
But you are not here
You’ve never been here
Like a Chatak waits every year
Waits in patience for the rains to quench its thirst
I too wait
With eagerness but patience running out
A lot many monsoons, neigh too many seasons have passed
I haven’t got my place in the rains and under the Banyan tree
I haven’t got my winters with the warmth of your embrace
The summers are more arid with your absence
I haven’t got a my piece of earth – to be called rightfully mine
But I wait
I have hope
Hope not involving a shining armor
Neither of riches or laurels
But of an open mind, simple heart and an adventurous spirit
A spirit to align with mine
Not to overwhelm me but travel with me
On a journey to nowhere and everywhere
I hope
I hope you too are wandering through life like me
Waiting for a serendipitous moment
Waiting for me
To dance in the rain
And sing with the wind
We wait
We hope
For each other

Elements of Grace

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

As she smiles Sun, Moon and Stars fade
Universe bows down at her lotus feet
Entire galaxies revolve around her love
Five elements of world create a canopy

Air that breeze around her gets purified
The sweet fragrance of love streams off her heart
Water she touches turns into holy river Ganges
She sprinkles her grace on all around

By a soft feel of fingers she fertilizes soil
Hopes and love sprouts in hearts of earth
New fine potteries ‘n’ idols are created
Then infused ticks of life by pouring air

By soft subtle speeches she soothed minds
Fire of wisdom burned away garbage of life
She lighted soft warm flames in the hearth
Heaping her compassion ‘n’ love as offering

Oh mother of all, let me pray that I be an offering
Let me offer a little space in my heart for you
Let me build a temple of gratitude for being with us
Oh holy mother consecrate this temple!

The Wait

a poem by Sushma

Misery is on its way,
Very sure of its destination.
It likes these tears and melancholy
Its coming fully packed for a lifetime,
Because it has tasted my hospitality before
And now will stay forever with me.
My Prayers seem to be answered
Fate has sent me a permanent companion.
I wished for one but forgot to say who
I don’t pray anymore. I Just wait
For the great Equalizer to come
And take me away
To some place where misery won’t find me


a poem by Anu Pillai

I cry, admit my lonely thinking of my dark fate
I have no one other than my loneliness
Which makes me faint to go into my sweet dreams

My Friend Nizzy

a poem by Zarena

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be lazy

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be drowsy

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t take this easy

Nizzy Nizzy
Life is to live and not leave

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t be sicky

Nizzy Nizzy
Don’t think I am crazy

Nizzy Nizzy
I am telling this to make you bussy