Poems published in January 2015

Reality check

a poem by Rashmi

Between right and wrong,
There’s a boundary not so long,
Anything which you believe is right,
In other’s perspective may vary from black to white.
So never think you are always on correct side,
Because the margin to cross is not so wide,
Maybe your leg slips and you land,
In the side which has a different sand,
But since it’s ‘you’, so you will defend,
The margin, you will try to bend,
But if the person was not someone called ‘you’,
Then taunts you would have passed few.
“How can you say the boundary was not clear?
And now you are shedding crocodile tear”
This would have been your statement then
Which you would have passed in front of several men,
But when you have to face the same situation,
You may not like people’s reaction,
But how can you expect other’s to understand your view,
When you yourself found it hard to do.

My confession

a poem by Rajat Maske

I’m here to confess
My life is a mess
And it chases my way
I see ’em, few faces staring at my face… with a disgrace!
Wondering what this twenty year old has to say?
Nobody knows a cold story he has to share
Shame, guilt and regret… suffocating my air… don’t stare…
Let me say it… let me spit it out here
Then pick a doubt and I promise, I’ll perfectly make it clear.
So what happened is a story I’m living in still,
I’ve been dealing with the pain, lovin’ a selfish girl,
Selflessly going in, giving up my everything and
Then ending up nill, don’t you worry my pal I’m keeping it real

Keeping it shorter as much as you can bear,
Tripping the orders of the borders of my page
Coz I felt like a living thing being trapped in a cage
Crying out is better and easy nowadays
Writing a letter for myself coz I’m crazy as always

Well ask yourself
How can you be perfectly perfect without faking?
How can you destroy something before making?
Its like they asking have you …. the girl before dating?
Hey tell me have you loved me enough before hating?

My life is like a coin, flipping turns, and the God must be enjoying
Killing me every second and
Every first second is so annoying,
Playing with the words I’m just allowing,
Allowing God, to push me through the toughest points

No it ain’t the problem that hurts, its the life itself…
I’m writing it down
Feeling it right even if it may be wrong for the rest


For Her

a poem by Anand Bose

I have found you a blossom,
A flame of many orchards…
Of Passion and love for you,
I would like to be a river,
Devoted and flowing for
Your fullness, harmonizing
Your streams to a rich ocean…
Flowing forever, renewing time
In celestial whispers and echoes
That ring the music of dawn that
Would echo of some ethereal mystery…
A soul I have found in you…

Climate Change

a poem by Jeswant Gembali

Don’t you feel at night?
Suffocation in the absence of light.
The future will be bright,
Only, if the climate is right.

Pollution here and there,
Question to live where.
It all becomes a nightmare,
When you walk with a lot of care.

Vehicles up and down,
And Aeroplanes flown.
A key for Pollution crown,
With the usage grown.

We need to fight,
Against the air-tight.
The future will be bright,
Only, if the climate is right.

Hands across the Sea

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

Hands stretched, Mother Earth awaits,
Embraces every being born on her lap.
From far and wide of each continent,
She feeds and nurtures each creature.
She never shows any long face to anyone.
Breast feeds her milk of love and grace to all.
Caste, colour, race, creed all same for her;
She adores her head with a rainbow.
She hugs the world across with passion.
Grace falls on each one incessantly.
Only one has to just drink it with awareness.
We arrive in this world as visitors.
But we make it a hell in a short time,
Bleeding her soul profoundly by our greed.
At least once for all, let us extend our hands across,
Let us be friends, brothers and sisters,
And make our stay in the comfort of peace.
Before departure, let us unite,
Make a United Nations of Harmony!

Little poem

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

The little poem born inside me
Let it bloom and blossom like
Palm tree
And give peace serenity to all visitors
Strangers who stops exahausted near
Show them indications of eternal beauty
And signs of infinite in little fist
All one side mighty strength of positive views
Cherishing all emotions and day by day losing sensitivity
Joy, happiness heavenly showered on all like rain
And drench them to vanish bitter thirst with sprinkling
Thousand shades of colours on every cozy suffocating
Suppressed mind in this festivals of love
This dark side of our bitter history and subtle enemity
Of venom wiped out
Hug them heartily, hold them by heart with flowing tears
Nobody treat like wretched slave
Everybody breathe splendor of freedom breeze
Nobody tries to victimize others as prey as creatures do
We obey and follow what valuable messages gave our
Fathers, saints, masters hoping transformation in our
Holy hearts as human being.
That sun ever rise to vanish this wide spread
Darkness? Think think think!
Not tomorrow, initiate now.

If I could

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

If I could, I would have carved you in those rocks,
But all what I did was carved you in my heart…
If I could, I would have built you another Taj,
But all what I did was sheltered you in my heart…
If I could, I would have showered on you gold and sems,
But all what I did was bestowed you my love…
If I could, I would have presented you the costliest and rarest of all,
But all what I did was I presented you my heart…
If I could, I would have shed every drop of blood for you,
But all what I did was shed every drop of tear for you…
If I could, I would have conquered the whole world for you,

Can’t live without you

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

Often you haunt me in my dreams
I’ve had many sleepless nights
When I used to think of you
Each time I see you
A cluster of thoughts enter my mind
But when they are spoken
The words seems entirely different
After you’ve gone
I’d wonder why I loved you so much
That my soul craves to be with you
Every now and then
It’s hard to believe that
I can’t stay without you


a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

LIfe is
An embodiment of happiness and sorrow

Life is
A victim haunted by fate and luck

Life is
A concealment of love and affection

Life is
Seldom a mixture of obstacles and failure

Life is altogether
A stage where each artist have to
find their way out after playing their role…

Broken heart

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

I was the home of happiness
In which the flowers of smile
Bloomed all through the year
A heart so filled with content
But fate’s spell haunted me
Cut my spirit into two
For when happiness was only an illusion
I talk to myself and cry within me
In my world of loneliness
I’am alone with nothing
A hurt heart to be healed…

Few people in my life

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

Like each day’s dawn
People come and go in my life
But only a few remain permanent
Like the evening sky
Even when the wind doesn’t blow
And water refuses to flow
My heart will melt and beat for them…


a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

A beauty in the net cannot dance
A flower in dirt cannot spread fragrance
A rainbow in black sky cannot excite
A bird in a cage cannot sing
Sorrow in heaven cannot bring bliss
Likewise, a human heart without passion cannot exist…


a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

Without argument life is no better
When it becomes quarrel
It creates a feeling of indifference
When it becomes misunderstanding
It drifts the attached hearts
When it becomes suspicion
It makes them fall apart
But when it becomes the ‘only thought’
It can kill any intimacy…

Pieces of broken Mirror

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

I always loved to view myself in mirror
Mirror of someone’s heart
The smile and affection what you show
Is reflected to you
I looked into a mirror
Awaiting my image to be seen
Seconds passed, hours passed, days passed and years passed too
But I never found my image
At a proper glance, I found that
I was looking into pieces of broken mirror…

Spell of life

a poem by Sangeetha Mohan

He created a heart
And also placed feelings
Yearning for care
I felt the need for a compassionate company
In the place of Love
I bought a boon
But only later I realised
That it was a curse
I often questioned myself
Why at all we have this heart
But it seems to be an unsolved mystery…