Poems published in November 2014

Flight of Stained Glass

a poem by Anand Bose

A tiny stained glass
Flitted across the air
Showing of its delicate
Wings of black and white-
Taking time to rest
On a shady leaf-
And then drifting again
Dancing in the wind
Like a ballerina
Gliding with her legs
And hands and then
Vanishing away
From the spectator

Poetic Reverie

a poem by Anand Bose

The moon is lit in the garden
Shining as a glazed tongue,
Playing hide and seek behind the
I would have loved to have you
With me for a quite moment
Oh dear one, let’s feel
How the heart overflows-
Our hands are clasped and
Touch is an elation, joyful
Shuddering of the veins as
Feeling leaps up like the
Petals of a wild flower-
Oh darling how I wish
We were soaked in tremulous joy
Hugged and embraced emitting
The heart’s warmth as the burning hearth
The night glistens with pearls-
How I wish to adorn them to lover
As a necklace flaming passion
The dark of the night is an
Yielding bed to my lover
My loins have the dark of them
The abyss to give you joy
To circumambulate the
Nectar of your passionate lips
And stay in you drenched
As a song of love.

Eliot City

a poem by Anand Bose

Carnival in neon puffed up;
Dandy hat out
Of the bill board
Winks in rainbow colors
Promises are feathery nails
Empyrean in seduction.

The luxury candies
Are piling up —
The blinking is
Ceremoniously red

The lobster in
The way side glass
Grins placidly.

The pedestrians
Glimpse each other
In speedy meditation;
Camouflaged palms
Are metallic on ears
And talking.

The muezzin’s
Drones into the ears
And spills over as

She winks and waves
And pulls up her stockings
Show casing her nails,
Polished with die cast aluminium.

A candy screeches
And the door beams open.
Off sunshine goes into it
For a paid, progressive night.

The soup box
Whirs over the head
It’s mechanistic
And going around
In pelvic circles.

The police soups
Nirvana into
His Harley import;
Die-hard roars through
The city as a
Steel monk
Overtaking frigidity.

Lover’s Wish

a poem by Anand Bose

Love lingers
In the heart
Like a fire burning
As flames in the mantel piece
Every embrace, every kiss
Every whisper of the heart
Wakes all the flowers from
The body feels so cold
In the bed without you.
It remembers how
Beautiful it is
To make love
Forever like swans
Flowing in the lake of life.

For Ms. Mignonette Reposar

a poem by Anand Bose

Let me embrace you
As tenderly as I hold a rose;
Let me wet your lips
With passionate kisses
Let me caress you and
Whisper the music of
Love in your delicate ears.
Let me see you as Eve
In the garden of Eden
Let me feast my eyes
On the rounded shapes
Of your contours
Let’s mount on to the bed
As lovers in feasting.
Let us rock ourselves
With the cradles of passion
Let us surge in the rhythm of
Let’s moan and coo our
Passions to sublimity
And lets submerge
Our poetry to the hearts of love.


a poem by Sourabh

From the bottom I looked up at the sky, marking it
As my destiny I arise, as I reach the top, still
Not satisfied .
So without any destiny, I start travelling to the
West side and to my surprise, I feel happy and

A Commercial Collision

a poem by Pijush Kanti Deb

A big poultry farm-
a small step towards self employment
proceeded by three partners-
one is wakeful while others are sleeping
but they break their bread together equally.
except night, while a greedy fox
moves around the farm
embellishing itself with a hanging tongue,
and looks for a weak part of the fence.
Oh my God! What a commercial collision
that the fox collides against the active partner
who was also moving around the farm
and licking the fence with his long tongue!
Very soon, tongue handshakes with tongue,
a whispering cartel is made active,
a secret part of the fence
is made weak diplomatically.
and the stocks of chickens
starts disappearing one by one
to satisfy the more and more
hungers of the two amazing shrewd and greedy.


a poem by Anand Bose

You blossomed flower
You have woken me
From the cradle of

The fragrance
Of your petals
Merge into my senses
Satiating them with
The music of love…

Your petals are adored
For being a fountain
Of rich nectar…

I wait for you
To journey into life
Like a stream
That flows poetry…

A Devotee or A Beggar

a poem by Pijush Kanti Deb

It’s not universally applicable
But some devotees of the divinity,
Seem to be gentle beggars
In the guise of humble devotees.
As a disguised beggar,
A devotee becomes a flatterer
Throughout his devotion to the God
As he keeps oiling him again and again,
Dropping his crocodile’s tears
In begging for his self-centered happiness
But drops neither tears
In showing his true love for his divinity
Nor his selfless formal inquiry
‘’How do you do my God?’

Here and Now

a poem by Charudutta Panigrahi

Am I here,
Am I now,
There is stillness within,
The neons outside look foolish,
Someday they would know,
But till then let me blink in duet.

Many are gone,
Many more to trudge along,
Some moment,
When the wind blows fresh,
I’d be here and now!

Till the skylark looks back,
I am here and now.

Might is Right

a poem by Pijush Kanti Deb

An innocuous is quite objectionable
For living somehow in a forest-
Quite a haughty in whispering
In the ears of an innocent
‘’Might is right’’
And in showing its sharp nailed paws
And burning eyes to him
To turn his days into scary nights.
‘’Is he too stoic to be reformed ?’’
A philanthropist with a lamp in hand
Asks the mirror
But dies leaving the question unanswered
And the lamp extinguished.
In the darkness
A consequent narcotic solo
Reverberates in the forest,
Makes it drowsy
And bewitches the innocuous too
To produce breads, ladders, toys and others
For the heart-quaking wild whisperers.

I am not yours

a poem by Kanchan Verma

I am not yours,
But you are mine;
Just because of you,
My future will shine;
You are awesome,
I am just fine;
I like your smile,
It’s like a desi wine;
I like your style,
When you give me a romantic sign;
If you ever hurt me,
Surely, I will die;
But remember, I am not yours,
But you are mine.