Poems published in September 2014

At the window

a poem by Alok Mishra

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
Looking outside the tree
We used to sit underneath
Dreaming the ‘tomorrow’ to come.

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I see outside a corpse
Lying on the sand and vultures
Feasting on it – tomorrow!

Now she smiles near me,
Sitting at the window and
I muse whether life is dream
Or dream is life!

Sin and Lamentation

a poem by Alok Mishra

Sin and Lamentation
The shadow will fade when darkness illumines
And enriches my weary soul with torment,
I remember my horrible deeds, my sins
Those now force me to helplessly lament
Over the days now alive in nostalgia!

Is man bond to sin? O God!
Does everyone only later lament? Say Thee,
Watching from there, sitting in heavenly abode
Canst Thou of the sins make man free?
Or the sin and lamentation is all fate?

So the truth can nowhere be seen,
Those who saw are graved, are dead,
Though none is, but some who are keen,
Will find that unsearchable, and will fade!

Don’t forget to live!

a poem by Aishwaraya

You wake up,
You eat,
You study,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

Do you realise that life is much more than that?
That just studying is not important,
But to gain Knowledge is what is important?
That you need to get away from your visual reality of your
mobiles and laptops and all sorts of technology,
And move to Physical Reality.
Because you know,
having sex is better than just watching porn.

You wake up,
You eat,
You work,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’ve become a Workaholic.
Have you ever realised that you’re in a relationship with your boss, colleagues and a laptop?
You Need to spend time with loved ones,
because it’s true what they say,
‘money can’t buy happiness’ nor can it buy time.
So run back home, give some love to everyone.
Leave the square box you’re caught in, go outside and breathe,
And this time breathe for yourself!

You wake up,
You eat,
You pray,
You eat,
And you hardly sleep.

You’re old now, grow up now at least,
Love yourself, but also leave some love for your family and friends.
Your life has probably been an average roller coaster ride,
so at least give the ending an edge.

Life is much more than just living like a robot,
you need to remember you are a human,
you can live, laugh and love.
Because at the end of the day,
you want to be happy and satisfied
Because remember, every second that passes by, brings you closer to your Death.

Helpless She

a poem by Alok Mishra

They laid motionless, sans breath,
Sans soul in their dead corpses,
Their hearts denied too… ah Misery!
One branch falling upon other
From the same root, same tree,
Both bleeding fell, kissed the earth,
Mistook as theirs, some other’s territory!
Now She, Mother earth, over the mirth
Of her infants, laughs, weeps and contemplates…

The Pain of a Broken Relationship

a poem by Cattie

What pains do we have in our life to Bear,
It sometimes can simply kill you, I Swear.

The hurt, the insults, the pain of Suffering,
Makes the heart bleeding with the sharp Sting.

Words are so painful, it cuts you like a Knife
Slicing your peace and happiness a Rife

Why is it that, the One who you love and care the Most,
Can burn your heart and soul to a black Roast ?

When you love someone, so deeply and Sincerely,
But you are treated so rudely and thrown like a Flea.

Why does the heart still repeatedly suffer and Care,
Why does the soul feel lonely without its other Pair.

A little respect for this love, is all I dare to Ask,
Is giving a little in return, too big to Task ?

The mind wanders blankly remembering sweet Visions,
The air is cold, muffled with drumming sound of Pigeons.

You think of all you did and all you gave, so Wholly,
The things you endured and sacrificed so Boldly.

The lengths you went through to make the relationship Special,
You stare at the broken pieces of your heart in a state of Baffle.

Those little memories, those sms, those emails, those Phonecalls,
You cling onto to them and try to rewind and Recall.

Vividly you see the smile, you hear the laughter, you feel the Touch,
But it does not help you except send tears to your eyes in a Rush.

You wonder where you went wrong, you wonder how it all Happened.
But all you can hear is your own sobs, all you see is a future Blackened.

Never give yourself up so totally, so deeply, you silly Fool,
Have they not taught you to have self-respect and dignity in School ?

So what if that ‘somebody’, was Everything to you in the World ?
So what if you were kicked out by somebody, into the dark Cold ?
So what if you now have no one to Hold ?
So what if you valued that Relationship more than diamonds and Gold?

Nothing last forever, so says the wise Man,
Pick up your little pieces of your heart, while you Can.

Go back to your Life, keep your head up High,
Say you are Happy, even though you know it’s a Lie.


a poem by Nikki

Falling from the sky carelessly,
teasing me of the infinite freedom they have,
Falling into my cage onto my stiff skin
Leaving promises of freedom that I do not have,
Behaving like a secret potion.
Compelling me to drink it to be free!
Making me feel how infinite they feel.

But then a Loud lightening struck.
Awakening me!
I looked down and realised that their fate is no better,
that everything in this world comes with a price!
That these silver droplets are now mixed into mud,
going down the drain.
And so, I slowly went to sleep again,
with hope on my mind,
cause only after a dark, cold night do you see a beautiful, warm sunrise.

Memory Lane

a poem by Nikki

My mind is running down the memory lane
Down an alive ambience of a few close to heart memories
Because it is not always when you feel alive,
or have the feeling of living in the moment,
or have the opportunity of sucking the jazz of life out of your life!

I feel so young at heart, just these memories make me feel young
like I was a kid all over again like I was living a second childhood.

Don’t we all wish that we could just live the good parts of our lives
the peppy, jazzy, happy, carefree ones!
The ones where you laughed your ass of with your friends,
the one where you and your sibling had your own small secrets,
the one where your crush asked you on a date,
the long road trips, the carefree vacations with family!

But we all know that only after a heavy rain comes the rainbow,
And only if we know what something bad feels like will we value something good…
and at times these bad things teach us, and make us stronger.
And so, we will have to accept the way our life is!
With its good and bad and so I’m now down a gloomy memory lane
with a proud smile on my face.

Let me pray

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

My heart is full and overflows, soon I hear you coming.
Heart beats faster and faster, soon I see your holy feet.
Oh! Mother of universe how do I express my happiness?
By oblation of my tear drops let me worship your grace.
Let me flow my heart and thoughts in reverence.
My wish is to fall at your feet and merge in sanctity.
My prayer is to become a thought in your thoughts.
I love to be a little child under your care for ever.
I wish if I could be a pride of your hopes and dreams.
O! Mother just make me a flower for your worship.
Let me be a drop of water on your lotus feet.
Let me be a wick burning ‘n’ yearning for liberation.
Let my mind burn as incense spreading fragrance.
Let me burn myself as camphor leaving, but a glow.
I wish if I could be a chant on your holy lips.
Make me be a song in praise of your magnanimity.
One day, let me merge in your nameless, formless glow.
Let me remain in that silence of your silence.


a poem by Sayali Joshi

Time, which we can’t hold or stop
Just follow it, in life you will be on top

Time waits for no one
So share your feelings with dear one

Once it is gone, everything remains in mind
From our life, we can see that special one far behind…

Today’s Life

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Today, everything has changed
Everyone’s schedule is already arranged

Tons of contacts are their in our cell
But few of us know, how many are well

All are busy in achieving something
Wait for a while and think, have we missed anything?

Old Age Home

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Parents’ love is selfless
They motivate us when we are helpless

Till today, they gave us everything
But their struggle, some children start forgetting

Holding their hands, we used to roam
Now be with them, don’t send them to old age home

U. Sreenivas – A great Mandolin Musician

a poem by Satheesan Rangorath

He stretched his heart to the strings,
creating soulful sweet tunes of music.
Streams of Carnatic music infused,
flowed in to his Mandolin as divine fusion .
Mind, body and intellect merged,
making soul as tune and tone of songs.
Mandolin cords spoke his thoughts,
melting him down to the core of symphony.
His fingers wove magic in each note,
then he abandoned his name and form,
vesting his soul on stings of rhythm,
turning himself as cosmic dulcet.
One day he dissolved himself into infinity,
freezing into silence of eternal euphony,
manifested into fineness of celestial muse.

Life of a Farmer

a poem by Sayali Joshi

Last night, I saw one dream
A farmer and his scream

Being curious, I asked the reason
He replied, no crops this season

Being helpless, I just gave him hope
But with frustration he goes

After some time he took one knife
Suddenly I woke up and prayed for his life…